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The legacy of the dragonborn is a DLC sized expansion that centers around your own personal museum in Solitude, offering dozens of new quests, hundreds of new items, a new guild, and MUCH more

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"Ready for one of the most incredible mods ever made for Skyrim?"
"This place makes you want to play the game."
"If you don't like the Dragonborn Gallery, you don't like Skyrim Modding. get out of my channel."       
-mXr Skyrim mod reviews
"It's definitely a lot of fun and very rewarding"         
"Best. Damn. Mod. Out. There. I don't know if I want to marry you, adopt you, or just leave you all my worldly goods."
- Mod user
"Simply put: If you’ve been looking for a mod that will help inspire you to play Skyrim again Legacy of the Dragonborn is your Holy Grail."
- Nvidia GeForce Mod Spotlight

"Oh that reminds me, Ice I showed legacy to a friend a few days ago and all I know is he installed it with no issues(I guess) and I have not heard from him since, he has not even shown up at work lol."
Legacy of the Dragonborn V19 (Remastered) is here!
Legacy of the Dragonborn (aka Dragonborn Gallery)The Legacy of the Dragonborn is steeped in prophecy, myth, legend and history itself. Explore forgotten lore and uncover the lost relics of the 7 Dragonborn of the bygone eras of Tamriel. From those merely mentioned in title to those who wielded the power of the voice, many legendary and influential people held the title of “Dragonborn” and they all link to the lost covenant of Akatosh. “Legacy of the Dragonborn” is a MASSIVE addition which will change the way you play Skyrim forever. Meet the curator Auryen Morellus at the museum in Solitude and he will help guide you in your quest to gather the many relics of Tamriel's history as well as provide a fully equipped player home and many many more quests as well. As you display relics you will unlock more history and lore as you encounter new challenges, meet new NPC's and embark to establish your own guild, " The Explorer's Society ".Aim to explore and discover lost places, artifacts and history, Build the guild house from the ground up as the guild master, then recruit new members, each with their own unique back stories and special guild functions. Explore ruins and excavate relic fragments to re-assemble into artifacts to display in the museum. Set up a guild store with the quartermaster and much more.Legacy has become a true force to be reckoned with. Try the mod and you will almost certainly make it a centerpiece in most of your play throughs.

Please note that the central quest hinges on your character being the Dragonborn, so if you choose to use other mods that alter this canonical aspect of Skyrim, it will interfere lore wise with Legacy and possibly mechanically.

NOTICE: Legacy has one horror themed quest which could be quite disturbing to some. This quest is completely optional but is imposed upon you automatically. If you wish to disable this quest, simply console "SET HAUNTBLOCK TO 1" and the quest will never begin.

Directory of useful links
FAQ page - Answers to commonly asked questionsTroubleshooting Guide - resolutions for common considerable issues
Installation Guide - installation and upgrade guide
Quest Stage Guide - Quest guide stage list for resolving common quest hang ups
Full Player Guide - guide to using and finding EVERYTHING in this mod
Wiki - Player organized Wiki page for Legacy of the Dragonborn (Versión española
Patch Central - Central page for all the latest patches for Legacy of the Dragonborn
Mod Blog - Icecreamassassin's personal blog about mod design



Dawnguard DLC
Hearthfires DLC
Dragonborn DLC
SKSE V1.7.3 or later
All Addon/Patch files I provide require the original mod they pertain to.
Also mods listed as "Supported Mods" require that mod obviously to be installed as well.

Additionally if you use PerMa, Legacy is NOT compatible with it's replacement ESP for Immersive Weapons as it re-rolls all the form ID's for items in immersive weapons.

Performance Recommendations:
Legacy has a ton of scripts but most are not resource heavy (i.e. running all the time) but Legacy IS a resource hog in Solitude and of course in the museum itself. I recommend the following to enhance your game stability. This will make your game more stable and run faster. If you STILL have major FPS loss in the gallery or Solitude you either have a mod conflict or a software or hardware issue pertaining to your video card. It is NOT because of legacy. Post in the comment page and myself or one of my awesome fan helpers will help you resolve it.
SKSE Memory Patch
ENBoost (this page is spamtastic. Scroll to the very bottom for the ACTUAL download link of the latest version)

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP)


See the Full Installation Guide for complete step by step details.

