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HD Retextures of all Caesar's Legion armors, Marked Men armors, + more.

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First and foremost, a huge thank you to dragbody, macintroll, and pilamin. Without your established texture mods, PMLO would have taken a lot longer (hard to believe, I know) and been a lot harder. You're all great and I appreciate it.

∘ Mod of the Month: September 2019 ∘

Longstanding legion overhauls like Caesar's New Regime hold a warm place in my heart, but they completely change the overall look and feel of the faction. The vanilla armor is iconic to New Vegas, and is referenced in dialogue throughout the game. I thought it was about time that it got a visual update that was easier on the eyes, and lighter on the load order.

Introducing, PM's HD Legion Overhaul: "It's time for a new Legion to walk the wastes."


  • 32 brand-spankin'-new 4K, 2K, or 1K textures, created entirely from scratch
  • Brand new HD normal maps
  • Integration with NCR Trooper Overhaul, Wasteland Clothing Hires, and Super Mutants HD for armors that use related pieces (such as centurions and Lonesome Road's marked men)
  • Designs that emulate vanilla for maximum lore-friendliness
  • An insatiable urge to destroy profligates


  • Caesar's armor
  • Legate Lanius' armor
  • All legion armor variants
  • All legion headgear
  • Armor of the 87th Tribe
  • All marked men armors
  • All marked men headgear
  • Damwar armors (used in the final battle)
  • Legion flags
  • New! Caesar's throne
  • New! Slave rags
  • New! Slave backpack
  • New! Romanes Eunt Domus graffiti


Legion armors that use bits and pieces from trooper, ranger, power armor, and super mutant armors have either been adapted from, or designed to run alongside, the following mods:

PMLO doesn't touch meshes so as to maintain full body mod compatibility. For mesh changes, consider Fix for the Caesar Legion Armors by YanL.

Additionally, if you're planning on wearing the armor yourself, or any other faction armor, check out I Know I'm Wearing Faction Armor to remove the constant popups and reminders.


You know the drill, whack this bad boy in your mod manager. For the best visual to performance ratio, I would recommend the 2K textures.

I would also recommend overwriting other armor mods with PMLO. This is because some of these other mods (NCR Trooper Overhaul being one) may provide their own Damwar texture, which is a single texture that includes both Legion and NCR elements. My texture includes the NCR Trooper Overhaul and Wasteland Clothing Hires textures, so overwriting gives you the benefit of these mods plus PMLO. Win-win.


PMLO should be compatible with everything, but you may not see all of its benefits if you're using legion overhauls such as Caesar's New Regime. However, even in this case, PMLO textures will still make their appearance on Lonesome Road's marked men and on legion characters added in by quest mods and the like.

Speaking of, let me know if there are any mods that use legion-derivative textures that could benefit from a patch. I'll get around to it when I can.


As always, the Photoshop documents for all textures have been provided in the file section so that you may tweak and edit to suit any personal needs. Check permissions for anything you want to distribute.

At 63 individual textures, most of them taking multiple days, and often over a week, PMLO took me hundreds of hours to create, for something only the small but dedicated New Vegas modding community will ever appreciate. I know it's a lot to ask on the internet, especially in a place where work is disseminated for free, but if you enjoy this or any of my other texture mods, please consider dropping me a buck or two at the Donate button. It's not the reason I mod, but it's extremely encouraging.

Finally, thanks to LucianHector for the fantastic showcase:

Well. That's out now. Phew. If you like this, check out my other mods PM's Med-Textures, PM's HD Ammo Boxes, and more. Thanks for your patience, Nexus, love you all.