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Weapon pack containing 45 professional standard weapons with a ton of weapon mods, leveled list integration and custom sounds. Also includes a custom store with a quest + voiced vendor!

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If you're getting crashes when applying weapon mods, install Pelinor's Weapon Mod Menu from here.


Want to learn how to make weapons like me? I made a tutorial series in June, check it out here!

by Team Millenia

1. WotnM's Details
2. Requirements
3. Installation
4. Troubleshooting and Compatibility
5. Q&A
6. The Future
7. Credits and Permissions

* The Details *

This mod is simply a collection of Millenia's individually released weapons into one big pack. It was designed from the ground up to enable the community to make their own support patches, compatibility patches, or to complement it with their own mods as a resource. An emphasis was put on compatibility and modularity, so hopefully we succeeded in this area.

Also included with the mod is a collection of several optional ESP files which you can use to enhance your gaming experience and to suit your preference. The base ESM itself will do absolutely nothing in your game - seriously, it does nothing. You need one of the support esps to add the weapons to your game in some fashion of your choice. The cheat cabinets will offer you the weapons for free, without leveled lists integration. The leveled lists will only give you the weapons from enemies and store vendors. The Honest Hearts patch will add appropriate weapons to the Grunt perk and change those weapons that are .45 caliber to use it. Finally, the store esp gives a small exploration based, unmarked quest style element to the Gun Runners HQ that ends with... nah, no spoilers.

All in all, it's been a long time coming and we certainly apologize for the delay. Real World(tm) interfered and there you have it. At least now, if we disappear, we've given you the tools to continue on in our stead.


List of Weapons
1. 9A-91
2. AEK-972
3. AK-47
4. AK-74
5. AKS-74u
6. AN-94
7. AS "Val"
8. Beretta 92FS
9. Bushmaster M4A1
10. Colt M1911
11. Colt M4A1
12. Colt Pocket 1849
13. Combat Shotgun (with unique)
14. Duplet (with unique)
15. Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife (with throwing variant)
16. FN FNC
17. GSh-18
19. HK G36K
20. HK G3SG/1
21. HK USP
22. Homemade SMG "Borz"
24. KA-BAR (with throwing variant)
25. KS-23 (with 12 gauge variant)
26. L96A1
27. M14
28. M37 Ithaca
29. Makarov
30. Mare's Leg
31. Mateba Model 6 Unica
32. Mauser C96
33. MBA Gyrojet (with unique)
34. MP-412 REX
35. Pancor Jackhammer
36. PB-6P9
37. PPSh-41
38. Remington 870 Sawn Off
39. S&W Model 10
40. Sten Mk. II
41. Steyr AUG A1
42. Taurus Raging Bull (with unique)
43. TOZ-34
44. TT Tokarev
45. VSS Vintorez
46. Winchester M1897
47. M16A2
48. TOZ-66
49. Steyr Scout
50. IMI Desert Eagle
51. Serbu Super-Shorty
52. PKM
53. SVU
54. WA2000
55. CZ805
56. SR556
57. Suomi KP/-31
58. Pernach
60. Browning HP
61. Beretta Target 87


- Aug A1, KS-23, TOZ-34, FN FNC, GSh-18, PB-6P9, G36K added.
- Aug A1 now has iron sights as the default, the scope is a mod.
- Heffy compatible animation files/support have been included as an optional install. (Manual install only.)
- New lite alternate store module esp for those having crashing problems. No idea if this will fix your problems, but it's an attempt to troubleshoot at least by cutting out the entire Gun Runners HQ and the mini-quest.
- New FOMOD script.
- CaliberX support has been dropped. (The CaliberX guys did a better job than us, they have their support file available on their page)
- All support esps have been updated to add the new weapons where appropriate.
- 1911 for the Honest Hearts esp should drop .45 instead of 10mm now.
- AN94 incorrectly using PBS1 instead of PBS4 is fixed.
- C96 and Duplet leveled lists have been fixed.
- Super mutants not being able to use assault rifles have had their toys removed.
- C96 used another gun in the pack's ID in the leveled lists. (Yep, the C96 was a mess, I guess.)
- Beretta M92FS has correct textures for both the regular and Inox.
- TTW support esps made by T3T have been included as optional files. (Manual install only.)
- Lower resolution textures offered as an optional install for the TOZ-34. (Manual install only.)

