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New flavors, new recipes, new loot. What\'s not to like?

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This mod needs NVSE

Nuka-Cola Corporation, in an attempt to push into a market dominated by Sunset Sarsaparilla, introduced a variety of new flavors that were, at the time, only seen in the DC area. They were hoping that with enough flavors to choose from, people would pick Nuka-Cola over Sunset Sarsaparilla. They saw limited success in the casinos of the Las Vegas Strip, where tourists were more familliar with the Nuka-Cola name. They also attempted to sell the new flavors from their various machines scattered around the Vegas area, with a relatively low volume sold.

Nuka-Cola Corp. was preparing to push even harder into the Vegas market when the Great War started, rendering their investments moot, and ending all shipments of new Cola to the area. However, the locals still preferred their Sarsaparilla, and even to this day avoid many of the Nuka-Cola machines in favor of the much more common, and possibly better, Sarsaparilla.

Alright, enough of that nonesense. This mod adds many new flavors of Nuka-Cola to the Mojave Wasteland (is it really a wasteland, or still just a desert?). The new drinks can be found in machines (unlooted ones, though the changes probably restore loot to all machines), as well as scattered in many places a nuka cola could be found.

  • Found in loot wherever Nuka-Cola would appear (added the new NV drinks as well).
  • Found in vendor inventories.
  • Recipes for most new flavors, each incorporates a single item that makes it a unique drink.
  • All drinks come in an Ice Cold variety (more below).
  • NEW Casinos now have machines that sell Nuka-Cola. With a suitable markup of course.
  • NEW Dynamically places drinks in world. Every play through will be different, compatible with all mods that add interiors, compatible with A Tale of Two Wastelands.

  • All new Challenge based around drinking Nuka-Cola. It gives you a nifty little caffeine related perk (Best obtained with a new character, or one with a stockpile of Nuka-Cola).
  • Nuka and Sarsaparilla bottles can be refilled from bar taps. This feature has been tweaked to now only allow filling from logical taps.
  • Supports Project Nevada - Rebalance with no need for a patch.

More Info:
NEWInstructions on how to Ice drinks. You need to place them in the fridge, then close the thing. You then Grab+Activate the thing to open the menu to do whatever you like. I put the Grab+Activate thing in to make the menu as un-intrusive as possible, so it's not in the way if you just want to use the container.

The Ice Cold drinks can be made by putting any drink into limited edition Nuka-Cola Fridges. There are about 5 or 6 of these in the entire game (2 new ones have been added) so keep an eye out for them.

This mod also makes a small change to all Sunset Sarsaparilla machines, adding a script that calculates a chance based on player's Luck to give a blue star bottle cap. It also calculates a chance for a Nuka-Cola Quantum to appear in a Nuka-Cola machine (cause I could). Both calculations start at 3% at 1 Luck and go up to 66% at 10 Luck.

An additional small change has been made to the bottle cap effect script that gives you an Empty Nuka Cola bottle along with the cap for every drink you consume. Bottle weight has been adjusted to 0.2 (drinks weigh 0.5).

There are also several new recipes related to Nuka-Cola. The main one is that all colas can now be made at a campfire (or wherever campfire crafting can be done). They are under a new category called "Nuka-Cola", and only become available if you have the Nuka Chemist perk.