Supported Mods:
The following mods are supported in V19. Install and run these listed mods and Legacy will automatically patch itself to provide special content and features without the need of an additional Plugin! Please note that support only applies to the original mod file and will not function with a custom merged package! So you will need to re-merge your package without these mods and run them separately to gain the additional museum content, or utilize ReLinker to ensure Legacy scripts are adapted properly. 
  -The Forgotten City 
-Wheels of Lull 
-Immersive College of Winterhold 
-Skyrim Unique Treasures  
-Great jar hunt  
-Captured Fairies 
-Konahrik's Accoutrements  
-Aetherium Armor and Weapons 
-Alternate start - Live Another Life (Use the Arrived By Ship/Solitude start for the option to start as the Relic Hunter) 
-Helgen Reborn 
-Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

-Trophy Heads 
-Something Fishy 
-Morrowloot 4E
Morrowloot Ultimate*
  -Fossil Mining Mod
  -Built in support for DYNDOLOD courtesy of Sheson 
-SkyRe Reproccer ready (patch needed for some changes) 
-Supports "Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions" in the safehouse living space for up to 6 kids and spouse! 
-Supports Latest USLEEP changes other than mod dependent ones 
-Fully compatible with most weapon model replacers such as Unique Uniques, Unique Shapes for Unique weapons and        Unique Weapons Remade with in game configuration features!

-Completely compatible with: (Legacy is self patching)      
JK's Solitude      
Dawn of Solitude
Complete Solitude      
True City      
Towns and Villages Enhanced      
Solitude Reborn

*- Legacy already integrates most of morrowloot's items, and those it does not, it replaces with Legacy versions which appear more unique. No patch is needed for Morrowloot compatibility.

Addon Patches:
The following mods will require a compatibility patch which is available inside the core installation package or on the Patch Central mod page. Check patch central for the most up to date versions of the patches. These patches will ensure that there are no conflicts, contradictions, duplication, etc, and carry forward any changes these mods make which are central to that mod.
-New Treasure Hunt
  -Artifacts: Tournament of the Ten Bloods
  -Amulets of Skyrim (Dawnguard + Dragonborn version)
  -Oblivion Artifacts Pack
  -Moon and Star
  -Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
  -Heavy Armory
  -Dawnguard Arsenal
  -Immersive Weapons (PerMa replacement ESP NOT compatible)
  -Immersive Armor
  -Mad Masker
  -Immersive Jewelry
  -More interesting loot
  -Royal Armory
  -Skyrim Immersive Creatures
  -RS Children
  -Complete Crafting Overhaul
  -Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade
  -Clothing and Clutter Fixes
  -Dev Aveza
  -Solitude Capital Edition
  -Open Cities Skyrim
  -Solitude Skyway
  -Book Covers Skyrim compatibility pack (only for OTHER mods that require a BCS patch)
  -And many more...

Integrated Mods:
These mods have been contributed by their original authors (credited below) In their entirety, and therefore you do not need to run their mod as it is included in Legacy! Remove them from your load order and endorse their mod if you haven't because they've done a lot to help make this mod what it is by contributing their work. The Object ID's of course have changed so you will need to reacquire the items, and some items have been reworked, relocated or quests added for them in this project.
- Unique Booze Bottles HD
- Much Ado About Snow Elves
- Big Leather Backpack (by hideto84 with edits to recipe)
- Gemstone Collector (gemstones only version with edits for compatibility. See update notes)
- Book Covers Skyrim
- Book Covers Skyrim Lost Library
- Moonpaths to Elsweyr
- Ysgramor's Armor
- Sea shells collection
- Insanity's Chrysamere
- Insanity's Umbra
- PrivateEye's Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
- PrivateEye's rings of old- PrivateEye's Helm of Tohan
- PrivateEye's sixth house bellhammer
- PrivateEye's BiPolar Blade
- Ronnie Magnum's Legendary Rings V2.0
- Edhelsereg's Lord's Mail
- Painkiller97's Hrothmund's axe
- Nimezis Daedric Crescent
- Trainwiz's Visage of Mzund redone
- Saeralith's White Phial Replacer
- keizaalfeyn's Dawnfang
- MyBad's Shadow of the Underking
- Theycallmecheese's Ancient Shrouded Armor replacer
- Wulfharth's Fang of Haynekhtnamet
- engelman's rest dungeon
- windcaller pass dungeon 
- ogmund's tomb dungeon (as dragon's fall)
- More treasure maps

