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External Frame Backpack (standalone resized Slave Backpacks)

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Tired of browsing all the tacti-cool military backpacks here on Nexus? Looking for something a little more IMMERSIVE to fit your Courier's play-style, look, and theme? How about an External Frame Backpack, perfect for the post-apocalyptic scavenging wastelander!

The original backpack models were created by the developers as slave backpacks and can be seen being worn by the slaves in Caesar's Legion. This mod resizes the backpacks into small, medium, and large sizes for the player to wear. The original slave backpack is comically large and other mods on Nexus (before this one came out) that implement it as a playable backpack did not resize it to appear more usable.

Purchasable from Chet in the Goodsprings General Store or from Samuel at the 188 Trading Post.
Or, if choosing the Free Backpacks option during installation, in a container on Doc Mitchell's porch in Goodsprings (but still purchasable from Chet and Samuel).

- Backpack utilizes the vanilla game textures. If you install a texture overhaul that affects the slave backpacks, it will change this one as well =) 
- Backpack model will disappear in third-person anytime you are equipped with certain weapons (minigun, shishkabob, etc.) that have their own backpack model. This mod's backpack will still be equipped, but it will be invisible as long as another weapon-backpack is equipped and taking it's place.

- figure out how to change textures to add color options

Automatic (recommended): Download and install via a mod manager. Choose either Purchasable or Free backpacks options when prompted in FOMOD.
Manual: Manually download. Extract the Meshes, Textures, and only one of the .esp files into your data folder.

v04 -
All backpack sizes now included! Created a FOMOD for easier installation. Backpacks can either be purchased from Chet at the Goodsprings General Store or from Samuel at the 188 Trading Post. Optional version in FOMOD includes a container on Doc Mitchell's Porch to acquire all backpacks for free. Changed names and stats of backpacks for a little more immersion and flexibility (thank you PlausibleSarge for the suggestion). Sizes now include: 
Small: +40 Carry Weight, -1 Agility, +2 DT, Weighs 8 lbs.
Medium: +50 Carry Weight, -1 Agility, +3 DT, Weighs 9 lbs.
Large: +60 Carry Weight, -1 Agility, +4 DT, Weighs 10 lbs.
v03 - Changed backpack inherent weight from 15 lbs to 10 lbs. Re-positioned backpack to avoid clipping the head/helmets and less clipping on most (but not all) armors. Added "Strong Back" Pip-boy icon as the Pip-boy image (thank you Kane1051 for the suggestion). Added 5% and 10% smaller optional meshes to overwrite main file (thank you pavelciusmxms for the suggestion). Uploaded comparison image of the different sizes. Cleaned up file structure by deleting some textures (the mod uses the vanilla textures so no need to include them here).
v02 - Fixed female meshes to eliminate back gap. Made male backpack 1% smaller to account for some minor helmet clipping.
v01 - File uploaded

Mods used in images include:
Mojave Express Courier Uniforms by Plutonium Blonde
Enhanced Shaders - ENB by tapioks
Ojo Bueno Texture Pack by tapioks
NMCs Texture Pack by NMC
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP by Millenia
custom race by dragbody
PM’s HD Legion Overhaul by pommymax (high quality textures seen on backpack come from this mod)
Pip-Boy 2000 MkVI by DarthFANt0M
Weapon Animation Replacer WAR by joefoxx082

Thank you Obsidian for giving us Fallout: New Vegas

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