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My purist/minimalist approach to modding means that I challenge myself to push the limits of the base game as far as I can, to make the most interesting content possible using the fewest possible resources. My mods do not use NVSE, JIP, or any other third-party extensions. My mods do not use any replacement texture or animation packs. With the exception of Tale of Two Wastelands, I personally do not use any mods that I haven't made myself, so please don't ask me about making a patch for whatever thing you happen to be using this week. I can guarantee you that I'm not using it, so I certainly won't be putting in the work to make something that's of no benefit to myself. That being said, all of my content is free to use for your own projects, as long as you credit me and are not selling or otherwise profiting from your creation (this includes earning Donation Points). This means that if you want to make your own patches, you can.

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