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Boosting exocraft speeds and boost capabilities, making them actually fast

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Inertia Drifto was originally made as an attempt to make the roamer driftable without upgrades, whether it succeeds is not important.
Also exocraft boosting go bbbrrrrr 

Install AE86 replacer for Roamer for the best immersion

Inertia Drifto boosts exocraft performance, including:
  • Increases Top Speed of all exocrafts between 208.333333333% - 312.5%
  • Increases Top Boosting Speed of all exocrafts between 50% - 200%
  • Increases Acceleration of all exocrafts between 127.2727272727% - 150%
  • Increases Boosting capacity by 66.6666666% - 900%
  • Decreases Boosting charge time by 81.8181818181% - 300%
  • Increases Mining Laser mining speed by 300%
  • Increases Mining Laser mining damage by 500%
  • Decreases exocraft Mining Laser energy drain rate by 83.33333333333333%
  • Increases exocraft base summoning range to 10000u (or by 900% on land and 2400% underwater, depending on which variable the game uses, I don't really know)
  • Decreases Fuel drain rate by 62.5%
  • Decreases Boosting Fuel drain rate by 90% (75% in survival)
Custom exocraft models from Car Boys.

This mod is provided as-is, thus will only be updated as long as I use it.
AMUMSS script is provided, however, and everyone is welcome to create their own versions with it.