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The aim of this mod is to provide an immersive, subtle, functional player home that doesn't feel inhabited when the player’s away.

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The aim of this mod is to provide an immersive, subtle, functional player home
that doesn't feel inhabited when the player’s away.

In vanilla player houses, fireplaces are always burning, candles are always lit, and the front door is always unlocked. These houses feel inhabited even when the player isn't home, which I find immersion breaking. This home offers an alternative.

Adds a new player home named Silverglade to Falkreath.
Includes all the vanilla crafting stations and numerous displays for armor and weapons.

An Uninhabited House
The house won’t feel like it’s being maintained while the player isn’t home. When you return, you’ll need to
rebuild the fireplace, relight candles, and set up any crafting stations you need to use.

Quest Integration
A simple quest to obtain the house,
with additional unique quest rewards.

Requirements and Compatibility
No other mods or DLCs are required to use this mod, and it's fully compatible with all my mods.
It may be incompatible with other mods that amend Half-Moon Mill and the surrounding area.
Place this mod lower in your load-order than any mods that might clash with it to avoid any issues.

This mod is a spiritual successor to Zim’s Falkreath Home, which I have taken off the Nexus and will
not be supporting further. However, it can be downloaded from this page.

Take the tour...
(filmed with the latest in potato technology)

The house is loacted in Falkreath near Half-Moon Mill,
see map location in images.

There are three areas to the house: the exterior, the main room and the basement.
The house has been designed to resemble a hunter's home (Static Mesh Improvement recommended).

The house is lit with enchanted wall candles, which burn from soul gems. These can be switched on an off individually, or by activating an enchanted candle switch (looks like a deer skull with soul gems for eyes), which toggles all the candles in the room. They will burn out after a while and will need to be relit.

- Tanning rack
- Smelter
- An archery range (improves Archery when used)
- A chopping block (requires no axe; no maximum wood collection)
- The front door (can be locked by activating the key hole with the keys in your possession)

Main room
- Bed
- Bookcase
- Cooking stand (fireplace must be burning to use this)
- Fireplace (must be lit with x2 pieces of firewood, burns for ~4 hours)
- Firewood storage
- A Shrine of Hircine (requires no gold, even with Survival installed)
- x1 shield plaque, x1 weapon plaque, x2 weapon racks
- Numerous storage options

Basement – crafting area
- Alchemy bench
- Enchanting bench
- Smithing forge (must be lit with x4 pieces of firewood, burns for ~4 hours)
- Grindstone
- Blacksmith workbench
- Tanning rack
- Numerous storage options

Basement – armory
- x2 mannequins
- x4 shield racks
- x12 weapon racks
- x2 weapon plaques
- Large storage chest

Basement – secret storage
This area is accessed through an escape tunnel that offers an alternative entrance/exit to Silverglade
- Large storage chest
- Safe (automatically locks when closed)
- Numerous storage options
- Secret entrance/exit (automatically locks when closed)

When this mod is first loaded, Silverglade will be owned by a hunter named Kjarion Silversted.
There are two ways to obtain the house from him:

Option 1: complete the Silverglade quest
To begin, find a piece of the Silversted armor set. This is a unique armor set that includes:
- The Silversted Armor (found in Redoran’s Retreat)
- The Silversted Bracers (found in Embershard Mine)
- The Silversted Boots (found in Bilegulch Mine)
- The Silversted Helm (acquired from Kjarion)
Once a piece is acquired, wait 12 game hours, after which a courier will deliver a note to begin the quest.

Option 2: find the secret entrance
Finding the secret entrance won’t grant you access to Silverglade, but it will cause Kjarion to attack you.
This option requires some breaking and entering, but it is quicker.



V1.3 Update
- Improved the lighting in Silverglade to be less dark and gloomy (note: basement is still dark because it's a basement, just not as dark as it was)
- Adjusted quest scripting to ensure Letter is added to Kjarion during the quest
- Added failsafes to ensure quest can still be completed if a bug causes Kjarion not to have the Letter during the quest

V1.2 Update
- Fixed smelter textures for SE

V1.1 Update
- Fixed smelter textures for Oldrim