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Thane Weapons Reborn is a mod which makes the Thane reward weapons truly unique with brand new models and equally unique abilities. V4.0 now live!

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You are a Thane of the hold, champion to the people, paragon of the Jarl's best.... here's a crappy enchanted orcish axe you would never want to use as your badge of office... well no more I say!

Thane Weapons Reborn replaces those lackluster piece of merchant or disenchant fodder with a truly unique item in every regard. Each hold offers a unique weapon which will level up right along with the player! (can be disabled for non-leveled play-throughs). These weapons are 100% unique models with special scripted effects and have been left free of standard enchantments otherwise so that you can further customize them! Additionally they have been preset with larger charge counts so when you do enchant them, they will have more uses than a typical weapon would.

Hearthfires is required for this mod only because of USLEEP's fixes made to the Thane favor quests which are carried forward by this mod. USLEEP in itself however is not required.
What this mod does:
This mod replaces the generic enchanted reward given for becoming Thane of each of the holds with a truly unique artifact worthy of your champion status within the hold. Each weapon in scripted to automatically level up, enhancing it's damage, critical damage, critical multiplier, speed, or knockback. Upgrades occur every 5 player levels up to level 50 (ending with the weapon being just slightly better than its daedric counterpart). Each weapon is also scripted with some interesting abilities or enchantment-like boons which will show in your active magic effects page. This keeps the weapon free to be enchanted by you as you see fit in ADDITION to its scripted effects. Each weapon is a unique form and will maintain all improvements you do to the weapon even after it levels up. Each weapon can also be reforged at any blacksmith anvil or forge and converted from a one handed weapon to a two handed weapon or vice versa (Converting destroys player made enhancements of course). All versions can be tempered.

How to use this mod:
NEW GAMES: Simply plug in and go. Make sure that TWR is loaded after any other mod that affects the Thane weapons such as Zim's artifacts or Morrowloot. When you obtain Thane-hood, you will receive the unique reward of that hold. Later if a Jarl is replaced and they once again recognize you as Thane, they will reward you with 500 gold instead.

GAMES IN PROGRESS, NO TWR: If you are in the middle of a playthrough but have NOT used TWR previously, just load up as normal. You will be automatically given a unique Thane reward for each hold you are Thane of, but only IF you have not yet used your "get out of jail free" Thane privilege for that hold. If you have spent your favor, you can simply console in the appropriate items, or use console to COC QASMOKE and find the chest containing the Thane weapons to select the ones you were not given. Then COC WHITERUNORIGIN to return to the gates inside Whiterun.

UPGRADING OLD TWR VERSION: If you have older versions of TWR prior to V3, you MUST follow the upgrade directions below when installing V3+. Collect all your previous TWR rewards, dispose of them and save your game prior to upgrading. The mod will automatically give you the Thane weapon for each hold you have not yet used for favor for. Any you do not properly receive, follow the steps above.

NON LEVELED PLAYTHROUGH: If using Requiem, Morrowloot, or similar non leveled setup and you do not wish the Thane weapons to level along with you, simply open console and type SET TWRBYPASS TO 1. This will shut off leveling of the weapons. They are only set as steel level weapons, however they do have material tags for a variety of weapon material types and so your reproccor or reqtifier program should pick up on these and scale them appropriately.
This mod is 100% USLEEP ready and carries forward all relevant changes. Allow Thane Weapons Reborn to overwrite all other entries that have not
been carried forward into this mod from USLEEP. TWR does not alter anything
relating to the Thane quests. Instead it has a script which watches for
the rewards to come into your inventory and replaces them with the TWR
version. Also feel free to post if a significant conflict is found which
should be addressed with a patch.

- Zim's Immersive Artifacts As of V3.3 TWR is compatible with Zim's artifact improvement mod (both the full version and the thane module). Becoming Thane will award you BOTH the Zim and TWR items. Those using a newer version of Zim's thane artifacts may need a compatibility patch from Skylover which replaces a script in Zim's mod which fixes an issue where TWR will also replace Zim items with TWR ones because of how Zim's script forces it's items into the thane reward aliases.

- PerMa of course will probably mess up and give these items to every bandit in the province, if you cannot configure PerMa to ignore these or properly scale them, add TWR to your Blocklist.txt file so it is ignored by PerMa. I will NOT give any further support for use with PerMa.

simply use NMM or MO and install from the downloadable archive file, or extract it's contents into your /Data folder if using this manually. 

UNINSTALL: To remove simply uninstall using NMM or MO, or delete the following folders and files:

/Meshes/Thane Weapons Reborn
/Textures/Thane Weapons Reborn
/Scripts/TWR_ (all files starting with TWR_)
/Scripts/Source/TWR_ (all files starting with TWR_)

If upgrading from a version prior to V3, you need to use Save Game Script Cleaner and enter the following scripts into the top left box and clean (delete from the save) any resulting instances and base scripts (and updateoffsets if they show up) it shows of these following scripts. Note that if the script does not show, then you can proceed without cleaning as it has not been saved to your game yet:


Thanks to Pelopida for their texture and model work in helping me update the Axe of windhelm, Mace of Dawnstar and the Sword of Whiterun (1 handed versions) All other models, textures and scripts by Icecreamassassin.

Thanks to Micromegasta for making the new title logo

Thank you to InsanitySorrow for use of his Shield of Solitude replacer

And a thanks to all those who volunteered to make translations for this mod!

Please ask permission before using these assets. I'm pretty open to sharing but would like to hear what you have in mind first. Also DO NOT distribute this mod on Steam or any other site. The only exception for other sites are for translations. Just let me know first.
Thanks, and enjoy!
The Sword of Whiterun
Ability: Bane of Numinex: 10% increased fire resistance and 10% enhanced damage to dragons.

The Axe of Windhelm
Ability: Talos’ Protection: 10% resistance to magic and 10%faster health regeneration.

The Bow of Falkreath
Ability: : Storm Strike: 10% chance of calling a lightning strike from the sky (outdoors only) dealing 40 extra damage.

The Hammer of Markarth
Ability: Strength of the Ram: 25% chance to send your opponent reeling from a power attack.

The Axe of Morthal
Ability: Blood Bane’s Ward: 10% extra damage to vampires and 50% resistance to disease.

The Mace of Dawnstar
Ability: Bleed Out: 10% chance target will bleed for and additional 30 damage over 6 seconds.

The Daggers of Riften
Ability: Paralyzing Strike: 5% Chance to paralyze a target when attacking.

The Sword of Solitude
Ability (2handed): Subdue Foe: 20% chance to disarm and/or seriously stagger a foe when power attacking.
Ability(1 handed): Sword and board: 10% chance of disarming a foe when attacking. If used with the shield of solitude,
decreases blocked damage by 10% and deals 50% more bash damage


The Staff of Winterhold
Ability: Empower Staff of Winterhold: Once a day power which allows you to change between fireball, chain lightning,
ice storm, dread zombie, and soul trap spells. The staff spells are leveled with your character ranging from 20 damage to 50 damage on the damaging spells.