Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Very big mod which took me 2 years to create and is still being updated. It makes game more challenging and forces the player to use his brain. It changes ALL items, perks, creatures, NPCs, companions, gameplay mechanics and so on, while it adds much, much more of the new stuff to the game. It changes literally everything!

Permissions and credits
After War Nevada by Jodwig

Version: v2.6.4d

Date: 05/04/2017

Status:    So, shit has hit the fan yet again and final update goes on hiatus, since I won't have time nor willpower to finish it in the upcoming days. Sorry about that. I might tweak it from time to time during hiatus period, but at the moment I have no idea when it will come out.

This mod requires at least NVSE v5 and JIP NVSE v29 or newer to work.

This mod requires ONLY meshes and textures from Weapons of the New Millenia, NOT the plugin.

Starting New Game is also required.

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There's a file in the Misc section with info about the changes in my future FO4 mod called After War Massachusetts, but I abandoned idea of modding FO4, blame Bethesda.

Upcoming Project

If anyone is interested about my upcoming game made in Unity, then you should follow its Facebook fanpage
(just remember to change fanpage settings to "See First", since Facebook cut range of my fanpage to like 5%-10%):

And check website once it's up (currently down):

Both fanpage and website are currently empty, but I will fill them with game info and progress over time.

It's gonna be "Online Fantasy 3D Action H&S Zombie Dungeon Crawler with RPG elements" that allows up to 4 people to play together, and same as in AWN, you will have tons of character builds and playstyles.


After War: Nevada is a Complete Overhaul Mod on which I worked alone for 2
years before
releasing it and now I’m still expanding it for over 2 years, so it is summary
of my 4+ years of slacky, but still kinda hard work. So, It's ridiculously
enormous mod, which aim was to take elements from the best post-apo RPG 
games (classic Fallouts) and from the best post-apo FPS games (Stalker series),
changing and rebalancing EVERY single aspect of the game, so things like: 
weapons, ammo, armors, food, alcohol, chems, misc items, 
companions, NPCs, creatures, loot, crafting, spawns, vendors,
resistances, implants, poisons, economy, stealth, game mechanics, etc. etc.
WHILE adding a lot of new stuff at the same time: 30 alternate starts (classes)
with unique starting places, perks and gear; perks for increasing skills and
choosing tags, over 250 overhauled weapons, and over 250 (350 with ranks) perks
and 30 traits in total (vanilla F:NV had around 130 weapons, 90 perks and 10
traits, so you see the picture). It adds much, much more of the other
features, too many to write all of them down here. Player now has endless
number of character builds and gameplay
styles. Also, the game is harsher, more challenging and forces player to use
his brain, and difficulty levels also got tweaked, so there are major
differences between Hard and Very Hard. Just give this mod a try and you will
never be able to play again
without it. Trust me, Fallout: New Vegas will never be the same!

For comparison how giant this mod is (info from June 2015):
Base AWN plugin has over 13300 edited records and weighs 6,5 MB, 
while Project Nevada with its 4 plugins loaded has over 2200 and 1,6 MB,
and FOOK with 2 plugins overwriting each other has 11700 and 6,4 MB.
So it's probably the biggest mod ever created for FNV by a single person!
But fear not, quantity came out on its own after 4 years of work.
I can assure you that quality stayed at its finest, since I'm a perfectionist :)

Quick mod review by Caedo Genesis

Character Creation in v2.6.4

First 10 mins of gameplay on the very first version released (v1.0.0)

I put my heart and my soul into this mod, so if you enjoyed it, then please 
spread the word, so even more people can try it out :)
Also, all feedback, bug reports and criticism are more than welcome!

Player’s customization is one of the most important things to me, so I wanted
to give player as much freedom and as many ways to build his character as possible,
so he can play however he can imagine. And I know that this mod is incompatible 
with like 90% of other mods on the Nexus, but it’s so big and takes care almost
of everything that you don’t really need 100 mods in your load order to still have fun.

