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Welcome to Vividian - Weather & Lighting enhancement
CoT - RCRN and Pure Weather compatible

Featured In: Wenwrendo, Gamer Poets and Hodilton

The vividian Support chat is now online!

You can visit the chat via the webchat function and typing in #vividian as Channel name.
Or if you use a IRC client already (like Hexchat) you can join at #Vividian
(If i am Labeled as Mangaway then i most likley am Away ;)

Please always have a look at the Beta Files Section for recent fixed and updates.

1. This mod is intend to use High Quality presets. You will NEED a good Graphicscard for this!
The Main Files Install is set for best balance between performance and quality. You can use the optional
"Vividian ENB - High Quality Version" for Higher Quality with a slight fps hit or
the Perfromance version if you care more about speed than effects.
2. If you experience too much framedrop please refer to the stabilization and optimization guide article on this modpage.
3. This mod is build around Vanilla Sykrim and supports Climates of Tamriel, Pure Weather and RCRN
4. It is developed for Vanilla Skyrim Lighting aswell ELE+ELFX (without enhancer) and is compatible with other lighting mods.

Adds alot of Features and fixes to the game like:
- Supports Climates of Tamriel (no third party Weatherpatch needed anymore)
- Supports Pure Weather
- Supports RCRN
- Vivid clouds and Fogs (High Resolutions Clouds and fog replacement)
- Fixes wrong Climates of Tamriel distant-fog, Wrong colors and sky gradients
- Removes or enhances Exterior fog.
- Adds New Goundfog weathers
- Realtime Cloudshadows and Volumetric Sunrays! (requires ENB 0.241+ )
- Better lightning & shadows with vivid colors and effects
- Fully ELE, ELFX (without enhancer), Relight Skyrim and RLO (without weathers) compatible
- Includes over 50 refined weather conditions and all 500+ CoT Weathers
- Enhanced & Customized Sunrise, Sunset Fog and Rain weather conditions
- Adds custom Sunflares/glares to the Sun
- As addon you can have improved Cloudspeeds or more diversity of weathers per region
- Adds more realistic lighting to the Nights:
(clear sky = better Visiblity, Overcast, Rain or Fog = darker nights -- Seriousley don't go out in a Foggy night without torches! :))
- Enhances the water effects of Skyrim
- Various DoF effects to choose from
- Enhanced ENB Nighteye effects by scegielski
- Higly Optimized Shaders (1 FPS Depth of Field)
- Highly Customizeable with the ENB Shader GUI for all effects.
- extra Shader features like Luma Sharpening, Dithering, Grain, Vibrance, Letterbox aso.

A detailed Installation instruction with Mod Organizer can now be found here Made by Gamer Poets!
And with Nexus Mod Manager made by Heisenn burgg

1. ENB Setup: Install The latest ENB to the Skyrim installation directory.
In short: you just need the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the wrapper directory.
Copy those two files to your skyrim Main Directory

2. Vividian 6.0 Main install:
1. Install The Vividian ENB files with your favorite Mod manager
2. After the installation is completed the installer created a new Directory for you in
your Skyrim/Data folder called "Vividian ENB Install Files"
3. Copy all content from that Folder to your Skyrim Folder.
If you are using Mod Organizer you will find this folder in your:
modorganizer/mods/Vividian ENB - Weather and Lighting Enhancement/ folder

3. Skyrimprefs.ini Please make sure you have all nessesary Skyrim Prefs set correctly in your skyrimprefs.ini
iMultiSample=0 // turns off the game's multi-sampling AA
bTransparencyMultisampling=0 // turns off transparency AA
Also disable Antialiasing and Anisoptric Filtering in your Skyrim prefs that are accessible via the launcher.

Vividian Supports a bunch of other Weather and lighting mods but some things need to be taken care of:

VANILLA  or Vanilla + COT USERS:
Please select the Vanilla Weather patch as install option during the install.

CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL USERS: (optional but recommended!)
If you are using Climates of Tamriel please make sure you had it installed at Default values for night and interiors.
Uninstall any third party COT Weather patches (COT Weather patch by Prod80 is not needed anymore)
Install the Vividian COT Weather patch when asked in the Vividian Installer.

Do you want to use the Diverse weathers from our extended weathers?
you will need this Expanded Snow Systems for COT
Optional for Supreme Storms users: Supreme Storms for COT

PURE WEATHER USERS: (optional - For manual install only)
Pure Weathers - Brighter nights!
Manual Installer: Use Main Files and required files (Weather patch) and "WEATHER - Pure Weather Edition" in "Special Editions" Folder

ELFX - Enhanced Lights & FX
Please do not install ELFX with the Enhancer!

RLO - Realistic Lighting Overaul
Select the RLO Interiors in the Installer or if you manually install you will find it in the special editions folder
Do not install the RLO Weathers

Surpreme and Volumetric Fog
Please uninstall Surpreme and Volumetric fog. Use the Exteded groundfogs in the extended weathers instead.

RCRN USERS: Realistic Colors Realistic Nights 2.1.4 (optional)
1. Install Vividian with the RCRN Option
2. Install RCRN, it will recognise that a enb is installed and will change the enblocal.ini and d3d9.dll files accordingly.
3. IMPORTANT! Just for Vivid users: do not use the dll rcrn adds up in your enblocal.ini.

From here: Vanilla users Only
If you installed RCRN before and now want to have a ENB you need to rename the d3d9.dll that comes with RCRN to rcrn_d3d9.dll
Install the enb and edit the enblocal.ini like this:

If you are using ELFX:
Disable the Dragonborn DLC plugin of ELFX as well the exterior and enhancer esp's - they are not compatible with RCRN.
Also load ELFX after RCRN.

Mod Organizer users install guide can be found Here

Vanilla Users of RCRN should set their settings according to this tweaking starting point.

A detailed description about the Load order can be found Here

A detailed Mod and install list for your Perfect Skyrim experience can be found at the HOT Skyrim Landscapes Page

Those people made ENB what it is today and ofcourse their work is now included in it:
Boris Vorontsov - The creator of ENB
Matso - ENB stuff (deph of field, bloom)
HeliosDoubleSix - more ENB Stuff
Kyokushinoyama - Lens FX Shader
Prod80 - only one who understands this strange Code :D (using prod80 enbeffects.fx since version 5), inspiration,
and for answering millions of questions in tireless precision
Aiyen - Shaders and fx setup, and beeing a great support and inspiration