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Vivid Weathers ENB for low-end PCs. Uses only the most essential effects from v262 binary but greatly enhances eye-candy.

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Who dis?

ENB built on a low-end PC meant for low-end PCs. If you want better visuals without regard for performance, opt for other ENBs. Again, this one is all about performance, and you will not get extra goodies like complex particle lighting, SSAO or Sub-surface Scattering.

Update - 20.10.2020

I had made so many forks of the ENB that I forgot my original vision: the most cost-efficient ENB modification that does not interfere with vanilla imagespace and visuals. Chimera ENB - CHIM edition is the return to my roots, so to speak. Environment coloring and cloud properties have been remade from scratch. This is the new baseline I will be improving from. I highly recommend you update to this version.

As before, Fantasy preset is now moved to its separate mod page as Vivid Fantasy. The Cinematic preset is now moved to optional files, as I have no immediate plans to continue working on it. 

Update - 10.05.2020

Chimera Cinematic v2 has been deployed, get it while it's hot!
Revamped from Scratch, v2 presents a much mroe balanced and pleasant range of colours (as opposed to the dirty look from Gritty).

!!!Update - 04.11.2019!!!

The Fantasy preset is discontinued. Vivid Fantasy is its successor, and it is a more full-fledged ENB taking cue from the original Fantasy aesthetics. Although it is no longer a performance ENB per se, you can check out the performance version - which performs better than the Cinematic Preset here.

Update - 26.10.2019

Started working on the Cinematic preset on the latest binary (0.392). Progress has been slow so far, but I see much room for improvement without making it a performance hog.


By far the most performance-freindly ENB ever created is Stakado Cinemascope. This is possible because Stakado uses a very old binary. Anyhow, this
still makes Stakado's ENB a good parameter to measure performance.

By default, you will get ~85-90% of Stakado Cinemascope's performance with CHIM edition.
In other words, if you get over 60 fps everywhere in Stakado while outside, you will definitely get at least 50 fps with Chimera on average.

The Cinematic Chimera preset is less performance-friendly, as it comes with more enb effects enabled.

To gain better performance in general, consult the last section on this page.


Gritty sticks to vanilla Vivid aesthetics for daytime, with some tweaking on environment lighting and incorporating darker shadows. Dusks and dawns are much more gloomy in comparison, and nights are a balance between realism and high fantasy.

Cinematic uses Enhanced ENB Nighteye and has no native vanilla imagespace support. It emulates the look of a more desaturated but crispier film with extra cinematic effects (DoF, Bloom). Tl;dr: Different look, better visuals, less performance. --!!UPDATE!!-- Cinematic v2 is a re-imagined, much more vibrant version, featuring real-time volumetric rays that stays light on performance!


The Gritty preset uses vanilla image-spaces by default. This gives it in-built compatibility with all imagespace modifiers. In short, khajit nighteye, bend time shout, and other effects retain their vanilla look as is.

The Cinematic preset uses Enhanced Nighteye instead. Overrides vanilla imagespace modifiers.

Required Mods

The only hard requirement is Vivid Weathers.

Other than this, I recommend:

ELFX (Cinematic preset needs Realistic Lighting Overhaul)
More Subtle Nirnroot
Embers HD
Realistic Water Two

if you are having performance issues with ELFX, go for
Relighting Skyrim and ELE lite 


1. Download ENB v292 from here.
2. Copy d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the 'Wrapper Version' in the downloaded archive to the main skyrim directory (where TESV.exe is).
3. Copy my ENB files to the same folder (where TESV.exe is).
4. Install Vivid Weathers with any mod manager, and opt to disable ground fogs (important).
5. Enable customizations in the Vivid Weather MCM menu and set 'Bloom' to low (not required but recommended).

Performance Pointers

If you are struggling with performance, you can do the following:

I recommend getting BethINI which will make ini tweaking MUCH easier.

- The prime usual suspect to tank FPS is shadows. Set shadows to 512 from BethINI, as ENB shadows will mask the low quality.

- Grass mods also dramatically cut down performance irrespective of ENB usage. Consider doing away with Grass mods altogether. If vanilla grass still gives you a hard time, use my additional grass tweak from the optional downloads (dramatically lowers grass density, but will increase performance). As an alternative, you can use Grass on Steroids to get both performance and dense grass.