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Changing Fontsizes for HUD-Markers, Indicators and PlanetInfo in the Spaceship's Headsupdisplay on PC. (WIP/Proof of Concept). Movable HUD-Elements

Permissions and credits
I've decided to use AMUMSS by Mjjstral and Wbertro and release this mod as script only.

This mod will allow you to change fontsizes and positions of several HUD-elements.

This is an early release so anyone that downloaded my old 0.1 version can rebuild it because the new patch did change a few things.

How to use :

Download AMUMSS(always newest version) and extract it to any directory
Edit the NMS_FOLDER.txt (enter your NMS-directory with no \ at the end and no new line (don't press enter :) )
Copy my script into .\modscript
Adjust the variables at the top of the script as you like
Run BuildMod.bat. usually you can just always answer "y"

if everything goes right the BuildMod.bat copies the newly build mod to your game.
Do not forget to remove my old files from nms\pcbanks\mods or you will end up with conflicts.

Please report bugs and leave comments/posts with suggestions or critics.

The following files are being modified(V0.3):


Version 0.3 :
AMUMSS 2.8.0W is needed.
Removed Version-Number from .pak-file
Healthbar-, Weaponbar-, Hazardbar- and Notifygroup are movable and resizeable.
Notifywindowfonzsize and -alpha (transparency ) can be changed
Notifywindowbackgroundalpha can be changed
Waypointmarker-Fontsizes can now be changed for each line.
Lines in the HUD-Corners are movable.

Special thanks go to :
Mjjstral and Wbertro for their great AMUMSS and their help to fix some problems.
flo_22 for suggesting and helping to add positioning- and transparency-settings.


This mod shows that fontsizes can be altered. But is no fun at all right now because everytime an altered file gets changed by the developers the changes will have to be redone.

Well, good news is, that most HUD-Elements won't be altered that often ( at least I hope so :) )

Steps to make these changes :

1. Unpack .pak files. i've used NMS Mass Tools-20-1-0 to do so.
2. Decompile the file You want to alter. The MBINCompiler takes care of that.
3. Use a texteditor to change the Fontheight.
4. Recompile. MBINCompiler does that, too
5. Pack the altered file and copy it into %game%/PCBANKS/MODS. (remember to remove DISABLEMODS.TXT from PCBANKS). To repack the files i'm using NMS Modding Station 1.2.2-320-1-2-2.

../UI/HUD/HUDIndicators contains FontHeights for the bottom right Elements while on foot. Including the window showing your mission-objectices (with blue title).

../UI/HUD/HUDMarkers contains FontHeights for the markers you see when you use the binoculars/analyser.

..UI/HUD/HUD/SHIP/HeadsUo contains Fontheights for the planetinfo shown when you point your ship towards the planet.

FontHeigths can be found under <Property name="Style" value="TkNGuiTextStyle.xml">

Usally the line looks like this  <Property name="FontHeight" value="26" />
Just change the value to the fontsize you prefer.

In somecases you will have to make sure that <Property name="AutoAdjustHeight" value="False" /> ist changed to "True".

If the window gets too small to show the text you can usally chamge the size under Layout belonging to the parent-element.
Attributes Width and Height.  Widthpercentage and Heightpercentage need to set to flase if you wnat to enter the amount of pixels.