There are twice as many weapons now (over 250 weapons) and all of them got
rebalanced from scratch. They are deadlier and their stats are more or less
based on their real world counterparts. Every weapon is different and their
stats vary. Some are stronger, but slower, other more accurate, but weaker,
some get bonus to critical chance or limb damage and so on. All weapons use tier
system now, but about that I'll write below. Weapon’s stats can be checked
in Pip-Boy by pressing the Q key. Weapon can jam, what can make a
difference between life and death sometimes, so keeping your weapon in a good
condition is crucial. Weapons also have been divided into many types, like
Assault Rifles or Carbines for example. Assault Rifles have better accuracy and
are heavier, while Carbines don’t get penalties in interiors etc. Also, all
Assault Rifles and Carbines are fully automatic now, and automatic weapons deal
low damage compared to other weapons, but thanks to their high rate of fire
they excel at DPS (damage per second). Sniper rifles, on the other hand, have
really good damage and accuracy, while their slow rate of fire and small
magazine size make them bad choice for close quarters combat, but excellent
for sneak kills and long distance combat.

There are more than 150 ammo types (including DLCs and with many types removed,
like for example .22 LR), from classic HP and AP to depleted uranium. Every
ammo type has unique stats (including standard ammo), ammo caliber affects limb
damage, and there’s ammo for every occasion. Hollow point massacres unarmored
targets, armor piercing is a must against armored targets, full metal jacket
works best against lightly armored targets, surplus is a cheap, low quality
ammo, and so on. Enemies use different ammo types, too.

Tiers & Mods
Weapons and armors use Tier system now, which consists of 5 Tiers (T1-T5) and 5
Unique Tiers (U1-U5). Tier system affects weapon mods that can be installed
and effectiveness of weapon and armor Repair Kits. All weapons (including uniques)
can have up to 3 weapon mods installed. Weapon mods are bound to weapons’ Tiers,
so T1 damage mod can be installed on the T1 or U1 weapon only, and so on.
Of course, you can’t install whatever mod you want in every weapon. For example,
N99 10mm Pistol (T1) can only have silencer, accuracy and ammo T1 weapon mods installed.

Accuracy & Recoil
Auto aim has been totally turned off, so your chance to hit a target depends on
your perception, perks, weapon skill and especially weapon’s spread. Every weapon
also has recoil which is affected by weapon’s stats and type, and by player’s stats, perks
and skills. Stuff like moving, crouching or aiming also affects weapon’s accuracy and recoil.

Armors &Resistances
There are more than 80 armors and 50 helmets, all rebalanced and using the new
resistance system inspired by classic Fallouts (Normal, Laser, Plasma, Fire,
Electrical, Radiation) in addition to DR and DT. You will encounter enemies
with different resistances, so using only one damage type may make the game
hard at times, but same goes for the player, since he will encounter enemies
with different weapons and will find armors better against certain damage types,
further making room for tactics, planning and adding variety and uniqueness to
the game. Creatures also use that resistance system, for example Feral Ghouls
are very resistant against Normal and Electrical attacks, but are weak against
Laser and Plasma attacks, and especially against Fire. Heavier armors give
penalties to agility and their big weight makes it almost impossible to sneak.
Armors give low damage threshold and are more oriented about percent values, making
even light armors useful, and preventing player from the god mode in heavier armors.

Combat is much deadlier and faster when compared to Vanilla. Recoil and dodge
chance are added, and moving, running, sprinting, crouching and aiming all have
big impact on player’s accuracy, recoil, dodge chance and chance to be hit by
enemies. Crouching, aiming and not moving will greatly increase player’s
accuracy, but will reduce player’s dodge chance and increase enemies’ chance to
hit and to even score a headshot. Player has to think, use tactics, plan before
engaging enemies, use grenades, mines and various ammo types, conserve ammo and
consumables. Player also got Sprint and Bullet Time to help him in combat in
addition to V.A.T.S. which got carefully balanced as well and allows good
sniper to score headshots from really long distances, but none of them are
abuseable, they more like “super powers” which cost AP. All weapons and armors
have their advantages and disadvantages in various situations. Most
explosives have a knockback chance, depending on their base damage, and
dynamites and molotovs can be caught and disarmed before they explode. Body
part damage of all creatures, NPCs and even player got adjusted, so now it
actually matters what part of the body is hit and every character has weak
points. Headshots can deal even up to 300% damage, while in some cases hitting
creatures’ limbs can deal only 25% damage. Max possible vision and distance for
NPCs and creatures to react have been doubled, so they no longer stay idle if
player shoots at them from longer distances, and open gun fights can attract
other enemies, making silencers useful not only for sneak kills. Combat just
has much more to it.

