No Man's Sky

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monkeyman192 and WinderTP

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This mod unlocks all 4 special emotes (Laugh, celebrate ("dab"), mind blown and "relax"), plus adds two extras that I thought were kind of funny...
All emotes can be seen in multiplayer even if the other players do not have the mod.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds 51 new emotes included in-game for the player avatar as NPC animations, but still works in multiplayer:
  • 8 "Happy" reactions
  • 4 "Angry" reactions
  • 7 "Greeting" reactions
  • 4 "React" reactions
  • 14 "Chatter" reactions
  • "Using Visor"
  • "Interact With Console"
  • "Gather"
  • "Korvax Shutdown" and "Korvax Startup"
  • "Fake Death"
  • Freefall animation loop
  • Sliding animation loop
  • "Land Float" animation loop
  • "Land Swim" animation loop
  • Walking animation loop
  • Running animation loop
  • One-hand and Two-hand Melee animation

Now with lua script for AMUMSS.

Old description:

Adds a few more emotes and unlocks all "official" emotes (optional version)
This mod removes the restriction on the special emotes so they can be used whenever you want.
These are the "mind blown" emote, "dab" (celebrate) emote (kinda broken it seems) (dabbing seems to be replaced by another "broken T-posing" animation), "laughing" emote, and the "relax one" (I think the player is meant to be offering something, so this one is probably not complete...)
There are currently 21 added emotes: a "Fake Death" (death animation), a "panic" (falling and arms flailing animation), 8 "happy" emotes, 4 "angry" emotes and 7 "greeting" emotes (all current NPC animations)
The flailing animation will go on until you do another emote, so you can jetpack around and it looks pretty funny. You can also jetpack while face down on the ground from the "fake death" emote.

I used a few existing icons for them and hard-coded the emote names so as to avoid any clashes with the language files.
Only file modified is METADATA/UI/EMOTEMENU.MBIN, so this will clash with the other emote mod...

Also, all emotes are visible to other players online even if they don't have the mod :)

Install instructions:
  1. Download mod
  2. Use "NoUnlock" version if you want the vanilla Quicksilver shop emotes remain locked, otherwise use "UnlockAll" version