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Anvil Docks extension based on existing mods - merged, fixed and augmented with new dungeons and quests.

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This mod started as a merge of existing mods extending the Anvil Docks, but I found many problems with them, from lacking path grids, to unsafe containers in player houses, to quests that could not proceed, to performance draining scripts that did nothing. The changes were so extensive, that issueing patches was not going to work. Plus, I added some dungeons and gadgets of my own.

This mod offers:
  • Many ships in Anvil Docks.
  • An extension to the quay and a few new buildings along it, including a new tavern.
  • Several different player homes with some unique features. All is not what it seems! Talk to the people to discover what is about.
  • An island estate with a boat to the docks. Distant view data included.
  • Seagulls!
  • A bridge between the docks and the Castle Gate... Not spectacular, but now you don't have to walk all the way around.
  • A coffee house selling hot drinks. Drinks and ingredients are now also sold at most inns.
  • Improved look for the wine bottles of the Shivering Isles. Proper bottles for skooma and Cyrodilic Brandy (they take drinks seriously in Anvil).
  • Strange encounters.
  • A mini-realm, several large dungeons and some quests. LOD for the new realm included.
  • Voiced dialogue synthesized with xVASynth 2 - OBVA Synth.

NOTE: Food and drink containers in player homes are not safe! They respawn on purpose, so you always have food in the house - useful if playing with hunger and thirst mods. Food containers are generally barrels, sacks and crates, but there are also larder cupboards. All respawning containers in player-owned areas are labeled as such, but not in communal areas such as basements, pantries or dining halls in dwellings meant to house several people.

All player-owned homes are follower friendly. They are actually owned by the Player Faction, so your followers can eat your food and sleep in your bed(s). And yes, every interior and exterior cell has detailed path grids.

The following original mods or parts of them are incorporated:

All of these mods have been modified, sometimes very heavily, upon integration. They are NOT THE SAME as the originals! In particular, Anvil Bay Expansion has been drastically edited in terms of scripting, quests, gadgets and some interiors. I understand that Better Cities Anvil also includes Anvil Bay Expansion. I do not know how much it's been modified for Better Cities, but in any case it is GUARANTEED NOT THE SAME as in this mod, even if parts of it look similar.

For more screenshots, please look at the original mods, but beware that the dungeon interiors have been modified and the dungeons themselves relocated. I am not showing any of those new screenshots on purpose!

All houses, ships and some of the larger rocks have their "Visible When Distant" flags set, so you can generate distant object LOD data with the Construction Set if you like. The LOD data for the area is included as a separate zip-file - copy it into your Data folder to overwrite existing files. Note that this is only object data (trees, buildings, rocks, etc.), but not land data, since that would cover a much larger area and overwrite what shouldn't be overwritten. The only change in land is the Sirene Island, but I think you can get away without the land LOD data for it.

The changes are limited to the Anvil Docks, there are no changes to the Anvil City itself, but there are a few small changes to city interiors. As far as I am aware, the interior changes do not conflict with anything. Exterior will indeed potentially conflict with anything that also edits Anvil Docks.

This mod conflicts badly with Better Cities Anvil. Choose either one or the other.

This mod conflicts slightly with some of the mods that add a few items to Anvil Docks, such as a boat or a sewer entrance. Patches are generally easy to make, and here are a few for the mods that I use myself. Find them under Optional Files in the Files tab.

Dungeons of Tamriel ORIGINAL VERSION - places a sewer entrance, a ship and a map marker. Moved the sewer entrance slightly to allow access, removed the map marker as it is very close to the Anvil Docks map marker and they overlap. The ship is fine, but I added path grids.

Dungeons of Tamriel v1.1 or v1.2 does not need any patches to work with Anvil Docks Extended.

Halcyon Island - places a row boat and a chest, these are important to access the island. Moved them slightly to allow access. Note that they end up underground without the patch!

Ardah a desert dream - places a large ship in full sail at the docks. It's too large really, plus the sails should be rolled up when in dock. Moved the ship out to sea, but put a row boat with a ladder at the docks to take you to the ship where you then travel to Ardah. Distant views of the ship included.

NOTE that if you are using Dungeons of Tamriel v1.1 or v1.2, you need this Ardah patch, otherwise you'll have a major conflict in the docks.

This mod requires OBSE.