Alternate Start
On the beginning player is asked if he wants to use the alternate start
feature, and if he presses yes, he gets teleported to a small room where he
creates his character and gets to decide whether he wants to play with Hardcore
Mode and Wild Wasteland enabled, and then he chooses his class. Player can
choose from 30 classes, each with unique starting location and perks, bonuses
and penalties, or even with its own friends and enemies. Player gets to choose
his starting gear (which also depends on the class he chose). Perfect for
roleplaying and for people who wanted to start as a member of a desired
faction, like BoS, NCR or even Fiends.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats
All stats got total revamp and they all are important and matter now. They
affect many aspects of the player and are required for better perks which have
high requirements:
Strength – Affects melee weapons skill, carry weight, startinghealth, damage of unarmed and melee weapons (especially with
two-handed weapons), recoil (especially with heavy weapons), V.A.T.S. accuracy
with throwing weapons, throwing velocity, required for using weapons.
Perception – Affects energy weapons, explosives and lockpickskills, compass markings number and range, max possible accuracy,
recoil (especially with sniper rifles), V.A.T.S. accuracy and engage distance.
Endurance – Affects survival and unarmed skills, poison andradiation resistance, starting and per level health, healing rate, rad
absorption, limit of chems, alcohol and implants, addiction chance, sprint duration.
Charisma – Affects barter and speech skills, companion limit,companions’ damage and armor, prices, caps for starting gear.
Intelligence – Affects medicine, repair and science skills,skillpoints per level, tagged skills, damage, hacking efficiency.
Agility – Affects guns and sneak skills, action points and APregen, dodge chance, sneaking, melee and unarmed attack speed
(especially with one-handed weapons), speed of moving, sprinting, weapon swapping and reloading,
fall distance and jump height, lockpick efficiency. 
Luck – Affects all skills, dodge chance, critical chance (especiallywith unarmed and melee weapons), critical damage, sneak
damage (especially with U&M weapons), getting critically hit,
breaking a lock and lockpick, bonus loot, gambling.

Perks & Traits
Player can choose up to 2 traits on the beginning and gains perk every 2
levels. Amount of perks and traits to choose from have been tripled and
quadrupled. Yep, that’s right, player can choose from over 270 perks and 40
traits, compared to 90 and 10 in Vanilla, while many perks also consist of few
ranks. Of course, all DLCs are supported and they bring even more perks and
traits. Also, same as in weapons’ case, everything got rebalanced from scratch,
so no overpowered or totally useless perks and traits. With so many perks and
traits to choose from, player can customize whatever way he wants and they
won’t make him immortal. Better perks require higher level, stats and skills.
There are even high level mastery perks which require 10 points in a SPECIAL
stat and provide big bonuses.

Skills & Tags
Skills more or less stayed the same, and just as stats, they are required by
many perks. Player doesn’t gets many skills points per level, so he can’t max
out all of his skills and has to specialize in few. Tagged skills got some
importance too, since they double skill increase for each point spent on them.
Combat skills like guns, energy weapons and explosives increases effectiveness of the
corresponding weapons. Same for unarmed and melee weapons skills, but they also
boost defenses. Barter affects selling, buying and repair prices. Repair
increases effectiveness of repairing your gear, but also affects rate at which
it decays and is required mostly for crafting ammo for guns. Science is
required for hacking terminals and crafting energy cells. Sneak typically
affects sneak efficiency and pickpocket chance. Speech is pretty much the same.
Survival affects food, poison and tribal healing efficiency and allows player
to craft them in addition to armors, it is responsible for obtaining resources
from plants and creatures, also it increases player’s resistance to poison and
radiation, and healing rate and rad absorption on top of that. But that’s not
all. Player also gets 1 perk for tagging and 4 perks for increasing each skill
(at 25 skill point intervals), so 65 bonus perks in total.

