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Adds decorative clotheslines and other washing-related items throughout Skyrim, for a touch of realism.

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This mod adds a touch of the ordinary to the homesteads of Skyrim in the form of many clotheslines - and occasionally washboards, basins and scrub brushes. They are simple decorative objects, placed with care in almost every civilized area of the game, with an emphasis on making houses, cabins and occasionally forts feel a little more like home.

New in 1.0: REAL WATER!

(Thanks Tamira!)


Video by Thyworm:


This mod is pretty much finished, polished, and no longer actively being updated.


This requires only vanilla Skyrim and should be compatible with pretty much everything.
Script-free, close to zero performance impact, and thoroughly cleaned in TES5edit. 

These mods I have personally confirmed to be compatible:
Expanded Towns and Cities
JK's Skyrim
Dawn of Skyrim
Complete Solitude

Beautiful Whiterun
Perfect Whiterun
Cutting Room Floor 
Riverwood Reborn 2
...and hundreds of other mods that I happen to use!
(Note: Compatibility testing was completed in 2015, and I can't speak to any changes that may have happened with the above mods in the years since. If you notice clipping with another mod installed, it's best that you request a patch from the maker of that mod, or create your own. All assets in this mod are free to use and redistribute with credit to InsanitySorrow for the original meshes and textures.)


Recommended for use with:
Expanded Towns and Cities



InsanitySorrow for the original meshes and textures.
Tamira for - among other things - putting real water in the wash tubs!
Jokerine for helping me get this mod off the ground.
SparrowPrince for some good advice.

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