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Assorted tweaks to improve Geoscape interface, such as keeping the game paused when ordering a vehicle to move, or better show unpowered facilities.

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Requires Modnix or Phoenix Point Mod Loader (non-0.2).  All needs re-setup after every game patch.

This is a collection of mods that tweak Geoscape user interface.

Globe Tweaks

This mod tweaks geoscape:

  • Keep the game paused when you move an air vehicle, except when you have only one vehicle.
  • Pause and centre when soldiers have rested, and recovered + rested.
  • Always show haven's recruit and trade icons, regardless of zoom. (New in v4)
  • Show recruit class and trade rate / stock in the haven's mouseover popup. (New in v4)
  • Show vehicle flight time and team exploration time. (New in v5)
  • Hide recruit stickman, leaving only recruit class icon. (New in v5)

Each of these options can be toggled on or off by editing the mod's config file.
In particular, the pause and centring is make up of six individual options, which can be tailored to suit your taste.

Geoscape Tweals

This mod tweaks geoscape screens:

  • Greyout un-powered facilities, redden their names, and slam a power off text on them.
  • Show soldier stats modifiers on equipment screen.

This mod reuse the game's text, so it supports all languages in the game.

Legend Prologue

This mod enables the "Prologue and Tutorial" option for Legend difficulty when you start a new game.

The option can still be unchecked, in case you prefer to skip.