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I spend much of my time modding, less time playing and even less time actually releasing something.
Mostly because then I'd have to pay attention to which resources I use and couldn't keep my file structure as a garbled pile of trash.


Most of the time I'm just running around, taking screenshots. I'm surprised the text on my print screen key is still readable.


If I vanish and don't reply within a month, that can be taken as permission to do anything with my stuff that doesn't involve paid mods, isn't already covered by permissions and isn't a simple reupload as long as the original source is still online. This, of course, only goes for things I created, not the resources used. For those, please always check the original author's requirements.

I am fine with uploads, as long as they serve a specific purpose, like translations or edits for compatibility/bugfixes if I can't do them myself, not for the sole purpose of boycotting Nexus or to be stuffed into a modpack. Also, please be aware that I might have random spouts of updating old files, and be willing to update accordingly.


I don't plan to leave Nexus anytime soon, but I won't pretend I'm not unhappy with the latest changes.


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