Fallout New Vegas

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completely arbitrarily changes a lot of perfect meshes for no reason

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  • Italian
mesh mesh mesh mesh mesh

  • reduces draw calls
  • reduces triangle count when applicable
  • reduces vertex count when applicable
  • (theoretically) improves frame rate
  • fixes shader flags (alpha, environment mapping, environment mapping fade)
  • improves mesh lighting
  • cleans up some mesh deformations
  • neck and wrist vertex normals are aligned to vanilla heads and hands to decrease seam visibility
  • fixes mirrored uv lighting (and adds a seam in their place, oh well)
  • reorders nif blocks to maximize surface area that blood decals can appear on
  • adjusts existing and adds new vertex colors
  • adds dismemberment partitions and gorecaps to child outfits
  • flattens the feet of some female meshes (no more invisible high heels)
  • clears mesh transforms
  • adjusts skeleton properties (mass, material, projectilenode orientation)
  • deletes useless animation data from edited skeletons
  • adds female pimpboy

  • adds new environment mapping to meshes
  • adds unknown10 flag for compatibility with real time cubemaps
  • adds missing specular to normal maps
  • reimplements and adds new glow maps (robots especially)
  • adds death kfs to disable aforementioned glow maps (robots exclusively)
  • duplicate meshes have been ditched in favor of texturesets

mods that rely on vanilla texturesets will have to be patched
no i wont patch them myself

clipping will probably still happen
bad deformations will probably still exist

practically all outfits from new vegas and 3 are covered
a few creatures are covered

specular and env masks were made and adjusted while using real time cubemaps

updates come when i feel like it