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Carnhay 3.1.
Now features an extensive new quest for Adventurers Guild containing Follower, Player home, unique cave and fort interior.
Carnhay is a 2018 town mod including 3 Shops + 2 Tavern's. Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Adventurers Guild. Chapel Of Kynareth and unique handcrafted Castle.
60 new NPCs with dialogue

Permissions and credits
I highly recommend to install first OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice. Also check out Carnhay Town Guard Armors mod made by ElderScrollsFan001.

Carnhay is a town alongside the Gold Road, East from Skingrad.


Adventurers Guild has an extensive new quest containing Follower, Player home, lots of dialogue, new fort and cave.

Carnhay includes Smith shop, Alchemist shop and General Goods shop, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Adventurers Guild as well as
Lower Class and Upper Class Inns, Chapel of Kynareth and unique handcrafted Castle.

60 new NPCs with dialogues + Guards
Every Locked door or Container has a key, which are hidden somewhere nearby or the owner carries it.

Version 3.0

Adventurers Guild Quest - Return of the Past:
-But whose past? That's up to you to figure out..

You start the quest by speaking with Canilia Fulconia at the Adventurers Guild.

Newest version also improves all older dialogue and fixes bugs.


Extract everything from Carnhay_7z in to the Oblivion/Data Folder. Also unistall/override any older versions of Carnhay.

Carnhay 3.1. can also be downloaded at Gamepressure


3.1 cleans the mod with TES4EditQuickAutoClean and very little fixes.

3.0 version completely improves the mod.

2.0 version adds new Dialogue to all NPC:s in Carnhay (No Voice). Fixes bugs and adds more content.

Carnhay With OOO: Adds and Changes misc items, Containers and guard armors.
Requirests Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul and OBSE Loader.

Carnhay 1.1. Fixes few bugs.


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  -Knights of the Nine Revelation

These mods are incompatible:

  -Castle West Weald II
  -Dark Brotherhood Chronicles
  -Fighter's Guild Quests
  -HESU Wolf's Borough
  -Reclaiming Sancre Tor
  -Roads of Cyrodiil


Thanks to ElderScrollsFan001 for the separate Guard Armor mod made for Carnhay

Thanks to Bethesda, for making best game ever!

Created by Lastutin