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Last updated at 5:32, 18 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 18:36, 12 Mar 2017

This is an extension of my previous ENB  Suki ENB. The File sizes will grow and expand to many other different effects.
Most screen archers will want to have this just in case you guys want that old school grainy look to your screenshots or maybe something fresh and new to add some extra flare to your shots.. 
Players can use these files as well. FPS drop will probably be  a little more than my original ENB preset because I pushed some effects pretty high.
Hope you guys enjoy and happy screen arching!

Weather, Lighting, ENB Series & Recommended Mods
  • Download latest enb files here..Only put Host.exe and d3d9.dll file into your skyrim directory folder. Then install my enblocal.ini, enbseries.ini, and enbseries folder into your skyrim directory as well.

  • You guys will need to Install Vivid Weathers. Deactivate Esp. Use vivid weathers 1.39.  New file 1.51 has an odd sunglare. That is not the way I want you guys to view the sun using my presets. I just downloaded the new update and had no idea that's what the sun ended up looking like. Sorry guys.

  • Follow the steps for installation of NLVA.

  • Next install a lighting mod (If you want screenshots like mine then Install everything ELFX comes with EXCEPT for weathers esp). I made this preset while I was using ELFX (Highly recommended) but I am sure other lighting mods should work along side with this preset. Not sure if it will make things too bright or too dark. Just start testing and see how it is. Be sure to use any patches from other texture mods that requires an ELFX patch. If your game is crashing it is more than likely because ELFX is conflicting with something.

  • Unofficial ELFX & SMIM fps patch. Does not pertain to above ELFX description. There are other mods that require different patches if anything. Not much, but a few.

  •  USE Customizable Lights! You Will need it to brighten and get more range from torches and the candle light spell. I don't wanna read any complaints about its too dark and you don't even have this mod installed. Trust me it helps.


You must change these lines in

  • fGamma=1.0000
  • bTransparencyMultisampling=0
  • iMultiSample=0
  • bTreesReceiveShadows=1
  • bDrawLandShadows=1
  • bShadowsOnGrass=1
  • bFloatPointRenderTarget=1
  • bDeferredShadows=1
  • iMaxAnisotropy=0

Turn off anti-aliasing and an-isotropic filtering in game options menu or graphic card drivers. Enb has own anti-aliasing and an-isotropic filter.
Here is a link to Gamerpoets
 on skyrim ini files and an in depth look at what each of them do.


BIG! BIG!! Thank you to Rudy102 for allowing me to use his enb as a base. Thank you for helping me and giving me your input on this preset. You are appreciated.

Here is his youtube channel if you guys never knew:

Thanks to FKPX3118 for Dahaka ENB because I use some .fx files from that enb (bloom fx and lens files. Also a few others like lens and rain effects).

Thanks to Megaloblast for making NLVA. ( I use some of his files for fire, sky, and depth of field effects.)

Thanks to Confidence Man for making NLA!

Special thank you to Borris for his efforts, creation and support with skyrim enb, even to this day he 
works on it!

A nice thank you to Mangaclub for his great weather mod Vivid Weathers.

Thanks to the creation of ELFX for being an awesome lighting mod.

Finally, thank you Nexus for exisiting!!!!! lol

If I missed someone let me know. Drop some endorsements for these people I mentioned up top for their work(especially Rudy102 he helped me with this and gave me permission).