Recommended Mods:
These are mods that are not tied in with Legacy, but are really awesome as supporting mods that would tie in lore wise. Check them out!
Sabre Gear Backpacks
Bandolier bags and pouches
Bag of holding
Gypsy eyes caravan

Incompatibilities, Conflicts, Known Bugs:

- Auto Looting Mods: While not directly incompatible, there is a risk that ANY quest mod will have issues since many mods place quest items for script based handling inside active cells, inside the void area. The auto looters often can still grab these. Make sure that your auto loot range is not ridiculously high and is set to ignore quest items.

- Thu'um leveling - Sword of ancient tongues (and other incarnations of it) resets Thu'um level progress when being re-equipped.

- Moon and Star immersion patch: This patch is not needed and will conflict with Legacy. The Legacy MAS patch incorporates an immersive delay to the MAS quest on its own and this patch is not needed.

- Restringer: Use of this utility is not recommended. Using this will edit and recompile scripts which in many cases can break a mod and certainly has the potential to break a save in progress.

-Sexlab/Lover's Lab mods: LL mods are very resource heavy and affect areas of the system which conflict with heavily modded setups and heavily scripted games. Nobody on the Legacy team utilizes or endorses use of LL content with Legacy as there have been numerous reports of stability concerns which we cannot address. If you choose to utilize these with Legacy, do so at your own risk and seek help at the LL site instead.

- Royal Palace of Solitude: You must load royal palace before legacy or it causes an invisible bed issue in the safehouse. No idea why, just typical Skyrim voodoo.

- Official HD Texture packs part 1, 2 and 3: You really should not be using these packs unless you have personally run them through DDSopt again, because they are memory hogging, poorly optimized textures which will EAT your memory faster than anything. These were designed to improve visual appearance of a VANILLA non modded game only. and should not be used with a heavy mod load order as it will cause crashes if you will run out of memory. Even on high end systems, Skyrim's engine only uses a base amount of memory and 2 processors, even with ENBoost, these texture packs are still not advisable.

-Skyrim Radioactive: Causes several CTD's due to mannequin issues, specifically in the secondary armories. Even the updated versions are questionable and you should use with caution as this mod was once on the dangerous mods list.

-Perkus Maximus (PerMa): Reforged and warforged versions of unique items will not display on their vanilla display in the museum. This is not something I have the skills to patch as the information for these redone versions of the items are not in the plugin but in the XML extensions PerMa uses. Simply console vanilla versions to place on display. You may have to custom define some weapon values as the Reproccer cannot get it right for some reason. Also it is recommended that you add Legacy to your blocklist.txt file, otherwise PerMa distributes things it shouldn't or the reproccer fails.

- There may be FPS drop issues related to ELFX, ENB and SMIM being used in combination with one another. If you have FPS drop and use any of these, you may want to check out this PATCH

- New Dragon Species (Factionless edition) and Prides of Skyrim when used with Relic Hunter LAL addon: These two mods add a LOT of spawns in the area of the starting excavation which interferes drastically with it. It's suggested to leave these mods off your list until you finish the Relic Hunter intro quest.

Before posting a question or reporting a bug, check out the FAQ page in the Articles tab, the Troubleshooting article, and check the "Update tracker" pinned near the top of the POSTS board. Chances are the issue may be known or is outlined already. Walkthrough and spoilers available in the FULL PLAYER'S GUIDE and found on the WIKI


Museum Features

  • A total of 3200+ displays (when fully loaded with supported and patched mods) for unique weapons, armor, items, quest related items, paintings, collectables, jewelry, and more!

