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Weapons animation replacer

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This mod allows you to change the animations of rifles and pistols. The animations of this mod is specifically made for FALLOUT NEW VEGAS. This mod may not be compatible with any other animation mod that alters weapon animations or the default New Vegas movement animations. This mod should be compatible with 'pose' type animation mods.
Changelog version WAR 2.0
The Professional - Pistol Pack
- updated Police Pistol animations in Deadmoney DLC
- increased recoil animation for magnum pistols in third person
- fixed shoulderpad issues with semi automatic pistol firing animations
- includes SMG grip animation set as HandGrip4 in GECK
- tweaked first person animation Option 2 and Option 4 for better weapon visibility
- improvements done for pistol running animations
The Commando - Rifle Pack
- updated Hologram Rifle animations in Deadmoney DLC
- added 3 new postures and new wield options for rifles and assault rifles
- improvements made for rifle running animations
- new vertgrip animation for assault carbine length rifles set as HandGrip4 in GECK
- new vertgrip animation for FAMAS/Aug length rifles set as HandGrip5 in GECK
- redone 2handautomatic pump shotgun animations: Attack7, ReloadY, HandGrip3 in GECK
- 2 bullpup reload animations included for 2handautomatic: ReloadR and ReloadS in GECK
You are permitted to use this mod for your own projects. just give credit where it is due, thanks.
To the community for pointing out bugs and giving out suggestions and support
to dunderklumpen's DK_Bullettime mode that allows me to test animations in slow mo
to Bethesda and Obisidan for making a game that lets me play with the animations
to the makers of Nifskope and Niftools for providing the necessary modding tools