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Jesus is a fully voiced follower with unique magic, tons of comments, responses, taunts, jokes, religious memes, song parodies etc.
It's time to fill God-shaped hole in your heart and accept Jesus as your personal savior!

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The most ALIVE Skyrim companion ever! You may love Jesus, you may hate him, but you will never be bored in his presence!

Why "the most alive"? Let's take, for example, battle taunts. Primitive followers have a small list of repeatable lines that you'll have to hear over and over... Advanced followers, like INIGO, have 1, 3, maybe even 5 taunts for a condition (different enemy types, equipped weapons etc.) Jesus has not just 1, not 2, not 4, but 10, 20, 30 or even more taunts for a condition or a situation. (It is still a work in progress, some of the sections are not done yet, but Jesus is getting there) I think, even after multiple walkthroughs with Jesus, he'll be able to surprise you (And he is not a silent type)

And it's not only about the quantity and non-repetitiveness. These things are just a small part of my efforts to make Jesus as alive as possible, funny, immersive (in his own way)... 

Also I'm trying to create a great companion for the roamers, fighters, survivalists, players who don't want to waste their time on conversations with NPCs, just standing and clicking on the same set of responses, written by someone else; players, who want their follower to be a cool addition to their gameplay, like a good soundtrack, not a distraction.

Other reasons to accept Jesus into your life in Skyrim:

- In a fight Jesus doesn't deal too much damage to the enemies, letting you finish them off (good for playing at high difficulty)

- Jesus throws multiplied fish and bread at your enemies; if they get too close, he burns them with his Holy Fire and uses "Slaying in the Spirit".

- Jesus can banish demons (daedra) and raise powerful dead (but for a short time).

- Jesus is pretty sneaky (he's had a lot of practice, avoiding persecution in Palestine), he quietly casts spells and avoids most traps.

- He has a decent movement speed and is able to keep up with you.

- While sneaking, Jesus talks to you telepathically.

- There is healing power in his flesh and blood. 

- If you have (equip) faith, you can walk on water. (But Jesus prefers swimming)

- You can kill Jesus, and after a few seconds he will rise from the dead! (Killing Jesus may be useful if he's stuck, if some glitch occurs or you want to reset his inventory).

- Jesus is leveling alongside with you.

- Updating Jesus is easy. For the most part the future updates won't require creating a "clean save".

- Jesus is highly optimized, minimalistic and lightweight: no dirty edits, unnecessary files or records in the .esp; only one custom-made simple resurrection script (other scripts were automatically generated by the vanilla following system).

To find Jesus you don't need to spend years in prayer and fasting. Just go to the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun!

In his inventory Jesus has a bunch of items that let you disable:
  • Battle responses (I don't recommend disabling them, but that's your choice)
  • Non-battle monologue-lines (I don't recommend disabling them, but that's your choice)
  • Banish daedra spell.
  • Reanimate corpses spell.
  • Slaying in the spirit (whirlwind)
(But if you disable the spells, you will also disable a lot of Jesus's comments about those spells)

Put the items into YOUR inventory if you want to DISABLE some of the above. If you loose them, you can always get more by killing Jesus (the items in his inventory will re-spawn)

For now Jesus uses the vanilla following system. This means:
1) Jesus will not follow you, if you already have another follower. ('Amazing Follower Tweaks' mod may help to change that)
2) After making Jesus your follower, you can make the followers, that use standalone following systems (like INIGO) follow you too.
3) If you have another mod that uses the same following system as Jesus' system (like "Deadpool Follower"), you may encounter problems (when some of the followers are not talking), which can be solved by starting a new game and then loading your old save file again (It helped me) or changing the load order.

Maybe I will make a standalone following system in the future. But I can't find good tutorials for that.

There may be some incompatibility with the mods that change the DialogueFavorGeneric and DialogueFollower quests, but nothing serious.
I've tested these two mods with Jesus:
UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul (most of the features work with Jesus, but 'multiple followers' functionality doesn't work, or, maybe I was doing something wrong)
Amazing Follower Tweaks ('multiple followers' functionality seems to work, as well as the other features that I've tested)

UNINSTALL (Important!)
Before uninstalling the mod don't forget to dismiss Jesus and unequip "Faith in Waterwalking" item. If you do not unequip it, you won't be able to get rid of the "faith" later (the enchantment will be permanently applied).

Don't worry about loafs of bread, lying around after a fight. Cells automatically declutter.

If you want Jesus to have a quest marker, use this mod: Follower Map Markers  (Beacon version)

Jesus has a lot of musical lines. You may want to disable exploration music without disabling combat music. You can easily find mods for that.

This mod is a work in progress. I still have a lot of monolog- and dialoque-lines, ready to be recorded... I'll be working on that in my free time.

"Faith in Waterwalking" doesn't take up a body slot, thanks to Mtsaint's "Unlimited Rings"

(and versions of mods)

JESUS IN SKYRIM - The most ALIVE Skyrim companion ever!

Jesus is a fully voiced follower with unique magic, tons of comments, responses, taunts, jokes, religious memes, song parodies etc.
Legendary Edition  /  
Special Edition

French translation: 
Legendary Edition  /  Special Edition
Traditional Chinese translation: Special Edition


Convert arrow types, crossbow bolts, ingots, misc.items... you name it!
Convenient, carefully balanced, MCM-configurable, 100% compatible with everything.

Legendary Edition  /  Special Edition

Russian translation:  LE  SE


Deal damage and bash your enemies by charging them! Break their spirits and their backs! Craftable rings with automatically activated effects.
Oldrim  /  Special Edition


You think you're fast? A fireball is faster! You think outdoor fighting is easy? Think again! Only your reflexes and skills can save you from the bandits!


Summon Micro-Hunters (chaurus drones)  LE  SE
Valuable Ingredients  LE  SE
Rusty Arrows for Draugrs and Skeletons  SE
Choose Your Ultimate Potions  LE  SE