  • Over 100 exploration, quest line and achievement displays to commemorate your vast achievements
  • Persistent museum option: Save your museum progress across multiple play-throughs!
  • Several specialty displays commemorating the completion of major quest lines and benchmark accomplishments.
  • A variety of custom paintings can be found and bought at merchants to enhance the museum as well.
  • Displays for all doomstones and shrines which you have received blessings from which allow you to gain the blessing in the future at the display, completely compatible with Requiem, Religion mods and Disparity.

  • 6 full themed galleries including: “The Hall of Heroes" for all relics of historical or magical nature, “Hall of Lost Empires” with displays pertaining to Dwemer, Falmer, and ancient nords, “Daedric Gallery” for all daedric artifacts, the “Gallery of Natural science” where life sized displays of Skyrim flora and fauna can be accumulated in beautiful diorama displays, the hall of oddities where unique and interesting items, collections and quest items are displayed, and the Hall of Cultural arts with additional paintings and exploration displays.
  • Book set display cases which sorts set books by their set, includes amazing retextures from “Book covers Skyrim"
  • Personal Armories with over 80 mannequins, dozens of weapon and shield racks, dagger cases, full displays for all vanilla weapons and armor types as well as Thanedom banner displays for each of the holds and a hallway of mannequins with one for each hold

  • Automatic or manual display setup: Place and remove items manually on their designated display or simply utilize the preparation stations to display all non-equipped displayable items which are currently not displayed, all removed from your inventory, stored in the museum safe and placed on display.

  • MCM menu which tracks all available and currently displayed items in the entire museum!
  • MCM configuration for a vast array of customized options for Legacy.
  • Curator's guide which outlines all the functions of the museum, allows fast travel within the various galleries, and easily can locate the curator.
Hundreds of new artifacts from a variety of amazing Mod authors contributing to this project:

  • -Bow of shadows
  • -Goldbrand/Eltonbrand
  • -Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer
  • -debaser
  • -BiPolar Blade
  • -Sword of Ancient Tongues
  • -Hrothmund’s axe
  • -Stendarr’s hammer
  • -Fang of Haynekhtnamet
  • -Sunder
  • -Wraithguard
  • -Trueflame
  • -Hopesfire
  • -Thornblade
  • -Gravedigger
  • -Cleaver of st Felms
  • -Scourge
  • -Cyrus’ saber
  • -Dagger of Symmachus
  • -Skullcrusher
  • -Jyggalag’s sword
  • -Staff of Hasedoki
  • -Daedric crescent
  • -Sixth house bellhammer
  • -Chrysemere
  • -Ice blade of the monarch
  • -Umbra
  • -Dawnfang
  • -Moon and Star ring
  • -Armor of Tiber Septim
  • -Wulfharth’s treads
  • -The Dragonmail Cuirass
  • -Bloodworm helm
  • -Amulet of kings
  • -Shield of Reman Cyrodiil
  • -Boots of Blinding speed
  • -Helm of Tohan
  • -Eleidon’s ward
  • -Vampiric ring
  • -Warlock’s ring
  • -Mentor’s ring
  • -Phynaster’s ring
  • -Ring of Khajiit
  • -Lord’s mail
  • -Fists of Randagulf
  • -Helm of Oreyn bearclaw
  • -King Orgnum’s Coffer
  • -Weatherward Circle
  • -Jewel of Rumare
  • -Ring of the Gray
  • -Ring of Eidolon's edge
  • -Black Band
  • -Denstagmer's ring
  • -Engraved ring of healing
  • -Ring of Vipereye
  • -Spear of the Snow Prince
  • -Armor of Ysgramor
  • -Staff of Indyris
  • -Circlet of Omnipotence
  • -Ring of Sunfire
  • -Ring of the Wind
  • -Ring of the Iron Fist
  • -Aesliip's Ring
  • -Ring of Surroundings
  • -Daedric face of terror 
  • -Daedric face of inspiration
  • -Ancient daedric lord armor
  • -Hrormir's Icestaff
  • -Shadowrend-Thrassian Plagueblade
  • -Necromancer's Dagger
  • -And MANY more

Secret safehouse features:

  • Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Staff and Enchanting stations with custom work stations for soul gem combining, enchantment dispelling and charge extraction.

