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Adds in a new grenade, a throwable version of the cloud from Dead Money, for when you want to kill someone as painfully as possible.

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In essence, this mod allows you to turn the cloud from Dead Money into a more direct use weapon instead of the cloud kiss poison that was actually seen in the DLC itself. There are four separate tiers, ranging from just throwing a bottle of cloud residue which deals 25 damage, up to Lethal Cloud Kiss which deals 169 damage. Note that the Ghost People themselves are immune to this, as is anyone wearing the hazmat suit from Old World Blues, so you will not see much use inside the Villa or Sierra Madre. However outside of that everything is fair game, and anything killed by the effect has a chance to be reduced to a pile of cloud residue which can then be picked up to make more cloud grenades.

These can be obtained either from converting an existing cloud residue/cloud kiss poison into the weapon version at a workbench, or cooking the throwable version directly at a campfire. They can then be converted back to their base game counterparts at a workbench if needed for anything else.

Dead Money
Old World Blues
JIP LN Plugin


Weijiesen - For making the explosion effect, effect shaders, custom textures, providing sounds and initial testing.