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The aim of this mod is to provide a wider range of warm-looking, Nordic themed light armor sets.

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The aim of this mod is to provide a wider range of
warm-looking, Nordic themed light armor sets.

Nordic Mold Armors
Four new armor sets of different strengths for the early, mid and late game,
including Nordic Bonemold Armor, Improved Nordic Bonemold Armor,
Ivorymold Armor, and Dragonmold Armor.

These sets are meant to be rare and most need to be unlocked in gameplay
(or with console commands if preferred, see bottom of the description).

Lore-Friendly Concept
I've conceived of Nordic Bonemold Armor as an entirely lore-friendly consequence of increased
cultural exchange between Nords and Dark Elves following the eruption of the Red Mountain.

Ivorymold and Dragonmold Armor are inventions of this mod, but I don't believe they violate
any lore. I have integrated them into Skyrim as new inventions, the result of combining
Nordic wisdom and Dark Elf tradition.

Requirements and Compatibility
Dragonborn required.
SE version marked as ESL.
No other mods required.
Fully compatible with all my mods.

I will not be creating patches for this mod myself, but if anyone wants to create their
own I will happily endorse it and provide any advice I can if you contact me directly.

All sets comes with a helmet, hood, cuirass, gauntlets, boots and shield, all of which are light armor pieces.
A circlet is also included for each set and can be worn with the hood.

For the Creation Club's Survival Mode, all armor pieces (except the shield and circlet) offer maximum warmth.

All sets benefit from the Custom Fit and Matching Set perks,
for which either the helmet or hood can be worn.

All sets can be worn by all races and sexes.

For info on stats and acquisition,
press the spoiler buttons below

Nordic Bonemold

Crafting requirements: Steel Smithing perk.

Where to find: A full set is sold by both Glover Mallory and Vanryth Gatharian.

Improved Nordic Bonemold

Crafting requirements: Steel Smithing perk, completed the Paid in Full quest.

Where to find: Can only be acquired by crafting it.

Note: There is no Improved Nordic Bonemold Hood or Circlet; use the normal Nordic Bonemold Hood with this set for the Matching Set bonus.


Crafting requirements: Advanced Armor perk, completed the Paid in Full quest.

Crafting Ivorymold requires Mammoth Tusk Powder, which is hard to find. To make this easier, I've added a new Powderize spell tome to Halted Stream Camp, which converts Mammoth Tusks to Powdered Mammoth Tusk. Find it on the same table as the Transmute spell tome.

Where to find: You can unlock a full set to be sold by EITHER Glover Mallory OR Vanryth Gatharian by completing a mini-quest:
1a. To unlock Ivorymold for Glover Mallory, first complete the Paid in Full quest.
1b. To unlock Ivorymold for Vanryth Gatharian, first complete the Under New Management quest.
2. Sell Glover / Vanryth a Mammoth Tusk and wait 12 in-game hours
3. Receive a letter from the Courier requesting more Mammoth Tusks
4. Sell four more Mammoth Tusks to Glover / Vanryth
5. Wait 48 in-game hours
6. Receive another letter from the Courier confirming Glover / Vanryth is now selling Ivorymold armor


Crafting requirements: Dragon Armor perk, completed the Paid in Full quest.

Dragonmold requires Powdered Dragon Bone to craft. Dragon Bones are incredibly strong and I imagine powderizing them would be impossible for most of Skyrim's residents, so I've provided a mini-quest with a workaround:
1. Improve your Smithing skill to level 100
2. Go to the Reach and ask innkeepers the question, "Any trouble in the hold lately?". This will start a bounty quest
3. Kill the Dwarven Spider in Fenn's Gulch Mine and collect the bounty from the Jarl's steward

During this quest, a new section will appear in Fenn's Gulch Mine containing a small Dwarven ruin. Inside, you'll find a Dwarven machine that converts Dragon Bones to Powdered Dragon Bone (I've deliberately left it ambiguous why the Dwarves would have such a machine, but for the player's purposes it doesn't matter). Simply place Dragon Bones inside the machine and turn it on to convert one Dragon Bone into 2 portions of Powdered Dragon Bone.

Where to find: Dragonmold armor is the Dragonborn's invention, and can only be acquired by crafting it.

For info on unlocking sets with console commands,
press the spoiler buttons below

Just like vanilla Improved Bonemold Armor, most Nordic Mold Armors require you to complete
the Paid in Full quest, which requires you to start the Thieves Guild questline.

To bypass this requirement (including for vanilla Improved Bonemold), use the following console command:
set dlc2improvedbonemold to 1

If you're updating this mod mid-playthrough, make sure you unistall the previous version first, make a clean save, and then install the new version.
This is the safest way to update and should work without issue, but it's not 100% safe and can break your save, especially if you have lots of mods.
The safest option is to only update when starting a new game.

V1.1 update notes:
V1.1 update
- Fixed the bug causing Vanryth to sell Ivorymold early
- Fixed the bug causing waiting durations for courier letters to be switched