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Fixes a lot of bugs/oversights that require NVSE or otherwise didn't make it into YUP.

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This mod is a pure-blooded fix mod that focuses on fixes that require NVSE (although there are a few that don't and just didn't fit in YUP), the first version of this mod includes all the actual bug-fixes in UP+, however I will continue to update this mod as bugs continue to show up, specifically the ones that require NVSE, however I will not include fixes already in YUP.

Now for the elephant in the room, I KNOW PushTheWinButton has Unofficial Patch Plus, however I didn't care for the fact that as he includes gameplay tweaks and other misc mods, this is a solely bug fix mod with the exception of ONE thing because all the people I discussed with felt as though it was an mistype, if you enjoy the tweaks he adds use his mod, if you want pure fixes stay here with me.

Secondly I want to thank RoyBatty for a lot of fixes he has given to me from TTW, we both are aware that other people might have released patches on Nexus before TTW 3.2 or UPNVSE released however most of these issues have been known for years and in some cases multiple people have released the save fixes, just different variations, however most things are done from scratch by either one of us but if you released a fix for any of these issues and I didn't mention you I just want to thank you for helping keep New Vegas modding alive, people who patch the game post launch are the reason games like Fallout stay alive.

What it Fixes:
  • Light armor perks now work for modded armors as well - By Miguick
  • Explorer now shows new mod locations even if you install them after taking the perk - Original by Alasyre, Redone by me
  • The Euclid C-finder and Two-step Goodbye will no longer steal XP - Original by Miguick, Redone by RoyBatty and myself (This includes the one gameplay tweak, we boosted the solar bombardment's damage from 150 to 1500 as we felt they might have missed an extra 0, you can change it back to 150 in the config file)
  • Fire weapon's effects and incendiary ammo are now effected by Pyromaniac - Effects by RoyBatty, Original ammo fix by Miguick, Ammo redone by me (I did not include plasma ammo, pyromaniac ammo was already in-game just not setup properly)
  • 12 Gauge Dragons' Breath and Bean Bag ammos now properly work - By RoyBatty
  • Gauss Rifle projectiles should no longer phase through objects in VATS - By RoyBatty.
  • Weapon repair kits now repair weapons properly - By RoyBatty and LuthienAnarion
  • Companion Suite perk now works on all companions, Vanilla and DLC - By me
  • Ferocious Loyalty now works on all companions, Vanilla and DLC - Original by Miguick, Redone by RoyBatty
  • Ghouls now properly heal by and use radiation, including Raul - By Me (Not a gameplay tweak, was setup in base game, but didn't work because the condition only grabbed the Player's rad level)
  • Knockbacks should no longer happen to the player unless specifically attacking the player - Original by Miguick, Redone by RoyBatty and myself
  • Melee weapons will now properly damage world objects - By Xilandro and RoyBatty
  • Multiple challenges fixed, including but not limited to "And Not a Drop to Drink" - By RoyBatty
  • [OWB] Super heated saturnite fists and sonic emitters will keep durability on swap - By xqdcss, Tweaked by carxt
  • [OWB] Perks that give bonus HP/AP now properly work, and work with DLC ingestibles - By Miguick, Tweaked by me
  • [OWB] Brainless and Big Brained properly increase DT.
  • [LR] Auto-stimpaks increase Stimpak stat - By RoyBatty
  • Includes all YUP and TTW fixes to forms that have been edited

What Doesn't Do:
  • Fix the explosive immunity bug - Already in YUP (wanted to specify this one)
  • Use a script to fix lopping reload animations - The fix is janky and looping reloads need to be redone at an engine level
  • [DM] Add the missing return options - Not a bug, more of an expansion
  • Any fixes already in YUP, unless done incredibly jankly
  • Gameplay tweaks, end of story, bye bye, see you later...

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