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This disables the loading screens from the game in favor of something else...

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This disables the loading screens from the game in favor of something else... like the loading screen mod in the recommended section. It adds custom user artwork as loading screens instead of 3D models. This mod comes with no smoke on the main menu and loading screens + no hint text for the game, DLC and supported mods. To restore the smoke default functionality, simply delete the meshes folder. Please note no images are included with this mod.

Another mod like this you ask? Well I tried several of the existing ones and didn't get results I liked. So I dusted off TES5Edit and started disabling all loading hint / tip text screens. I have been testing this for several hours and not had any issues in my heavily modded game.

Highly Recommended
Due to this mod removing all other loading screens, its highly recommended to use something like this mod. The 3 loading screens are from this mod.
NCLS - Nexus Community Loading Screens - Community Project

Creating a bashed patch
Wrye Bash

  • Disables loading screens from skyrim + DLC
  • Disables loading screens from supported mods below
  • No menu smoke
  • All files except dyndolod can be merged with your bashed patch

Supported Mods

The Future
Don't see a mod listed above? Leave a post asking about it and I might get around to it. Not every mod adds loading screens. No plans for a SE port. Anyone interested in doing one can do so, just give me some credit and link back to this mod.