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Complete stripping down/balancing of A World of Pain. Removes all unvoiced NPCs, quests, and un-lore friendly interiors, as well as heavily balancing the remaining locations.

Permissions and credits
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- Edited version of A World Of Pain made for use with NV Interiors Remastered
- Completely removes all unvoiced NPCs, quests, un-lore friendly interiors, and "M" weapons
- Complete rebalance of the remaining locations 
- How many locations are left you make ask? Currently there are 60 new cells added, ranging from small abandoned buildings to massive underground complexes. There are also a handful of new exterior-only locations

- Only the DLCs are required, original AWOP or any other mods are not
- Not compatible with any mods made for the original version of AWOP
- Only other incompatibilities would be with mods that add new locations in the same spot, which would just lead to overlapping locations
- Compatibility patches available for FPGE and The Living Desert thanks to ryanmar and Zenorant respectively

djmystro gets all the credit for this mod, he is a brilliant level designer. He also put open permissions on AWOP which is the best thing ever
RoyBatterian also worked a lot on AWOP
evilzer2 for A World of Pain - Roombounds, many of which have been integrated into this mod
Farsveinn for the exterior improvements seen in the screenshots section and a few new custom caves. Check out their great mod Enhanced Landscapes for similar treatments to vanilla areas!
- Feel free to use this however you want, just make sure to credit the aforementioned people