* Requirements *

1.5GB of HD space - ~500MB compressed, ~1.5GB uncompressed.

While not mandatory, we feel that The Weapon Mod Menu - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/44515 - should be used by all who use this pack. Plus it's known to fix crashes while applying weapon mods to our guns for whatever reason. Weapon mod crash reports will be ignored if you're not using this mod.

We also heavily, heavily, heavily recommend using Weapon Animation Replacers - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/38527 - We recommend it in general for all the little animation bug fixes as well as new/modified animations it provides. Critical animation resources have been packaged in with the mod, but this mod is still recommended. Animation related bug reports will be ignored if you're not using this mod.

* Installation *

If you are using the FOMOD, use FOMM/NMM to activate and deactivate the mod as you wish and install whatever optional ESPs you would like to use.

If you are installing manually, copy and paste the contents of the rar file into your Data folder. You shouldn't overwrite anything but if you do... click yes. Also, if you are installing manually and want to install the optional store, go into that folder and copy and paste the contents into your Data folder.

As of the 1.1 update, there are some new other optional files only available by installing manually - some lower res textures for the TOZ-34, Heffy animation support files, and some TTW support esps made by T3T. If you wish to use these, well, you probably know how to install them by now.

Uninstalling all of the old individual mods is recommended, but this pack will NOT affect any of those weapons in game even though they will overwrite physical assets. Everything has new IDs assigned to it.

Should you want to uninstall, deactivate the FOMOD or simply navigate to the meshes/weapons and textures/weapons folder and delete the MMP folders in both along with the esm/p files to remove most of the mod.

* Troubleshooting and Compability *

This mod was not heavily tested with other mods; heck, it was hardly tested at all. Give us a shout if we done broke stuff. Maybe we'll fix it.

However, if you use the gun vendor module, be aware that it will conflict with any game that modifies the Gun Runners HQ.

All iron sights have been calibrated for use with Weapons Animation Replacer and these are the only iron sights we will support at this time. If your iron sights are not right and you're not using WAR, we will not be releasing non-WAR supported iron sights at this time.

* Q & A *

Q: Why are all the esps separate? I only wanted one!

A: Well, you're not the only one who wants things a certain way. Over all of our releases, we've heard a lot of different requests for different things by many different people. Some people didn't like how we added the weapons to the leveled lists because they wanted to be the only ones using the weapons. Some people didn't like how we gave you a free (and easily ignored) weapon in Doc's because they lack the willpower to resist taking the free gun. Some people only wanted to buy them from a store. Some people only wanted to find them in the world or as a quest reward.

Well, we can't please everyone. So we designed the pack so that it would be easy for everyone to make their own support mods using Millenia's art assets. We've included some base esps that can be used as is or as examples for you to make your own.

Don't like the weapon balance? It's easy as pie to make your own rebalance esp now. Don't like free copies? If you don't use the cabinet esp, you won't get them. Don't like leveled lists integration? Don't use that optional esp.

Q: The game crashes when I add mods to the guns!

A: We answered this already, but we hear it so often... use The Weapon Mod Menu - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/44515 - this seems to fix it. We don't know the cause, but we heavily suspect our nif exporter. Either way, WMM seems to cure the problem. Seriously, we will ignore all reports of weapon mods crashing your game. We know it does it, we don't know why, and we know that WMM seems to fix it 99% of the time. Good enough for us.

Q: Will you update this pack after every new weapon release?

A: No, probably every 5 guns or so. Ish.

Q: Would/Could you do [gun request/suggestion]? It would be awesome!

A: Thanks, but we don't do requests.

Q: Where are all the easter egg guns?

A: Still in the ESM. They're just more or less unused. You can still check them out in the cheat cabinets.

Q: The speedloader stays on my revolver and won't go away!

A: This happens in the vanilla game too. We're not exactly sure what or how to fix it aside from what we've already done.

Q: Sometimes the bullets go nowhere near where the sights are? Fix it!

A: This is very likely an engine bug that can be fixed by using Ironsights Camera Recoil Removal - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44253/? - Give it a try.

Q: I want to release a support plugin. Do I have permission and how can I release it?

