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My Oblivion mods are now as is. I can't troubleshoot any issues as I haven't modded the game in years. If you have issues with any of my mods, and can't find an answer in the comments, it'd be best to ask on the Oblivion Mods forum. There's likely people there who still play the game and can better help you.

Well, the time has come to release the character that many wanted me to since I first made her back around June 2006. The first and original Sable.

I got her to Level 36 before OOO came out, I then made a new character just for OOO and Sable gathered dust over time. Some images include OOO stuff as I played for a little while to try it with her. Ren's Mystic Elves was the first mod I downloaded and Sable is the product of that.

Ren's Beauty Pack Full & Ren's Beauty Pack Hairs Only
Nec's Mystic High Elf
Nec's Mystic Dark Elf

The save itself is of a Mystic Dark Elf, at the sewer exit, though it can be changed if you wish.
Yes, she needs all the mods listed above, I couldn't strip the save down any further without the game crashing on load up.
I later changed her to a Mystic High Elf (later as in not long after making her) but couldn't remove the dependancy on the Mystic Dark Elf. Personally, though she does look better as Nec's Dark Elf.

The mods used in the images are not included (with the exception of the ones required).

Optional Visual Add-ons:
Female Eye Candy Mystic Elves Conversion (for standard Mystic Elves and Mystic High Elf)
Or any other body mod.

A link can be found in the enclosed readme. The file is hosted on another forum with adult content.

Sable is only for personal use and not to be redistributed as a companion or within other mods and face packs.

Without Ren and her mystic elf race Sable wouldn't have been created ;)
Nec01 for his unique addition to Ren's elves.

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