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Talos Bridge is big, but taste plain. It is now the gateway to Cyrodiil's central city, adorned with water & greenery & other things. Only uses vanilla+SI resources.

Permissions and credits
Sequel to this.

Decorate the Talos Bridge with an abundance of water, greenery, and other objects and several Ayleid relics (antiques?).
Lots of water, because I love water :P

Adding is not too huge, and I wanted to keep the shape of the terrain the same and have a low impact on FPS.
(if I don't mind them or want something high quality, there are plenty of great mods out there already!)

If you're interested in my seasoning, try it ;D


Without these, some meshes may not be displayed or may be misaligned.
-Shivering Isle


If you are modding the shape of the 3D model, the decoration may look strange.
May not be compatible with mods that change land or objects in the same area.

*These are what I use, so they are probably compatible.
-RoadLights(imperial/rustic mesh)
-Road of Cyrodiil
-Reworked Posts

*At first this was part of Add some flavor - city gates, they were separated for several reasons.
So they are compatible and can be merged.

By the way

LMK if there are any huge mistakes.
example: something that causes crashes/FPS killer/disused thing under the ground

For some reason my game has sound issues, so I haven't tested it enough.
It may be too noisy in areas with a lot of water. adjusting.

I share a little things, because I want to give back to the great community.
Thanks Bethesda, thanks the all TES4 community & modders & CSE(Can't edit without it!)
+Thanks to everyone for comments, endorse, encouragement and advice.