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Adds new window meshes to the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite, adds the Strip casinos outside, as well as a static mesh version of the LOD, and custom weathers.

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Lucky 38 Presidential Suite Strip View Windows 1.1 Update

Huge thanks to TriangleCity, my favorite Fallout YouTuber, for covering the mod :)

1.1 update, because I couldn't possibly have let m5lites version be better than mine, now could I?

The base .ESP still barely changes anything in the Suite itself, but there are four new optional plugins, two of which make fairly minor edits to the interior of the Suite.


Fixed several clipping objects.
Added probably hundreds more objects outside.
Made Casino lights much brighter to balance the new Imagespace and fog.
Added LOD for Freeside, which makes looking out the Kitchen and Rec room windows far more interesting.
Removed some out of place light fixtures on/near the windows.
Moved some more paintings, including the ones under the windows in the bedroom to the adjacent walls.
Tweaked weather, added more fog.
Tweaked UV and removed environment mapping on windowsills.


1. New Imagespace - HIGHLY recommended, especially for ENBs, only separated it for people who might like the original more for whatever reason. This plugin decreases contrast, increases saturation, and lowers the over-intensity of the lights that would cause ENB problems in 1.0.

2. Open Strip - Removes walls separating the strip, doesn't require an Open Strip mod.

3. Friffy Curtains - Adds curtains made by Friffy for Fallout 4. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22485/

4. Enhanced Lighting - adds some more lights and moves some lights around to make the Suite feel more lively.

Friffy for their great curtains - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22485/
All of you for providing feedback and ideas
m5lite for uploading a better version of the original mod before me


This is something I've been meaning to do for a while, this mod replaces some of the walls in the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite with versions with windows, adds the Strip's casinos and some other architecture outside, and a new custom weather to tie everything together.

I HIGHLY recommend using this mod on a new save, or at least a save where you haven't visited the Presidential Suite yet. At the very least, don't load a save inside the Suite after installing.

Doing so may cause a weird glitch that looks like you're going through hyperspace.

This mod does NOT change anything about the Suite itself, except for moving a few paintings and wall lights, and replacing some of the walls. It shouldn't conflict with any other mod that edits the Suite, but just to be safe, place this mod below anything else.

It always sorta bothered me how there were no windows in the Suite, but I understand why there weren't.

This method of using weathers in interior cells and adding static-mesh LOD conversions can add immersive windows to basically any interior cell, which is pretty exciting to think about, and I don't think it's something that's been done before.

Hope you enjoy, there's more on the way.