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Welcome to Part 1 of 3 of my NCR Special Forces series.

With the war with the Legion reaching an all-time high, and casualties mounting in the Mojave, the NCR has decided it was time to send in the best the main army has to offer: NCR Commandos. NCR Troopers who, while failing to finish Ranger training, still possessed the skills to support the regular army. Packing serious firepower and unwavering loyalty to the NCR, these Commandos will not flee from any force unless ordered to do so.

This mod adds in NCR Commandos to various NCR camps and bases on the frontlines of the Mojave Campaign. Namely: Camp Golf, Camp McCarran, Camp Forlorn Hope, and Hoover Dam. Their roles within the NCR's military in these areas are to act as counter-espionage units and aid the main army Troopers in combat. First, their training is Ranger Training in nature, but these Commandos possess an added eye for detail, and thereby seeing through any disguise in their midst.

Second is they pack serious firepower and know how to use them. Marksmen carbines, tommy guns, 12.7mm Submachine guns, and more. As such, as they support the rest of their army comrades in attacking and defending NCR military installations from Legion assaults.

Due to the limited nature in which the NCR can churn out Commandos, all commandos in this mod WILL NOT respawn after death. This is to keep things balanced and keep players from being able to farm high-end military equipment. Furthermore, all Commandos will only appear from Boulder City and forward, and by that time most players will have already acquired mid-to-high-end energy equipment, a hunting rifle, decent armor, a minigun if they play their cards right, several incinerators, and enough levels to effectively counter these commandos.

In addendum, two NCR Commandos will spawn to attack Nelson during Restoring Hope when the final assault begins. While they may succeed, they also have a decent chance at dying, thus giving players access to their armor without having to actually kill anyone. Future updates may change how the player can acquire their armor. They also appear during the Battle of Hoover Dam, but I doubt its really gonna matter at that point if you want to run around with their armor.

Furthermore, future updates made see commandos deployed into the wilderness.

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Attention: The textures, while created just for this mod, are licensed as a Modder's Resource! That means you are free to use the textures as you see fit barring commercial gain. Just let me know what you use them for! It'd be exciting to see what's being done!

Compatible with pretty much everything. Only a couple vanilla records are altered, and all of them are patchable with Wrye Bash.

Requires Honest Hearts.

Armor textures provided by NTM Fallout Productions!

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