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My modding philosophy is to always try and maximize base-game compatibility, to design for the 99th percentile so that the maximum number of people can use and enjoy the things I make. The way I see it, I don't want people to have to install several other mods or plugins in order for mine to work. So long as they can check the tickbox beside the ESP in the launcher, they should be able to experience my content, even if they aren't mod-literate. This is why I generally don't cater to requests to make compatibility patches for whatever texture or animation replacer, ammunition library or game overhaul is hot this week. That said, if you absolutely MUST use a certain mod in conjunction with mine and want to make your own patch using my ESPs, feel free to do so. Just please link to my original mod so that people can get the meshes and textures, and give me a heads-up so I can link to your patch on my mod's main page.

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