A: Just create a new plugin using our .esm as the master. Please don't include assets from the pack in your release, but plugins are fine. If you're unsure, always ask first.

Q: Where are the cheat cabinets located?

A: Between the saloon and Chet's in Goodsprings next to the workbenches. If you can't find it there, the plugin is likely not activated.

Q: Where/how do I start the gun vendor mod?

A: Enter Gun Runners HQ and investigate.

Q: Where is the old CaliberX plugin?

A: It's now unsupported and dropped by us. The folks over at CaliberX's page on Nexus have created a better support patch than we did so you should head on over there and grab it.

Q: Will you include MTindle's/Naky's weapons into the pack; you all work together, right?

A: Naky's weapons have been integrated but Millenia has no plans to include MTindle's separate releases at this time.

Q: The Gun Runners store module crashes for me, what should I do?

A: We have released a LITE version of the module. ONLY USE IT and give it a shot. Our Vendortron can now be found next to the other Gun Runners vendortron. This likely conflicts like hell with other mods but what the heck - let's see if this solves people's problems first. Also, using the FNV4GB exe appears to resolve the issue for many users as well.

Q: Millenia did a Mossberg and a rusty MAC-10, why aren't they in this pack?

A: They are not up to his current standards of quality and they are considered discontinued mods. Perhaps one day they will be remade but until then, they are dead mods.

* The Future *

There's always more to do, fix, add and implement. Always. Whether or not we do it is a whole other thing.

* Credits and Permissions *


Absolutely under no circumstances can this mod be re-uploaded anywhere other than the Nexus nor can any of the content within it be used for commercial or monetary gain of any kind. This includes the artwork (all models and textures) being ported for use in other games, upcoming or existing. Do not bother asking for permission to use the artwork with the intent for commercial purposes - now or in the future - it will not be granted.

Millenia - The Talent
Naky - The Screw Up
MediocrityGoggles - The Sperg


Thanks to everyone for letting me texture their guns. A more detailed breakdown of the credits can be found in each individual weapon release.

In order of appearance: Darko "cR45h" Miladinovikj, Soldier11, JoeFoxx082, Michael "RedRogueXIII" Cecconet, Chris "FreeFall" Ijzerman, Ghogiel, Vunsunta, Harry Ridgeway, Ben "Kimono" Garnell, Ben "Kaskad/Amsterdam Hilton Hotel" Bolton, Sephiris/Rehasher, Joe "EarthQuake" Wilson, Defuse, Renato "Corvalho" Corvalho, Trent1541, arby26, Mr. Rifleman, Maximiliano "maxivz" Vazquez, Matthew "MTindle" Tindle (how original, Matthew), Daniel "Thanez" Mjelde, Leo "ImBrokeRU" Li, Pac, kouoaeha, SAM61, Paul68Rageous and tigg. Thanks, guys.

The 3rd Type for all those great custom icons.

Anime Schoolgirl/tiw for the gun balance. Like it or hate it, his balance numbers come from nearly 1000 hours of playtime invested and actual math. Opinions are subjective though.

HiggsBP for creating the FOMOD script. Thanks man, it took a while for someone to pull through but you did.


A ***HUGE*** shoutout to FadedReality for working on the Optional Store mod. He put a lot of time and effort into it and hopes you all enjoy it.

Naky for the voice over. Yes, he sounds exactly like that in real life too; he's a freak.

Display Case v0.2 by grffnhwk
Retextured by Millenia
Permissions: Anyone is allowed to use these meshes and textures for their own use as long as credit is given in the documentation for your mod. :) Using the Millenia re-texture also requires permission from Millenia.

Clean Utility Tileset Resource by DonKnotts
Permissions: These files on this page are uploaded as modders resources. You are free to use these files for your own Fallout New Vegas mod without any other permissions as long as you credit me for what you use. I would also appreciate a link back to this page in your readme. Do not upload these files to any other site unless you do so as part of your own completed mod. In other words do not re-post these files to some other modding site. If you want to share these files with others, then link to this page instead.

Clean Vault Tileset by Ruadhan2300
Permissions: You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features so long as you credit me as the original creator. You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me.

To Captain Morgan, we salute you.

To Jack Daniels, we salute you.

To Jose Cuervo, we salute you.

To all happy geckos, we salute you.