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Assorted game balance tweaks: blocked damage to shred, difficulty adjustment, equipment unlock through research, full augments, independent equipment etc.

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Requires Modnix or Phoenix Point Mod Loader (non-0.2).  All needs re-setup after every game patch.
Given the number of mods I make, I can't test them all after game update.  Please file issues as bug and I'll take a look when I have time.

These mods affect balance in various ways.
Most of them are made as a technical example or on request.
That said, they are of production quality when released, and I'll update them when I can.

Cap Deploy Boost

Every time you do well in tactical mission, the game will boost the strength and number of enemies.

This mod caps the boost according to game difficulty:

- Rookie caps at 1.0x, meaning no boost (nerf is still possible when you do badly, same for below)
- Veteran caps at 1.5x, a moderate boost that good players would deem too easy.
- Hero caps at 2.5x, giving more room for tough enemies.
- Legend has no multiplier cap; the game still have a (pretty high) native cap on the multiplied strength.

Full Body Augmentations

This mod removes the cap on mutation and bionics, allowing the whole body to be changed, no question asked.

Independent Gear

This mod give Phoenix Point the blueprint of all independent gears, so that they can be manufactured.

Laser on Fire

This mod is now moved to GitHub and serves as a demo mod for Modnix.

Loot Everything

Force enemies to drop everything on death.

Can be configured to force-drop armour and mounted equipments too.
These will not be displayed on the ground but will be collected after you win the mission.

Mitigate Shred

When damage is reduced by armour, the mitigated damage will shred the armour a little bit (default 1 shred 10 blocked, min 1).

This makes rifles and machine guns slightly more useful, while shotgun will perform better against moderately armoured targets.

ODI Factors (Deprecated)

A PPDefModifier mod that allows you to modify ODI progressions.
Since ODI is replaced by population census in Phoenix Point 1.6, this mod is now deprecated.

Rage Burst Cap

Cap rage burst to 12 AP max, which means:

  • 4 volley for 3 AP weapons (Cannon, Machine Gun, Sniper Rifles)
  • 6 volley for 2 AP weapons (Rifles, Shotgun)
  • 12 volley for 1 AP weapons (PDW, Pistol)

Tech Progression

This mod unlocks some items through research, and the items are configurable.  By default it:

  • Grants manufacturing of the independent machine gun to "The Phoenix Archives" research (mod ver 1.0+)
  • Grants Eros CRB III, Redeemer, and VDM Defender with the basic faction researches (mod ver 2.0+)
  • Unlocks full body mutation on completion of "Ultimate Mutation" research (mod ver 1.1+)
  • Unlocks full body bionic on completion of "Restricted Bionic Technology" research (mod ver 2.0+)