Sprint, Bullet Time & V.A.T.S.
Well known by everyone Sprint and Bullet Time are here! They both use 
action points in addition to V.A.T.S. or as an alternative for people not using
V.A.T.S. at all. Sprint can help you to run from ferocious creatures, or help
melee character to get near their victims or try knocking them down, while Bullet
Time slows down the time, allowing you to aim more precisely and giving more time to
react, but also increasing your accuracy and dodge chance. V.A.T.S. is also
more useful, but not as broken as it was in Vanilla. All these features got
balanced to not be the game breakers, but more like helpful tools. Though
player can still make them better with stats or perks, and specialize to rely on them.

Sneaking & Detection
Sneaking got a total rework. Player not specializing in it will have a hard
time using it smoothly, because NPCs’ detection got boosted and it depends on
their perception stat, so player needs to avoid their sight. Lighting also has
a big impact on sneaking, so sneaking during the day or while being next to the
lamplights is almost impossible. Same goes for sounds; player moving or running
makes a lot of noise, especially in everything heavier than a light armor. NPCs
will look for player longer and will cover bigger distances, and they gain
boost to detection while alerted and will try calling their friends for help.
Silenced weapons don’t remove sounds totally, so using them in close
distance will also alert enemies, not to mention muzzle flash. Dying
enemies also make noise (screaming, body hitting the ground). Shoot a not
silenced weapon in a building and everyone will be coming for you. Weapons with
bigger calibers make much more noise than these with smaller ones, while
unarmed, melee and throwing weapons make even less noise than silenced guns.
Also, silenced weapons deal less damage and their projectiles have lower
velocity, unarmed and melee weapons got bonus sneak damage, while throwing
melee weapons also deal bonus damage against humans.
Players, companions and even enemies have dodge chance, modified by agility,
heavier armors, perks, moving, sprinting or even by unarmed and melee skills.
Dodge chance is capped at 90% and ignores damage on a successful roll. It is designed for
lightly armored and mobile characters. Lightly armored enemies depend on dodge
chance, so sometime don't be surprised, if they miraculously don't take any damage.

Lockpicking & Hacking
They got reworked into something like in the classical RPGs. If lock or
terminal is locked and player wants to pick lock or hack it, he makes a roll
based on his skills, stats and perks, and he can unlock, fail or even brake the
lock/terminal, with the chance of also breaking a lockpick even if successful.
There are 2 types of lockpicks, both for lockpicking and hacking, so 4 in total.
There’s an optional plugin which restores Vanilla lockpicking and hacking
minigames, for people who really hate this feature.

Companions (further expanded in v2.6.5)
There are 2 new companions - Sunny Smiles and Jacobstown Marcus. Also, all
companions got some love. You can recruit up to 4 companions with 10 Charisma
points, and up to 6 with perks. Every companion uses ammo, has their favorite
weapon type, tags, starting perks/traits, abilities and unique SPECIAL stats,
which matter and make a difference now. They also can use various chems
during combat and they are damaged by radiation. Everything can be checked
in the Pip-Boy’s Perks tab. I'm also thinking of giving them perks every 5
levels in v2.6.5, but we will see about it, coz it requires some work.

Difficulty Settings
As in Vanilla, there are 5 difficulty settings - from Very Easy to Very Hard,
but they are no longer as plain as they were in the Vanilla. They affect
player’s radiation and damage taken (not damage dealt), his accuracy in
V.A.T.S., recoil, primary needs, gear decay rate, AP regen and NPCs’ detection
and accuracy. So playing on Hard actually feels like the game is harder in overall,
and not artificially harder that you have to spend 2x more bullets to kill an enemy.
Take a note that AWN on Normal is already much harder than in Vanilla, so if
you have to change difficulty settings to Easy or even Very Easy, don’t be
ashamed of yourself, there are 5 difficulty levels for a reason.

Crippled & Damaged Limbs
Crippling limbs have much more drastic effects now. Player with crippled head
or hand will have hard time aiming and fighting, while crippled legs will
prevent him from sprinting and will greatly reduce his movement speed. Also,
player gets penalties for having damaged limbs (50% condition or less), and if
player’s Health is less than 25% or 10% (his heart starts beating). Healing rate
slowly heals limbs over time, but can’t heal crippled limbs.

