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Looksmenu Character Preset for Male Sole Survivor to look more like the Fallout 4 Concept Art

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The default Nate (Male) Sole Survivor in Fallout 4 looks strange to me and has several disproportionate features that make him look somewhat cartoony. I was frustrated with the few male presets available so I took some initiative to create my own mod. This male preset takes inspiration from the Fallout 4 Concept Art with the intent to create a face with as similar features as possible.

The Concept Art male Sole Survivor looks so much more interesting. You can see the artists were going the "everyman hero" route and I think they succeeded.

The default male preset we got, however, looks nothing like the concept art. The face is too skinny and tall. The nose is too bulbous. The eyes are too far apart. The lips are too inflated. Overall, the default preset looks too cartoony and dopey for my tastes.

With this new preset, the Sole Survivor looks much closer to his concept art origins. The result is a more heroic, adventure deserving face. I don't think the pictures above do him justice, but in-game he looks so much more life like. The differences are subtle, but much better in my opinion. I hope you all enjoy this preset, and long live Single Player Games!!!

Five images included above are original Concept Art images taken from the Fallout Wiki Website, Leaked Fallout 4 Script, and "The Art of Fallout" book. I believe they were created by Bethesda employees or contracted artists. I did not create nor do I own these images. I will remove them if asked to by ZeniMax Media, Bethesda, the artists, Fallout Wiki moderators, or Nexus website staff.