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Mjjstral aka MetaIdea and Wbertro aka TheBossBoy

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Revolutionary No Man's Sky AMUMSS (auto modbuilder/updater with MOD script definition system)
Fully automatic mod builder that automates every step of nms modding and provides an easy to use lua script mod definition system.

Permissions and credits
-> Looking for lua scripts, see: AMUMSS LUA MOD SCRIPT ARCHIVE <-

AMUMSS does NOT need updating to continue working when NMS updates.
       When the tool MBINCompiler.exe is updated, AMUMSS will download it automatically.

AMUMSS will auto-update itself (when allowed), if a new version is available (Just execute BUILDMOD.bat as usual and read simple instructions)
  • The tools MBINCompiler/libMBIN are auto-updated by AMUMSS.
  • Scripts are NEVER updated by AMUMSS, you are responsible for using updated scripts, when they need to be.

Questions will be answered if asked in NMS Discord: here https://discord.gg/22ZAU9H


  • This tool works as long as MBINCompiler can compile/decompile the MBIN touched by the scripts
  • NEW version does requires .NET 6 Desktop Runtime x64 to be installed (a MBINCompiler.exe requirement)  It will attempt to auto-install.
  • Note: Sometimes, your anti-virus may detect some component of AMUMSS and block/quarantine it.  Be assure it is not a virus but its behavior may be interpreted as such by some anti-virus.  Please make sure to create an exception in your anti-virus when this happens.  Also a reboot may be required as some anti-virus do not correctly register the exception when created.

  • NMSPE (NMS PCBANKS Explorer) a GUI app to explore libMBIN.dll, NMS PAKS and Unpack/Decompile/Import-Search EXML content
  • AMM (_ModScript_Manager) a GUI app simplifying usage of scripts in ModScript folder
  • MFM (_MapFileMaker): a NEW console app to create MapFileTree files from EXMLs using drag/drop

  • See https://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/2626 for detailed instructions!
    * Get the latest release from AMUMSS latest releases on Github Link
    * De-compress the zip file to its own folder (like C:\AMUMSS)   Making the path to AMUMSS main folder short helps prevent bumping against windows path length limit (in rare cases)
    * No accented or special characters in the path
    * Always extract to a new folder on any drive, never in any System, Documents or game folder
    * Create an exception to AMUMSS main folder BEFORE executing anything
    * If the cmd windows closes immediately (or is blank) when double-clicking BUILDMOD.BAT:
              if you are on windows 7.  Try making '-UseColors N' in BUILDMOD_AUTO.bat and use it instead of BUILDMOD.bat

Amumss lua related support: NMS Modding Discord? - see #amumss-lua channel

Many thanks to monkeyman192 for his huge efforts toward the NMS community and his work on the MBIN compiler.
Many thanks to Wbertro (aka TheBossBoy) for much further improvements.
Many thanks to current collaborators: alchemist, Babscoole, DarkScythe, Gumsk, lMonk, Lo2k, WinterTP, Traj on Discord
Many thanks to all users (too many to list here) for bug reporting, further improvements and for sharing scripts.

Original idea by Mjjstral aka MetaIdea
Further ideas by Wbertro (aka TheBossBoy)
Copyright MIT license
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]


Join our NMS Discord for support, updates, news and help. We also have a ship customizer discord chat bot running as well as a unique chat mod

Mention of a usefull side project: You can now finally create your own customized NMS ships and companions part by part and color by color with a unique web app: