Fallout New Vegas
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My "revision" of the New Vegas Landscape Overhaul by Paladin555 and MonoAccipiter, I made it for myself, but maybe someone else will like it.

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I am publishing a mod for the first time and my English is terrible. Sorry :(

Once I downloaded a New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Remastered, the author has fixed a lot of work on correcting errors of the original mod, I liked the changes and decided to add even more details. I hope you will like it (I actually made it last year, but I was too shy to upload it). I fixed most of the bugs in navmeshes and reduced the weight of the plugin by removing world landscape changes, also i added a lot of radioactive markers to the cars, you know how few radioactive zones there are in New Vegas. If it annoys you, I will delete it.

This is just a cosmetic mod, nothing more (more details, objects, cars, almost no new interiors) FNVLODGen is recommended, but it is not required (in my screenshots, i use vanilla LOD), It's compatible with mods such as: Vurts Wasteland Flora Overhaul, The Inheritance, A World of Pain, New Vegas Bounties. 
(Please let me know if there are compatibility issues, and I will fix them)
Wheat fields are partially removed (too many assets dropped fps), I heard that many complained about them in the original version of the mod! :D

NVAC is recommend

Drop the .esp in your data folder or use mod manager.

Paladin555 - Original mod.
MonoAccipiter - Continued development from version 1.1 and onwards, fixing tons of navmeshes and other issues still present in the original.
Farsveinn - Remade it to my taste :)