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The aim of this mod is to bring a fully restored White Phial to Skyrim as a late-game quest reward.

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The aim of this mod is to bring a fully restored White Phial to Skyrim as a late-game quest reward.

Quest Integration
As a sequel to the vanilla quests, The White Phial and Repairing the Phial, this mod adds a new quest
named Restoring the Phial in which the player can restore the Phial to its full potential.

Fully Functioning White Phial
Once restored, the White Phial can be filled with any potion,
poison or liquid food, and it will refill when emptied.

Requirements and Compatibility
Dragonborn required.
Fully compatible with all my mods.
No other mods required.

The White Phial can be restored as part of a new quest, Restoring the Phial.

When your Alchemy skill is at least level 70, drink from the White Phial. After 18 in-game hours, you may encounter a
mercenary named Kalissa while exploring the Skyrim wilderness. Killing her will start the quest.

For a full quest guide,
press the spoiler button below

Restoring the Phial

Location(s): Eastmarch, Unthawing Hollow
Reward: fully restored White Phial, Apron of Ingenuity
Prerequisite Quest: Repairing the Phial
ID: ZWP_Quest

Quick Walkthrough
1. Drink from the White Phial when your Alchemy skill is at least 70
2. After 18 in-game hours, randomly encounter Kalissa in Skyrim's wilderness
3. Read Thilorier's Letter
4. Find Thilorier's Notes and the White Phial Restoration Materials in Unthawing Hollow
5. Restore the White Phial
6. Realign the White Phial

Detailed Walkthrough

Starting the quest
In the vanilla game, you can obtain a potion named The White Phial (Full) as a reward for completing the quest, Repairing the Phial. With this mod installed, drink this potion when your Alchemy skill is at least 70 to trigger the beginning of this quest.

Once triggered, wait 18 in-game hours. After this, a mercenary named Kalissa will begin hunting you. Continue to play as normal and eventually Kalissa will find and attack you. You may encounter her in the wilderness or in a dungeon, but never in a civilised location. The more you travel and explore Skyrim, the more likely you are to encounter Kalissa; waiting in one place will not help her find you.

Note: if you want to check this is working correctly, you can do so with console commands. Use <getstage zwp_quest>. During the 18-hour wait time, this will return <5>. While Kalissa is hunting you, it will return <6>.

Note: if you're impatient, you can speed up this part of the quest with the console command <set zwp_quest_hunterchance to 100>. This will reduce the wait time from 18 hours to 1 hour (provided you input the command before drinking the White Phial), and increase Kalissa's chance of finding you.

After you've defeated Kalissa, search her body and find Thilorier's Letter.

Unthawing Hollow
On reading Thilorier's Letter, you'll be directed to retrieve Thilorier's Notes and the White Phial Restoration Materials, both of which can be found in Unthawing Hollow.

Unthawing Hollow is a new dungeon added by this mod. It is a small, icy cave filled with Frozen Spriggans. Inside, you'll find the mage Thilorier, who wears the Apron of Ingenuity. This unique clothing item has a new unique enchantment that foritfies your magicka regeneration and improved your crafting skills.

Restoring the Phial
Once you've gathered the necessary items, you can restore the White Phial at the Alchemy Bench in Unthawing Hollow.
You'll need the White Phial in your posession to do this.

When the White Phial has been restored, you'll be directed to realign the Phial to complete the quest (see instructions below on how to realign the Phial).

I've tried to make using the White Phial as easy and intuitive as possible, so you
don't need to read this section to understand how to use it. This is for anyone who
gets stuck or wants to understand how the mod works before downloading it.

Unlike the repaired White Phial, the restored White Phial appears in the Misc section of
your inventory; use the White Phial lesser power in your Magic Menu to interact with it.

For a detailed guide on using the White Phial,
press the spoiler button below

The White Phial can be aligned to one liquid at a time.

When emptied, it will refill with whatever liquid it's aligned to. The refill time is calculated based on the value of the liquid; for example, cheap potions like Frostbite Venom will replenish in 3 hours, whereas a potion with a value of 2,000 gold will take 24 hours to replenish.

The Phial can be aligned to any potion or poison, including ones made by the player. It can also be aligned to drinks and liquid foods, such as soups and fondue. It won't accept foods that are a mixture of liquids and solids, such as stews and chowder. The Phial will not accept any ingredients, even liquid ingredients like Dwarven Oil.

Note: If you have a food item added by a mod, the White Phial may not be able to
identify if it's a liquid or not, in which case you'll be prompted to specify it.

You can realign the Phial to a new liquid at any time.

To realign the White Phial to a new liquid, use the White Phial lesser power and select the Realign option,
then place a liquid inside it from your inventory.

If the White Phial is already filled when you realign it, its contents will be moved into your inventory.

Note that if the White Phial is refilling after been emptied, using the White Phial lesser power will tell
you how much longer you have to wait until the Phial refills, which can be useful information.

Use or View
When filled, you have the option to Use or View the contents of the White Phial.

The Use option will cause the player to immediately drink the contents of the Phial.
The View option will show you the contents of the Phial, at which point you can select the contents to drink them.

Note that you cannot use the White Phial to stockpile liquids.
If a liquid is in the White Phial, you can only empty its contents into your inventory by realigning the Phial to a new liquid.

Safe to update to V1.1 from V1.0 mid-playthrough.

V1.1 update notes:
V1.1 update
- Set equip type of White Phial power to Voice
- Ensured Repair Materials are inaccessible before the quest begins
- Added SEQ to BSA
- Changed the pickup sound on Thilorier's notebook