  • Kitchen space with replenishing kegs and food storage as well as cooking pot and oven
  • Purchasable furniture configuration option: Configurable kid/companion bedroom, and patio/garden area
  • amazing sitting room with customizable stained glass windows looking onto the streets of solitude with accessible balcony.
  • Equipment auto sorter: Put all weapons, armor, jewelry and clutter into a special chest and it's sorted to beautiful display containers

  • Crafting Auto-Loot and Store system: When you use a crafting station in the Safe House, all supplies in the corresponding containers are added to your inventory and then put back when you are finished! (configurable in MCM menu)

  • Hidden Treasury room which depicts your vast wealth in increasing grandeur as your deposit gold into your ledger.
  • Customizable supply Auto-sorter which automatically moves your chosen supplies to their appropriate containers, leaving any excluded ones in your inventory. Sorted containers include: Soul gems, Gems, Ore and Ingots, Ingredients, Potions, Leather and related supplies, food, and liquor.

  • Special linked containers accessible from multiple locations throughout the museum and safehouse such as scroll stacks, liquor, and more

  • Sell pile container cart (initialized by a quest) which will sell random items every day and deposit to a lock box. Starts at 30% and increases up to 50% of the value. Also calculates enchanted item gold value. (not player made)

  • Learning containers; place an item into a "recording" container and activate the ledger to store it and record it for future automatic sorting.

World features:

  • 15 new dungeons tying into quest content
  • Massive Sancre Tor worldspace and dungeon with a dark power lurking within
  • Pale Pass world space including fully immersive ongoing battleground which will be expanded upon in future updates. Fort pale pass and its underworks are also accessible.

  • New explorer society guild!
  • 3 full excavation quests of large dungeons and numerous other quests tied to the guild
  • Transmutation forge which alters the appearance of weapons and armor to match chosen items!
  • Moonpaths to Elsweyr fully integrated! Now the Moonpath's quest begins through a quest from the museum, which takes you to seek a lost relic, but you get swept up in the events which unfold in Moonpaths!

  • All content added or changed on vanilla resources is done through dynamic coding rather than editing the original base object, so changes  happen in game so should not interfere with other mods (exceptions listed below)

  • Special "Fate Cards" available in random loot chests and enemies. 6 different sets of 13 cards each are scattered all over Skyrim with  varying rarity. When all 13 of a set is found, "equip" any card and they will all transform into a single deck which provides a special bonus of some kind. Also includes a card collector NPC who will trade random cards with you as well as sell some other rare ones

  • Massive numbers of collectibles found in world such as statues, rare and foreign coins, trinkets and more
  • Unique Explorer Relics to use and display which aid you in your quest to locate every artifact in Skyrim

Player customizable weapon models:
Certain weapons in the museum come equipped with a special customization plaque which allows you to change the  appearance of the weapon based on which model replacement mods you have loaded. This will change the appearance of the weapon on display and the weapon itself when used. Merely load all weapon replacement mods such as Unique uniques, unique weapons remade, or unique shapes for unique weapons, and when you use the plaque you can max and match which model replacers you want to use. Like Aegisbane from Unique Uniques but Bolar's Oathblade from Unique Weapons Remade? No more need for a merge patch, simply click the plaque which appears when displaying the weapon and choose which model you want, it's as easy as that! (requires original mod to be installed, files loose, or BSA managed by NMM or MO (BSA management or loose files recommended with no ESP loaded for best results)

Transmutation forge:(spoiler)

At the end of the Ruins ofRkund excavation, you gain access to the transmutation forge which allows you to copy the appearance of one weapon or armor piece over the appearance of another similar weapon or armor. (has some limitations  and glitches pertaining to helmets, so save prior to using). Due to the nature of the system this model changer will reset  when the game shuts down so use it simply as a during play vanity feature.