HealingRate & Rad Absorption
In classic Fallouts player was healed overtime based on his endurance, and so
I added it back, together with rad absorption. Healing rate restores health and
heals damaged limbs, but will weaken if player is badly injured and it won’t heal
crippled limbs. Rad absorption removes rads over time, but gets weaker the more
irradiated player is. Both of them can be increased by endurance, perks or implants,
and even by Primary Needs (hunger, thirst, sleep) on Hardcore Mode. Sleeping
no longer heals the player, but healing rate and rad absorption work during sleeping.

In Vanilla, there was hardly any radiation and no need for Rad-X nor Rad
Away, so instead of adding radiation to random places and altering all current zones
(it would take me years to do that), I increased radiation on food and added
radioactive auras and attacks to many creatures. Player doesn’t get any
symptoms from radiation sickness until he reaches 200 Rads, then his stats are reduced,
takes damage over time and starts glowing. His symptoms become more severe
for every additional 66-67 Rads. All NPCs’ can't be irradiated, but they are
damaged by the radiation instead.

Poisons & Diseases (Diseases will be added in v2.6.5)
Poison resistance is much more important now, because creatures' poisons are
much deadlier. Without high poison resistance or antidote, player is as good as
dead against poisonous creatures like radscorpions or cazadores. Same goes for
player’s craftable poisons, they are much deadlier and few new types were added
as well. Player is able to catch various diseases while being close to
creatures. Diseases are long term penalties which can even lead to the death,
if not cured. Diseases can be cured by doctors and by antibiotics. Chance of
catching the disease depends on player’s poison resistance and gas mask
(diseases come with my own recorded coughing sound :P).

There are more than 30 implants (even more with the DLCs) with the new implant
system. They are like normal consumable items in the inventory which can be
used to add a perk. You can either buy or loot them, and different factions
have different implants for sell, so you might not have access to all of them.
They can increase your stats, resistances, speed, AP regen, healing rate
or even give you the night vision. One implant can be installed
for each endurance point and you can't install the same implant twice.

Food, Chems & Addictions
More than 230 balanced items, from food and drinks to drugs and scavenged from
plants and creatures resources. Food no longer heals on Hardcore Mode and
stimpaks no longer heal limbs on non-Hardcore Mode, and almost every healing
item heals over time. Player can get drunk and alcohol removes radiation. Both
alcohol and chems have overdose limit, depending on player’s endurance stat
which determines how many of them he can use before overdosing and losing
consciousness. Addiction chance has been added to many chems, including
stimpaks and healing powders. Using a chem when player got addicted will
prevent withdrawal effects for a long period of time. New chems have been
added, like Adrenaline or Voodoo. Most chems use phase system (like in classic
Fallouts) which makes their effects weaker over the duration, so Psycho or Jet
won’t be as effective after 1 minute as they were the moment player used them.

Primary Needs
They refer to eating, drinking and sleeping, and they still require Hardcore
Mode to be enabled. Player gets hungry, thirsty and sleepy much faster and there are
many factors affecting it, making this system much more complex than it used to be.
For every 66-67 points of Hunger/Thirst/Sleep Deprivation player gets worse
effects. Below 200 points effects are positive instead, while above 200 they
become more and more severe. Player has to always carry with him something to eat
and drink, while player’s carry weight has been drastically reduced, and most of the
food and drinks are irradiated. Armors, outdoors, sunny days, combat, sleeping,
difficulty settings and perks affect how fast you get hungry, thirsty or sleepy.
Also, Food Sanitizer is back!

Hardcore Mode
On HC mode ammo has weight, companions can die and you have to eat, drink and
sleep. I recommend playing on HC mode. I rebalanced the game for both game
modes, with HC on and off, but I still had HC mode mainly in mind when doing
everything, and HC turned off will make game easier and less survival-oriented.
Well, it’s your choice.

