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adds 53 new craftable weapons to the game

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there are currently some criminals in the Linden Research's game SecondLife trying to sell these swords, Jaysus filed a DMCA notice against Linden Lab already but would like to inform you that not a single sword of this mod being sold in SecondLife is legitimate and by buying them the buyer participates in a crime, please refrain from buying them, you may use my swords free of charge for your personal use and even implement them on your second life character, selling them however violates so many of my rights that i get seriously pissed.

Version 1.3D

A Mod For The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

adds 51 new weapons for you to craft

for solving problems with this mod please consult the FAQ (frequently asked questions):

some user reviews:

"Progressively the most underated Mod on the Nexus!!"

"only reason keep a follower is so can equip them with these allowing me to see them better"

"Jaysus just give me swordgasm....ohh noess ...."

"The dwemer and orcs are said to be great blacksmiths but your work makes them look like amateurs thank you"

"Great work JaySuS! I've been enjoying your creations since Oblivion and now Skyrim!"

"Jaysus these are great swords!

"Keep up the good work, your weapons are totally amazing!

"Love the update! Fantastic work! Thanks a million, man! :) This is now my main source of weapons in the game and damn the only downside is that it's hard to choose from all the great looking swords! :)

"This Mod is Awesome!"

"At first I was like... "meh - another lazy mod for crappy weapons" :D
But then I was like "MOTHER OF GOD, I NEED THIS MOD" O_o "

"These weapons are superb. The quality is among the best professional work. They are very well-balanced stat-wise.
For me, this weapon mod couldn't be better. I'm a historical European sword geek, and these swords are designed in the styles to match a wide range of historical designs. They look like real weapons, yet have their own distinct style. JaySuS truly did his homework on these; true passion went into making this."

please post bug reports, questions, requests and so on in the appropriate tabs in the disucssion area at:
questions answered in the FAQS will go unanswered in the general comments section



-extract everything into your ...Skyrim/Data directory
-overwrite if asked wether you want to

if you currently use a version older than V13 please delete the following folders:

installation via Fallout Mod Manager is not advised and unsupported at this time
but you may find an NMM specific installation tutorial inside the FAQs in my discussion tab on the skyrimnexus filepage of JaySuS Swords


delete all files from your skyrim/data folder that you find in the *.rar archive downloaded for this mod


to allow Skyrim to use mods in general:

add the following line to your skyrimprefs.ini under [Launcher]:


to enable jaysus swords:

select the JSwords.esp in your Skyrim Launcher under "Data Files"


all weapons in this mod were created using a professional pipeline from very high detail models with around 7million polygons each,
every little notch and granny you see is an actual 3 dimensional feature on the original model and was put there by hand with lots of care and love,
no textures were used, every single dot was painted by hand to simulate the material in question to the best of my current abilities

this mod contains the following weapons, most require the steel smithing perk but some may require more advanced smithing perks:

-Boarding Knife (sword)

-Argonian Blade (dagger)

-Akavirii Sword (sword)

-Knight's Sword (sword)

-Fine Iron Sword (sword)

-Smallword (sword)


-Magnificent Sword (sword)

-Akavirii Saber(sword) (ebony or advanced smithing perk)

-Akavirii Short Saber (dagger) (ebony or advanced smithing perk)
-Akavirii Battlesaber(two hander) (ebony or advanced smithing perk)
-Knight's Greatsword(two hander)

-Argonian Battleblade (two hander)
-Crude Axe(war axe)
-Nordic Axe(war axe)
-Woodsman's Axe(war axe)
-Hunting Knife(dagger)
-Anicent Norse Sword(sword)

-Jade Blade(sword)

-Azurbrand (sword)

-Nordic Blade(sword)

-Dagger (dagger)

-Crusader Sword (sword)

-Heavy Crusader Sword (two hander)

-Fine Crusader Sword(sword)

-Gilded Crusader Sword(sword)

-Fine Norse Sword(sword)

-Gilded Norse Sword(sword)

-Fine Norse Axe(war axe)