As this mod has extensive contributions from other modders it would be best if you find the resource you wish to use, look  for the author's name in my credit section, and contact them directly.

As for the museum itself; feel free to create addon content that uses the museum as a master file, but DO NOT use content  from this mod directly in your mod without making it dependent on this mod. I update this mod CONTINUOUSLY, so if you use my content, I guarantee your mod will be out of date by the time you release it. If you would like advice on how  to make an addon for this mod, just ask, I've done several for other people's mods and can show you how to make one for this mod. See the Articles tab for details.

File credits

Thanks to the following designers for their efforts inmaking and giving permission for their excellent elements which I used  in this modThanks to the members of the community who are following this mod and giving such great support and  feedback!

  • Ingredient wall art by Blarry
  • Ingredient jars by Blarry
  • Unique booze bottles HD by Exray Catt
  • Booksets by Blarry
  • Openbook resource by Blarry
  • Stormlord armor by Gechbal (armor for Ulfric only)
  • Emperor's Will armor by Gechbal
  • Noble artifacts by RonnieMagnum
  • Lord’s Mail by edhelsereg
  • Open book library by stoverjim
  • Modder’s resource pack by Oaristys
  • Hrothmund’s axe by painkiller97
  • Armorstand by insanitySorrow
  • FPI Experiment pack by BrettM
  • Unique Uniques by InsantySorrow
  • Goldbrand, and umbra by InsanitySorrow
  • Ice blade of the monarch by FrankFamily
  • Chrysamere by RonnieMagnum
  • Silver bow by InsanitySorrow
  • Daedric Double battleaxe by Keratoz
  • Hircine Statue by Kewin568
  • Malos weapons by Kalten1979
  • Resources from Morrowloot by Trainwiz (on permission of individual original authors)
  • Daedric Crescent by Nimezis
  • Helm of Oreyn bearclaw by PrivateEye
  • Rings of old by PrivateEye
  • Helm of Tohan by PrivateEye
  • 6th house bell hammer and bipolar blade by PrivateEye
  • Visage of Mzund redone by Trainwiz
  • Unique shapes for unique weapons by nockchaa
  • Sword of ancient tongues, and Valiant bow by Corvalho1
  • Skull helm model by ghosu
  • Triskele Shield, Bloodthorn replacer, Poacher's axe, and Nordic Kukri models by KettleWitch
  • Dragonknight armor by hothtropper44
  • White phial replacer by SaeralithCutlass model by Hifoo
  • Book Cover Skyrim resources by Daniel Coffey
  • Heavenly She-wolf blade by MAIBATSU
  • Armor skeleton model (ysmir) by Lifestorock
  • Adabala building system by varlaisaran
  • Ayleid Clutter by InsanitySorrow
  • Glassbows by InsanitySorrow
  • Bellyaches new dragon species
  • shelf scrolls by Tonynarko67
  • Dawnfang/Duskfang by keizaalfeyn
  • Dovabling by testiger2
  • Ogmund's tomb by PredragPesic
  • Shadow of the Underking by MyBad
  • Paintings and frames by Artisanix
  • Witcher's Silver Sword by Kimono
  • Resources by Lilith
  • Resources by Tamira
  • Ancient shrouded armor alternate by Theycallmecheese
  • Better bows by Howiego08
  • BDYEB shields by themalfazar
  • Fang of Haynekhtnamet by Wulfharth
  • Fists of Randgulf by Telthalion
  • Eleidon's Ward by TheMalfazar
  • Scourge by RonnieMagnum
  • Legendary Rings by RonnieMagnum
  • Elder statue by Angilla
  • Greek statue by Tamira
  • Knights of the Nine by Matty793
  • Printing Press by Stroti
  • "Thunder dreams", "Red letter" and "Dark pad" and other music soundscapes by Kevin
    MacLeod (
  • Ysgramor's armor by Newermind46
  • Daedric Lord armor by Newermind46
  • Moonpaths to Elsweyr by MuppetPuppet
  • Seashells by Jokerine (see their mod page for additional credits)
  • Rustic Pottery Textures by Gamwich
  • Tapestries by Insanity
  • Gemstone Collector by Zephur6788
  • Dev Aveza Airship by Deapri
  • Rough Leather Armor by Atomec
  • Moonpath to Elsweyr typo patch by Treacleman
  • Thrassian Plaguesword by Fearless Hero
  • Engraved Shamshir by Faranelli"Skymning"
  • Music by vindsvept (
  • Meo's Tent resource by Meo
  • More treasure maps by mackam08
  • Stained glass resource by SrRamrod
  • Carved Dragon Armor by Hideto84
  • Big Leather Backpack by Hideto84
  • DaggerCraftPack by faxicvm
  • Necromancer's Dagger by RonnieMagnum
  • Leather telescope by Kettlewitch (model by Frank Family)
  • Psiijic robe textures by ZackdipDwemer
  • goggles by volvaga0
  • vial holder from Bandolier mod by DragtenDwarven
  • Bows by Jet4571

