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Nobody likes seeing levitating ayleid objects, being buried underground after using a teleportation stone, or not being able to find a step needed for a quest. This plugin adressess some of these nasty situations by moving stepstones from Ervvin's The Ayleid Steps (if you've got to this page by randomly clicking links on Nexus and have no idea of what this mod is, you certainly should give it a try, it's a great plugin) to resolve conflicts between TAS and some other mods.

Mods, which are patched by this patch:

Better Cities (while a patch included in TAS patches some conflicts, there is a need for several more patches)
Castle Dunkerlore
Griffon Fortress
Heart of the Dead
HESU Mod Collection
Hoarfrost Castle
ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Forts
Lady Stone Villa
Legion-occupied Forts
MTC Expanded Villages
Settlements of Cyrodiil - Clearwater Farms
Settlements of Cyrodiil - Oranstad Township
Trails of Cyrodiil with UL Colovian Highlands integrated
Vaernlor Manor
Verona House Bloodlines

So, it's great, lots of patches, but I already have >200 active plugins, I won't install it, it will conflict with anything, etc...
It's just one esp with one script which moves steps from TAS according to landscape/object changes made by other mods. Also, you can merge this patch into your Bashed Patch if you use it (you should use it, anyway).

Latest Oblivion and OBSE version + The Ayleid Steps mod.

As always, extract the contents of archive to Oblivion/Data and enable it, or use some mod manager. Place The Ayleid Steps - Patches.esp somewhere after The Ayleid Steps.esp in your load order.

Ervvin for the original mod
mhahn123 for the inspiration
shadeMe for CSE which made everything much easier