-Great Norse Axe(battle axe)
-Dragonsting Dagger(Dagger)
-Dragonsting Sword(sword)
-Gungnir(sword )
-Huntingsword (bronze) (sword skills with dagger animations and speed but also damage)
-Huntingsword (steel)(sword skills with dagger animations and speed but also damage)
-Long Huntingsword (bronze) (sword)
-Long Huntingsword (steel) (sword)
Fine Bastardsword(Greatsword)
Khajiit Saber(Sword)
Blade Of Dibella(Dagger)
Legionaire's Sword(Sword)
Dragonbone Sword (Sword)(dragonbone smithing perk)
Dragonbone Greatsword(Greatsword)(dragonbone smithing perk)
Dragonbone Waraxe(war axe)(dragonbone smithing perk)
Dragonbone Battleaxe(battle axe)(dragonbone smithing perk)
Legendary Corundum Blade(Sword)
Ancient Sword(Sword)
Scimitar (Sword)
Dovah Luv (Sword)

they can be crafted and upgraded


-added 4 katana like swords

-added 2 2handed swords

-fixed some bugs, removed the serrated sabers, retextured the akavirii sabers

-redid the formIDs completely, youll loose your weapons due to that (sorry for that but it was necessary)
-added 3 axes and a knife
-lowered the environment map value so wood wont look like plastic
-fixed those bugs people were complaining about (missing vanillla meshes)

-increased material specularity level, looks more metallic now... shiny... maybe more environment map, not sure atm...

-added Akavirii Short Saber (ebony dagger stats)... kinda a short avavirii saber

-added Jade Blade (jian - ebony - ebony sword stats)
-added Ancient Nordic Sword (viking style, steel, skyforged steel sword stats)

-worked over Jade Blade

-retextured the old oblivion swords to use high quality 2048p textures

-added Azurbrand
-added Nordic Blade
-added Dagger
-added Crusader Sword
-added Heavy Crusader Sword
-all swords now use the steel smithing perk except for the akavirii sabers which stay ebony
-minor bugfixe for argonian blade and hunting knife

-fixed the damage and weight bug on the new swords
-adjusted recipes

-fixed charcoal ingredient for weapons that required it

-Fine Crusader Sword
-Gilded Crusader Sword
-Fine Norse Sword
-Gilded Norse Sword
-Fine Norse Axe
-Great Norse Axe

-fixed the blood bug on 2 handed swords

-added Dragonsting sword and dagger

-added Albensword
-added Gungnir
-added Huntingswords
-added leveled list support
-slight balance changes (needs alot more work tho id say)

-fixes several swords which got screwed over by V10 and caused CTDs

-chaged daggerswords to (swifter) swords except for the short hunting sword
-added Dragonbrand
-added Blade Of Dibella
-added Fine Bastardsword
-added Khajiit Saber
-removed distribution script... waiting for CK and questscripts
-balanced damage/speed/weight a lil (not perfect yet imo)
-changed all blood decals to 1st person version, fixed blood on Greatswords

-fixed Nordic Blade inventory model

-added partial Dragonbone weapon set
-added Legionaire's Sword
-improved balancing
-slightly different mesh and fixed blood for heavy crusader
-removed distribution script completely until CK gets released (old version still works for those that got it)
-akavirii sabers only forgable with advanced smithing or ebony perk

-added Baskethilt Sword
-added Bastardsword
-added Ancient Sword
-added Legendary Corundum Blade
-turned esp into esm to allow for plugins
-some slight balancing

-added loadscreens and menu screens
-fixed v13 swords shader
-fixed gungnir and baskethilt as of v13b

-added Scimitar and Dovah Luv

future prospects:

-better balancing
-more weapons
-conflictfree distribution on leveled lists via questscripts once CK gets released




-me ...JaySuS

-the Nifskope team for their outstanding work without which there would be no mods for bethesda games
-Ghogiel for a tiny tip that saved my day
-Dave Humphrey for SkyEdit (take that Bethesda and your "we will release a CK soon" :P lazy bunch)
-Timeslip for TESSNip and BSABrowser
-Dave Humphrey for SkyEdit

-La Confrérie des Traducteurs et Corax pour la traduction francaise
-DarkRuler 2500 for the german translation
-Aohige for the japanese translation
-Shadowjin for "Dovah Luv's" name
-Mister M for lending me his dragon figurines
-AurianaValoria1 for "Blade Of Dibella's" name
-The Outlander for his outstanding user-tech-support and troubleshooting assistance

copyright rules:

by downloading and using this mod you agree to the following:

all content of this mod is protected and may not be redistributed or modified without JaySuS explicit permission.

a breach of this agreement results in penalties including but not restricted to:

-a civil lawsuit with the possibility of a criminal lawsuit

-a 150 us$ fine for the additional beaurocratic workload

-in the case of redistribution a 5 us$ fine for each download achieved by this mod

-you may create plugins and mods based on this mod as long as your mod stays dependant on mine,
your mod may not contain any assets contained in my mod under any circumstances

-JaySuS reserves the right to revoke any rights granted, make changes to this agreement and/or terminate this agreement at any time

general safety issues

this mod might kill you, your loved ones or the whole world! i take no responsibility for
any action done or any event happening as a result of playing this or any other of my mods.
it includes gore, probably but not necessarily boobs, brutality and sheer beauty... if you dont
like any of these avoid this mod.