And many more I am certain have slipped my mind, so please let me know if I missed crediting

Special Thanks To:

  • Verterion for the implementation of code needed for the persistent museum feature
  • JCBQ forhis hard work in developing the FOMOD installers
  • SirJesto for his assistance with load order support as well as patch development and co-administering the patch central page with JCBQ
  • RonnieMagnum for his fantastic contributions of unique custom made relic models, made exclusive for this mod
  • MuppetPuppet for allowing full use and future continuation of Moonpaths to Elsweyr!
  • UglyKidCid For spending a day and a half hand merging over 60,000 records so V13 could be all in one plugin again
  • MyBad foruse of his fantastic re imagined Sancre Tor and custom Pale Pass made for this mod!
  • IshraMeradin for his great help with my script work, which kept me from pulling my hair out for hours on end
  • BigDeano89 for his continued efforts at troubleshooting, support and moderation on the comment page and bug reports
  • Merrian for her amazing support and spear heading of the Wiki page
  • Hazado for assisting with various behind the scenes mechanicaltasks that have lightened my load in the late beta, Thanks Hazado!
  • Aelarr for numerous typo patches
  • Pickysaurus for spearheading V19 alpha and beta testing, and assisting in the overall update for V19
Voice Actors:
  • Temperance10 as "AuryenMorellus", "Madras", and "Griegor"
  • Musetrigger as "ProfMarassi", "Jerrin the patron"
  • Kyler45 as "Brother Ikard"and "Mordeki Olfstead"
  • Gozzuro as "Kyre oldenson"
  • darkrouge21 as "Eriana"and "Lorna"
  • MeekVoice as "Hjorunn the lumberjack"and "Falk Firebeard"
  • Daniel Hodge as "the Herald ofAkatosh"
  • CassandraWladyslava as"Ezra"
  • GAWDclan as "Byron"
  • VloCro as "Argus Fenneric" and "Hagar"
  • Icecreamassassin as "the voice of Ysmir Wulfharth", Avram, Malakai the patron, Penitus Occulatus Messenger, Variccio the collector, Rakis, Latoria, and Jelal Jazir
  • And my son Kaden as "Henry" :)

Special thanks to my ongoing contributors on Patreon!:

Austin C
Bella G
Charlie B
Cindy J
Dagny O
Dean S
Emma H
Implied Consent
Jackson Blake
Jeramy Q
Jeremy F
Johannes D
Karen A
Lao Shee
Linda B
Matt B
Matthew M
Melissa S
Mike W
Mikoto Uchiha
Moonlit S
Nathan B
Noah G
Rayhne S
Robert B
Rose in MyHand
Ryan Van Hoeke
S Sprenger
Seminole Gamer
Sinitar Gaming

And thank you to all those people who have made donations or supported me via Patreon in the past. It is greatly appreciated.

All original creative content is Copyright 2014 by Travis Brown (aka Icecreamassassin). All rights reserved without written permission.