Phoenix Point
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Advanced mod loader and manager for Phoenix Point.

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Modnix is an advanced mod loader and manager that supports multiple mod formats and cutting edge features.

  • One-click setup.  Simple but informative user interface.  One-click add mods (after you downloaded them).
  • Loads PPML v0.1 and v0.2 mods, and new Modnix mods at the same time. (v0.3 conflicts with v0.2, nothing I can do.)
  • Detailed Documentation.
  • Modnix mods may opt-in to early loading, allowing true Skip Intro, Debug Console, and more.
  • Modnix also provides mod authors with managed config, unified logging, mod query, inter-mod bridge, and other helpers.
  • Mods can be dependent on game version, modnix version, or other mods, and can disable legacy mods or avoid newer mods.

Tested on Windows Epic Game Store version, on-clould and off-cloud.
Cannot support other platforms.  Microsoft Store is un-moddable.  Others don't know.
(Those who need other platforms can grab the code and take things into your own hands.)

Mod authors may update existing mods to enjoy the benefits of Modnix, while retaining full compatibility with either PPML v0.1 or v0.2.
In particular, the unified logging and round-trip json config can improve user experience.