Vividian - Weather - Lighting enhancement - CoT - RCRN and Pure Weather by Mangaclub and Benhat
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Welcome to Vividian - Weather & Lighting enhancement
CoT - RCRN and Pure Weather compatible

thanks to Gamerpoets for his review!

Please always have a look at the Beta Files Section for recent fixed and updates.

1. This mod is intend to use High Quality presets. You will NEED a good Graphicscard for this!
The Main Files Install is set for best balance between performance and quality. You can use the optional
"Vividian ENB - High Quality Version" in the Optional Files Folder for Higher Quality with a slight fps hit or
the Perfromance version if you care more about speed than effects.
2. If you experience too much framedrop please refer to the stabilization and optimization guide article on this modpage.
3. This mod is build around Vanilla Sykrim and Climates of Tamriel. Pure Weather and RCRN (not compatible with ELE) support
is beta (work in progress). You can use them if you just have Vanilla. But Experiences may differ.
4. It is developed for ELE+ELFX (without enhancer) and compatible with other lighting mods like ELE+Relighting Skyrim
or RLO (without ELE).

Adds alot of Graphics enhancements to the game like:
- Supports Climates of Tamriel
- Supports Pure Weather (work in progress)
- Supports RCRN (work in progress)
- Fixes wrong Climates of Tamriel distant-fog, Wrong colors and sky gradients
- Adds 62 New Goundfog weathers
- Realtime Cloudshadows and Volumetric Sunrays! (requires ENB 0.241+ )
- Better lightning & shadows with vivid colors and effects
- Fully ELE+ELFX Compatible
- Includes over 50 refined weather conditions and all 500+ CoT Weathers
- Enhanced & Customized Sunrise, Sunset Fog and Rain weather conditions
- Adds custom Sunflares/glares to the Sun
- As addon you can have improved Cloudspeeds or more diversity of weathers per region
- Adds more realistic lighting to the Nights:
(clear sky = better Visiblity, Overcast, Rain or Fog = darker nights -- Seriousley don't go out in a Foggy night without torches! :))
- Enhances the water effects of Skyrim

(please have a look at the Articles for a detailed one (needs updates))

1. install The latest ENB (if you need a instruction how, have a look Here ) in the Skyrim installation directory
2. replace the files with the Vividian ones
3. MAKE SURE you do not overwrite enblocal.ini if you already created a customized one by yourself.
3.1 You do not need to install the ENBHELPER as it is already included.
4. You have different options with special editions (see folder). This ENB is specifically developed for
default "Main Files" and "Special Edition Vanilla Color Version" without "Brighter Editions".
Choose the ones you like best. Install Main Files first, and choose your options and overwrite.
5. If you are using ELE+ELFX please refer to the Install article Here
5.5 PURE WEATHER users must copy the contents of the Vividian ENB - Pure weather Edition folder in
the Optional files over your Main Vividian installation.
6. Start skyrim :) - Please note that your startup time is now much longer then before as the ENB
needs to sort out all Weathers, so please have patience.

RCRN - Realistic Colors Realistic Nights 2.1.4
Please use the Vividian - RCRN Special edition available in the Special edition folder of the Vividian ENB
archive to overwrite the main files.
If you are using ELFX:
Disable the Dragonborn DLC plugin of ELFX as well the exterior and enhancer esp's - they are not compatible with RCRN.
Also load ELFX after RCRN.

Mod Organizer users install guide can be found Here

Users of RCRN should set their settings according to this for the best look.

A detailed description about the Load order can be found Here


Just the required files in the download section are needed

CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL USERS: (optional but recommended!)
You will need this mod:
Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch
in order to experience the right Athmosphere of CoT and this ENB.
Install the Fog edition when asked to at DEFAULT night level! (Nightlevel 0 "no change")

nothing special is required beside the required files in the download section

Climates of Tamriel
Although, this config works without Climates of Tamriel i highly encurage you
to install it to experience the full atmosphere.

Expanded Snow Systems - Climates of Tamriel Version
- for really dense snow effects like shown in the pictures

Those mods where used in my screenshots and i encurage you to install them if you want to have the same look of your skyrim.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Audio Overhaul for Skyrim
Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack
Enhanced Blood Textures
Unique Grasses and Groundcovers
Get Snowy
HD Enhanced Terrain
Helgen Reborn
Lanterns of Skyrim
Pretty Face
SkyFalls and SkyMills
Splash of Rain
Warmer Magic Lights
Ultimate HD Fire Effects
WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux
Realistic Water Two
Wet and Cold
Maids II - Deception
Vilja in Skyrim
Project Parallax - Roads and Bridges
analog of Skyrim Distant Detail
Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized
Detailed Cities
DIMONIZED UNP female body
High Quality LODs
Open Faced Guard Helmets
Ruins Clutter Improved
Serious HD Retexture Skyrim
Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM
Talos Island

Those people made ENB what it is today and ofcourse their work is now included in it:
Boris Vorontsov - The creator of ENB
Matso - ENB stuff (deph of field, bloom)
HeliosDoubleSix - more ENB Stuff
Kyokushinoyama - Some shaders
Prod80 - only one who understands this strange Code :D (using prod80 enbeffects.fx since version 5)