No Man's Sky
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Boosts Rocket Boots range, speed, and jetpack capacity

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ED-E, My Love...

Fly Far, Fly Fast!

This mod boosts Rocket Boots range, speed, and jetpack capacity, including:
  • Increases Rocket Boots power by ~200% through:
  • Increasing boost force by ~150%
  • Increasing max boost speed by ~200%
  • Increasing boost time by ~200%
  • Increasing boost height by ~33% - 100%
  • Decreases Rocket Boost capacity drain speed by 66.666666666%
  • Increases Jetpack capacity refill rate by 800% 
  • Increases Jetpack underwater capacity refill rate by 300%
  • Increases Jetpack underwater speed by 100%
  • Decreases Jetpack space fuel drain rate by 50% 
  • Increases Melee Boost force by 133.3333333%
  • Increases Normal Jetpack force by 54.838709677%
  • Increases Normal Jetpack top speed by 140%
  • Increases Normal Jetpack upward speed by 50%
  • Increases base Jetpack capacity by 200%
  • Slightly increases Jetpack fuel-free distance
Helmet not included.

This mod is provided as-is, thus will only be updated as long as I use it.
AMUMSS script is provided, however, and everyone is welcome to create their own versions with it.