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The aim of this mod is to provide an ideal pocket player home for a Nightingale character.

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The aim of this mod is to provide an ideal
pocket player home for a Nightingale character.

Nightingale Nest
Adds a new player home named Nightingale Nest, which can be accessed from anywhere at almost any time.
Includes vanilla crafting stations, numerous storage options, a bed, displays for armor and weapons, and some unique features.

Black Arrow Forging
The Nest includes a forge where you can create
multiple varieties of magical Black Arrows.

A reward for becoming a Nightingale
A simple mini-quest to obtain the house,
with additional unique quest rewards.

Requirements and Compatibility
Dawnguard and Dragonborn required.
No other mods required.
Fully compatible with all my mods.

Take the tour...

Nightingale Nest consists of a single dark, circular room with vine-covered walls, floor and ceiling. It isn't designed as an end-game player home, so it's lacking some popular decorative features like working bookcases or glass weapon cases. Instead, the Nest is designed for regular on-the-go visits, and is meant to feel like a utility-over-style home.

- Forge anvil (the only forge where Black Arrows can be crafted)
- Fireplace (can be used to create Infused Charcoal and Charcoal)
- Workbench
- Grindstone
- Tanning Rack
- Cooking Pot
- Alchemy Bench
- Enchanting Bench

Does not include:
- Staff Enchanter
- Smelter
- Wood chopping block

- The Nightingale Vault
- Large chests x2
- Small chests x2
- Barrels x2
- Large urns x5
- Small urns x3
- Draws x2
- Weapon Racks x5

- Bed (provides the well-rested bonus)
- Shrine of Nocturnal

The two mannequins in Nightingale Nest are unique. Activating them grants a Conjuration spell that lets you access them from anywhere.
This essentially gives you remote access to additional armor sets and weapons without affecting your carry weight.

To prevent the mannequins being used for infinite storage, they can only store the items they are equipping.
This means you can only store one full set of armor (with a shield), a ring and amulet, and one weapon. They can also store unlimited arrows.

Black Arrows are a new type of arrow that come in three strengths (iron, steel and ebony) with a variety of magical enchantments.
They can only be forged in Nightingale Nest after you have read the Black Arrow Forging Instructions (on top of the anvil in Nightingale Nest).

Black Arrows require Infused Charcoal to forge, which can be created in the fireplace in Nightingale Nest by activating it.

Note that magical Black Arrows can be reclaimed from defeated enemies, but enemies will NOT be able to fire them back at you.

Special thanks to ElSopa for giving me permission to use
the iron arrow quiver from Quivers Redone in this mod.



Nightingale Nest cannot be accessed until after you've completed the Thieves Guild quest, Trinity Restored.

Acquiring the Ring of Nesting
Once Trinity Restored is completed, the Ring of Nesting will appear in the inventory of any defeated boss-level human/elf enemy you encounter.
On openening their inventory, a mini-quest will guide you to Equip the Ring of Nesting. It will also guide you to a journal in the Nest, which explains what the Nest is, it's history, and how the Ring of Nesting came to be in your defeated foe's inventory (this is for players who value immersion).

Using the Ring of Nesting
The Ring of Nesting will teleport you to Nightingale Nest whenever it is equipped. Unequipping it will teleport you back.
It does not use an equipment slot, so you can equip another ring alongside the Ring of Nesting.
It will not transport you while in combat. However, it can be used while falling, so teleporting to and back from the nest can be used to survive high jumps.

Special thanks to Saerileth for giving permission to use
one of the ring meshes and textures from Gemling Queen Jewelry in this mod.