Loot and stats of all NPCs from all factions have been rebalanced. They are
more deadly, accurate and tougher (but they aren’t bullet sponges). They use newly
added weapons and armors as well, so you will see a lot of item variety on
them. They use special ammo types now, meaning that you can meet raider with a
gun loaded with armor piercing rounds, so your armor can go to hell with that
(well, to some point at least) and no more Rambo mode in the power armor. Their
accuracy and vision lowers drastically the later it gets, so player is no
longer at the disadvantage during the night, but it's still a double-edged sword,
since player gets its own penalties to the vision and accuracy. Their AI got
boosted a bit and they are more likely to use ranged weapons at distance
and switch to melee at close range. Unlike in Vanilla, NPCs get combat skills
until level 40, so end-game enemies will be more accurate and deadly than
early- or mid-game enemies (in Vanilla all NPCs had already maxed out combat
skills by level 10).

Not many new creatures were added, but as mentioned earlier, creatures are
resistant to various types of damage, and they are also faster, tougher,
stronger and every creature gives different amounts of XP, so player is
rewarded for killing stronger creatures, just as it should be in every RPG.
Player can get irradiated just by being near some of them or even catch a
disease if unlucky, or if he lacks a gas mask. Most creatures aren’t super
aggressive and don’t attack on sight, but will attack if player gets too close
to them. Their body parts can be valuable resources, if player is enough skilled
in survival to acquire them.

Spawns aka Levelution System
Level scaling has been removed (only companions scale together withplayer’s level)
and spawns use something what I call Levelution system which increases chance of
encountering stronger enemies, instead of increasing their level and giving
better gear to the same NPCs. So how does it work? Let’s say that level 1
player encounters a raider spawn, he has 60% chance to encounter weak raider,
30% chance for medium raider and 10% for hard raider (of course hard raiders
have better gear and are stronger, but if that type of raiders was meant to be
weak, then they won’t miraculously have high tier weapons), but if player on
level 10 encounters the same raider spawn, he will have 30% chance for weak,
40% for medium and 30% for hard raider spawn. There will always be the chance
for encountering weaker enemies as well, while stronger enemies won’t be walking
tanks. That way weak bandit groups will stay weak, while players on higher
levels will still get a bit more of a challenge and have more fun with lower
level spawns. Also, low level players will still have a chance to encounter
stronger version of enemies, but they can forget about killing super mutants
or deathclaws on early levels.

World Repopulation
Many locations got repopulated and fortified (that also includes DLCs), so more
citizens, guards, patrols and even dogs, turrets or mines in various locations. Wiping
out Jacobstown or NCR Correctional Facility won’t be a walk in the park
anymore, and even the gun fight in the Goodsprings got its rework. 

Vendors & Economy (further expanded in v2.6.5)
Traders have cutthroat prices, selling items doesn’t give much caps and buying
is expensive, but traders are stocked with goods, meaning that usually you can
get what you need at proper merchants, as long as you have money, of course.
Also, the better stuff the merchant has, the more he charges for everything,
while poor merchants and small shops will offer better prices, but they will
have less money and worse stuff to sell. And same as enemies, level scaling
from vendors’ items has been removed, so player can buy top gear regardless of
his level, but he has to afford the money for it and to keep it maintained and
supplied with ammo. More NPCs can repair your stuff and they have various repair skills,
meaning that some can repair your gear only to 20% while others can do it even up to 100%.
Player’s reputation with the faction also affects prices. Amount of caps player can win
by gambling also got greatly reduced. With values and weight on all items
adjusted, much harsher prices compared to Vanilla and nerfed gambling, getting
rich is very hard and money are usually just enough to cover the expenses
without having much left for yourself. In other words, economy is more
survival-oriented. In v2.6.5 I'm planning on adding 3 shady merchants (aligned
with different factions) with unique and special loot.

Experience & Leveling
Required XP to level up is the same as in the Vanilla. I left it free for players to use
whatever leveling pace they want (use my XP mod, if you want to level up either slower or faster
http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/36411/?), but leveling is faster thanks to the XP
changes on creatures. Player starts on level 2, since early game is especially hard and annoying.
Each creature gives different amount of XP on death, and the stronger they are, the more XP
is rewarded, especially for bosses. So no longer same XP amounts for all enemies, and killing
deathclaws is actually rewarding. Also, level cap has been removed, so player can even
achieve level 80, if he really wants to. Though player gets more XP for killing in overall now,
achieving level 60-70 still should be a max for most of the players, including the DLCs.

