About this mod

A loading screen replacer that uses artwork submitted by Nexus users, and by YOU!

Permissions and credits


Nexus Community Loading Screens

A collaborative project

By Dahveed

Send me pictures.  They will be in the game's loading screens.

*My mod has been featured by Ariane Vai, aka Zora Fairchild (and other voices)!

1. Introduction
2. Mod Description
3. How to Participate
4. Rules, restrictions and guidelines
5. Conclusion
6. FAQ


If you're like me, you're incredibly bored with the repetitive loading screens you get while playing Skyrim.  It's not that they're bad; it's just that, like me, you've been playing this game for hundreds of hours -
nay, thousands of hours - and you've seen them all countless times.

So, naturally, you go to the Nexus and look for a replacer!  There are many here, some of them quite good!  Problem solved, right?

But wait... after a few dozen more hours of playing... well dammit, you're sick of those ones too.  You can only look at the same images so many times before you just tune them out like background noise.

As they say, variety is the spice of life... and that's where my mod comes in!  What I wanted to do was create another new loading screen replacer by searching various sources (screenshots, Nexus images, Deviantart, etc
etc) to make a huge package that had dozens or perhaps even hundreds of different pieces of artwork which would appear in the game.

The problem, however, was permission: Nexus has pretty strict rules about using other people's stuff, so I would have had to obtain permission from countless people online whom I don't even know, who don't know me. 

Then that's when it hit me:

Why not just ask EVERYONE?

That's where this mod comes in!

Mod descripti

My mod attempts an idea that hasn't been done before on the Nexus (to the best of my knowledge).

It calls on all Nexus users to submit their artwork they would like to see in the loading screens.  This could be a cool screenshot of your character, your follower, your mod, or just an action sequence that turned out looking great.  It could be a photoshopped image, a painting, a photoshopped painting, armor, weapons, dragons, trolls, mountains, landscapes, trees, dirt, spriggans, sweetrolls.... ANYTHING!  The possibilities are endless.

Any artwork that you send me will be edited and converted to fit into Skyrim's loading screens, to become
part of the mod!  Furthermore, this will be an ONGOING PROJECT. 

That means this mod will continue to grow, because you can still contribute to it any time you want.  And if you track it, you can keep up on new updates and always have a steady influx of new content into your game,
so that you won't get bored seeing the same stuff over and over again.  If you keep up on the updates, you will always have opportunities to be surprised by new interesting stuff!

How to participate.

Send me a private message in the Nexus forums with your image attached, or with a link to where you've hosted your image.   This would probably be the best way, because it has the best chance of grabbing my attention if I see that I've gotten mail in my account; furthermore I can respond to you to let you know if
I've decided to use your image.  Some users have even sent me links to their Flickror Tumblr accounts with lots of art too.

It's that simple!

Rules, restrictions, and guidelines.

tl;dr: As a general principle, try to submit an image that looks like it ought to be in the game - try to imagine that it would be approved by Bethesda developers.  Don't submit anything that Bethesda wouldn't put in the game themselves.  Make it look like it's "supposed" to be in the game.

I am not really what you'd call a lore nazi, but I do have my own standards and quirks that I am going to respect when doing this project.  As a general principle, bear in mind that things should generally be a "safe for work" and lore-friendly atmosphere.  If you just want to see "sexy" loading screens with pretty and/or nude girls,
there are already mods out there for your needs.

With that in mind:

1 - No nudity or "playboy" images. 
I'm no prude or anything, but when I play Skyrim I don't want to see
tits in my face all the time.  Generally speaking I don't accept
scantily clad "bikini armor" supermodels in sexy supermodel poses and
such.  I will try to be flexible, but please try to keep things remotely


- A 104 lb little anime girl in bikini armor freezing her tits off in Winterhold will be flatout rejected; female berserker Nords charging into battle, while she happens to be wearing somewhat more revealing barbarian armor, will probably be accepted if done tastefully. 

- Images of 2 pouty-lipped whores blowing you kisses with flowers in their hair will probably be
rejected; 2 beautiful battle-maidens standing shoulder-to-shoulder with grim "The first Imperial I see is DEAD" looks on their faces will probably be accepted.

2 - As lore-friendly as possible, within reason.  As I said, I'm not a nazi or a loremaster, but I have a general grasp of what ought to be acceptable to appear in Skyrim in the fourth era. 


- A Nord who looks like the Terminator wearing sunglasses and a Dwemer shotgun smoking a cigar will be rejected; A nord who looks like the terminator wearing a battleaxe in one hand and a bottle of Honningbrew
in the other will be accepted.

- Geralt from the Witcher doing battle alongside Illidan Stormrage from Warcraft fighting off a horde of
Zerglings may look freaking awesome, but doesn't fit Skryim lore and will be rejected; Geralt from the witcher in full Imperial armor desperately fighting off a host of Imperial scouts alongside Ulfric himself will probably be accepted.

3 - Quality over Quantity.  I have no issue at all with people sending in multiple images; on the
contrary, I encourage it! But I would rather you sent me one or two high-resolution, hand-crafted images of high quality than two dozen low-res piles of crap for me to filter through. Don't be surprised or
offended if I don't decide to showcase your image.  People just have different tastes.  I may decide that your image has promise, and ask youto edit it or try again, or perhaps send a higher-res version of it. 
It's not always easy to forsee how this stuff will look in the game.


The long-term survival of this project will rely upon the community.  I'll do my best to keep an eye out for new artwork out there on the Nexus (if you see any, let me know so I can contact the artist), but I would love for this mod to grow over the long run by itself.

I think the idea is unique enough that enough people will be curious to try, so remember to keep tracking this mod for updates!


Q - I sent you an image.  Why aren't you using it?
A - Either I'm swamped and haven't gotten around to it yet, or it's just as likely that your image didn't really work out.  This might be because of cropping issues, lighting issues, the fact that I already use a similar image... or (no offense) that I just don't like what you've sent me.  Taste is subjective, and I've already had to refuse a few images.  As you can see by the images section, you have some tough competition!

Q - I don't agree with your prudish standards!  Quit being so anal about bewbs!
A - There are other mods for bewbs.  I mean a LOT of other mods.  Go DL one of the 8,000 bewb mods on the Nexus.  There's even a loading screen replacer mod that has nothing but naked girls on it.

Q - How do I know if my image has been accepted or not?
A - I send you a private message once it's been incorporated into the mod.

Q - How do I know when the mod adds new content?
A - Hit the "track" button, or even hit the "favorite" button on your web browser.