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A new way of playing Skyrim. Almost all NPCs are ghosts, and they are after you! Will you be able to survive this adventure and defeat the main bosses?

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I guess, Dragonborn, you weren't able to save Skyrim. All those people you loved so much (like Nazeem or Heimskr) are dead now :(
You can encounter their ghosts wherever they used to live before. But beware! Their main goal is to kill you for not saving them and their loved ones!

This mod is for those who are tired of the same old glitchy quests (or want to take a break from them). Start a new game, survive, become stronger and defeat two main bosses: Ulfric Stormcloak and Elisif The Wraith. (And lesser bosses, like the Greybeards, some Companions, Delphine and so on)

No more wasting time on quests and conversations with NPCs! (At least during that play-through)
No more safe cities and towns!
Pure sandbox survival in Skyrim!

You can trade with hunters and fishermen. You can sell them items of any type. They are your best and only friends now.

Most NPCs should be non-essential (killable), but if you encounter an essential NPC, you can use an automatically added spell to make it killable.
Children ghosts are also killable and hostile.

The ghosts are pretty tough. They are more resistant to physical damage, less affected by stagger effects, aren't affected by fall-damage, etc.

I've made the visual effects of the ghosts more transparent and darker. (The video pic. or some screenshots are a bit outdated)

Most of the ghosts respawn (not the bosses).

Stormcloak soldier ghosts are still fighting with the Imperial and Thalmor ghosts.

A new game is required. If you install it mid-game, not all changes will be applied.
To start the game, use one of the alternative start mods. I'm using Skyrim Unbound Reborn.
Usually it's a good idea to start (spawn) in the wilderness or near the borders, not in a town or a city. 

The mod is a work in progress, but the updates won't be frequent.
99% of NPCs are overhauled, but there are a lot of places that are closed due to quest requirements. Some places I've already made accessible:

Some of the places you can unlock by yourself, using the console. Open the console, click with your mouse on a door you want to unlock and type: unlock

You can get to Soltheim from the Windhelm docks, just like before. Kill the ghosts, but don't kill the sailors. Then hire the ship to get you to Soltheim.

To disable the couriers completely, you can use this mod: 
No More Couriers (LE  SE)

It took a lot of time to make this mod. I had to edit almost every NPC in the game. If you like the mod - don't forget to endorse it :)


There are no special requirements. Only the main DLSs: Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire. 
This mod affects mostly the NPCs and quests. So, a general guideline is this: try not to put mods that also change NPCs or quests after
'Skyrim Is Dead'.
For most players it's better to place the .esp at the bottom of the load order, even after the alternative start mods, but before the Realistic Water 2 and Dyndolod-generated files, if you use those mods.


Well, obviously, quest mods that rely on interactions with the vanilla NPCs aren't gonna work.
Mods that base their actors on the vanilla soldier, guard (and some other) templates will probably have those actors ghostified too.
Mods that change the appearance of NPCs are kind of obsolete. (Who cares if ghosts have high-poly faces? You still won't see the difference)
Mods that change places should be compatible.
For the most part, the compatibility with other mods is yet to be tested. You can help me with that... Find a mod that requires a compatibility patch and let me know about it in the comments. Or you can make your own patch if you're a modder.

This mod is fully compatible and works even better with my other mods...



The only enemy level scaling system that makes sense for me. Compatible, customizable, automatic, life-changing :)
Oldrim  /  Special Edition

JESUS IN SKYRIM - One of the most ALIVE Skyrim companions!

Jesus is a fully voiced follower with unique magic, thousands of comments, responses, taunts, jokes, religious memes, song parodies etc.
Oldrim  /  
Special Edition

French translation: Legendary Edition  /  Special Edition
Traditional Chinese translation: 
Special Edition


SHOOT + move FORWARD, BACK, LEFT or RIGHT to trigger different effects. Poison your enemies, stun them, blow them up, etc.
Oldrim  /  Special Edition

CONVERSELL - Convert and AutoSell

Convert stuff you don't use into stuff you USE or into gold (auto-sell it).
Now you can loot everything and keep your inventory CLEAN at the same time!
Oldrim  /  Special Edition


The most compatible, conflict-free way of adding stats and perks (even if you use other mods, that change stats). High price range. Easily enable/disable/change everything mid-game!
Oldrim  /  Special Edition


Time-based smart auto-saves. Every 6-th save is a normal save. The mod checks for some conditions, ignored by other auto-save mods.
Oldrim  /  Special Edition


Makes everything minimalistic and scarce. Also makes the loot unleveled, but not the weapons/armor used by the enemies.
Oldrim  /  Special Edition


Deal damage and bash your enemies by charging them! Break their spirits and their backs! Craftable rings with automatically activated effects.
Oldrim  /  Special Edition


Each Stone of Barenziah Gives a Bonus  LE  SE
Valuable Ingredients  LE  SE
Rusty Arrows for Draugrs and Skeletons  SE
Choose Your Ultimate Potions  LE  SE
Summon Micro-Hunters (chaurus drones)  LE  SE
No More Couriers  LE  SE