Karma & Reputation
As in Vanilla, player has 5 karma types. From Very Evil to Very Good, but getting either
Very Good or Very Evil karma is much harder now. NPCs use only 2 karma types.
They can be either Neutral or Evil. Killing Neutral NPCs give player negative karma
and most of them aren’t hostile towards the player. Killing Evil NPCs doesn’t give
any karma, since they are usually hostile and player acts in self-defense, so that
doesn’t make him a good person. Faction reputations stayed mostly the same,
though some values and rewards were altered a bit, and now it actually affects prices
of the faction merchants. Piss of a faction and they will either give you worse
prices or won’t trade with you at all, but if they like you they will give you
a discount on their goods instead. Also, there's no option to reset your karma, so if
you make an NCR your enemy, it will stay your enemy until the end, no second chances.

They charge you more for their services and now they can either restore your health, 
fix limbs, remove radiation, cure addictions and diseases, or even heal your companions.
They are still cheaper and better choice than healing yourself with stimpaks and bandages.

It didn’t get expanded much, but every single recipe got rebalanced.
Few ammo and breakdown recipes were added, with survival skill player can craft few
armors, and some food, chem and poison recipes were added as well. Not much new
stuff here, but vanilla recipes received a proper care, making crafting still useful.

Misc Helmet Effects
There are 4 special effects which can be found on helmets and they are - Night
Vision, Gas Mask, Flash Protection and Water Breathing. Night vision can be
turned on by pressing the N key. It consumes energy (ECP, SEC, MFC or fission
batteries), but gives player better vision at nights and removes penalties to
perception at nights and in interiors. Gas Mask protects from gas grenades,
gives bonus radiation resistance and reduces chance of catching a disease.
Flash Protection increases your PE during daylight and protects you from stun
and flashbang grenades. Water Breathing increases your poison resistance
and simply allows you to breath underwater.

Misc Items
All misc items (like empty bottles, syringes, scissors etc.) had their
value and weight altered, so player now can loot them in order to earn
some caps. But some of they are also more important in crafting.

Carry Weight
Weight has been changed from pounds (lb) to kilograms (kg), together with ALL
items in the game. Every single item (including caps) has weight now, except
for the quest items. Also, overall carry weight has been drastically reduced,
so player can’t hoard items endlessly and has to think what to take with him.
I'm evil, I know.

Playable Races
You can now play as a ghoul (which comes with its bonuses and penalties),
raider, default, adult, or an old one.

Backpacks & Bedrolls
They have been added as well. Backpacks increases player’s carry weight, but
reduces agility, movement speed and makes sneaking harder. They can be bought
from various merchants and they can be found usually on traveling merchants,
but not only on them. Player can also acquire a portable bedroll which allows
him to sleep wherever he wants.

Secret Stashes
This feature, like many others, is inspired by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Player can either
find or buy holotapes with info about the secret stashes. They are unlocked randomly
and not accessible until player uses the holotape, so player doesn’t know which stash
will appear and he can’t loot it beforehand. Their locations are described with hints
in holotapes and player doesn’t get a map marker which tells him exactly where to go,
while sometimes special gear and efforts are required to get to them. There are 31 of
them to discover in total - 16 small, 10 medium and 5 large. The bigger the stash,
the higher the difficulty of getting to it and better the loot, theoretically.

Weapon Mastery
Player gets better in the weapons he is using. There are 2 types of masteries,
One- or Two-Handed weapon mastery and weapon type mastery. Player gains
perks for 50, 150, 300, 500 and 750 kills (5 perks with 750 kills in total) with
various weapon types, like Pistols, Revolvers, Assault Rifles etc. And perks
for 100, 300, 600, 1000 and 1500 kills (5 perks with 1500 kills in total) with
either One-Handed or Two-Handed weapons, so player using Sniper Rifle will get
mastery in both Sniper Rifles and Two-Handed weapons.
AfterWar Nevada Guide
Player can access AWN Guide in his Pip-Boy’s Misc tab. There’s a lot of info
about various stuff, like mechanics, features, weapon types, companions etc.
I know it's still kinda outdated and lacking a lot of important stuff,
but I'm still expanding it.

Inventory Sorter
Aid tab in the Pip-Boy uses inventory sorter now. It sorts all kinds of
alcohol, books, chems, food, implants, meds, and so on.

Misc Features
There are also many, many miscfeatures which increase immersion, like eating human
food leads to shaking hands (Cannibal perk prevents it). Penalties to perception while
wearing sunglasses at night or in interiors (NPCs don’t get these penalties, so
fear not about your companions) or perception bonus from reading glasses based
on your base perception stat. Ammo and powder boxes being consumable items
instead which can be used whenever player wants. Killing too many people from
NCR or Legion makes player permanent enemy regardless of the player’s story and
main quest. Being able to catch and disarm dynamites and molotovs before they
explode. Reduced Knock Out chance against Super Mutants, Abominations, Robots
or Power Armors. Nightstalkers count as Mutated Animals. Most unique weapons
have to be found instead of bought, while some stuff can be bought from only one
trader, so destroying Silver Rush for example will prevent player from obtaining
some stuff. Some bonus dialogue choices from perks or alternate starts, like
choosing Gun Runner class and talking with Alexander from Gun Runners etc.
There’s much more of small details like that and bug fixes which I didn’t even mention.

Loading Screen Tips (will be added in v2.6.5)
Tips which appear during loading screens got updated to give players actual info about
AWN's changes and mechanics, instead of the outdated Vanilla ones which everyone
already read 1000 times and which is no longer true in the game. This way player can
always learn something new and useful about the AWN.

There are 3 “main” plugins, but only one is actually required toplay. 
After War Nevada is the main plugin and is required at all times. 
Mini DLCs plugin is required if you are using Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’
Arsenal DLCs and won’t work without them. 
DLCs plugin is required if you are using the main DLCs (Dead Money, Honest
Hearts, Lonesome Road and Old World Blues) and it won’t work without them.

Optional Plugins
There are 4 optional plugins, Realistic Combat, Deadlier Combat,
Forgiving Combat and Vanilla Minigames.
Realistic Combat increases damage dealt and taken by the player by 100%,
so everything dies really fast, but mostly the player.
Deadlier Combat increases them by 50% instead, so combat still remains
deadly and fast, but not to that extent.
Casual Combat is quite the opposite, it reduces damage by 30%, so fights are much
longer and combat feels more like in the RPG, rather than in the realistic FPS. 
Do NOT use any Combat plugins together. 
Vanilla Minigames restore old lockpicking and hacking minigames,
since AWN introduces new mechanics for them.



Since many people whine and ask why I work alone and why I did one big plugin instead of
going with many smaller ones like most authors would do, so people can choose
what they want and what would be compatible with the mods they use, let me
explain you pros and cons of my choice:

Pros of 1 big mod created by 1 person over 100 smaller mods with different

-Easy and fast installation. You don’t need wide knowledge about modding, load
orders, merged patches and other stuff to make it work. Just download it,
install and play.
-Stable gameplay. No crashes or bugs due to mods not being fully compatible
with each other or because author of one of the mods stopped supporting his
work and other mods.
-It is balanced. One person takes care of everything in one mod and he exactly
knows how everything works and how it should work there, and if something
happens to be unbalanced, it is easy to fix. While people using
-Author is free to do whatever he wants and he doesn’t have to argue with
anyone in the team about features or unfinished stuff.
-Author is able to make some cool features which can affect whole mod, like
classic resistances which normally wouldn’t be possible to add as a smaller mod
or mod compatible with other mods, because it edits weapons, armors, ammo,
creatures, perks, game mechanics and have to balance everything on top of that
to work correctly).
-Author doesn’t waste so much time on switching between many plugins and
updating them all with every patch.

-It’s incompatible with almost everything.
-Not much customization left and not everything might be to to player’s
likings, because author forces player to have it his way and he has to take it
as a whole product.
-Author is limited to his skills. If he sucks at graphics (like me for
example), he has to depend on other people’s works (like Millenia’s weapons) or
resign from new models and textures.
-Working alone takes much more time to finish everything.


It's been a while since last update, and though I promised the final update, it's still far from being finished, so here comes fixes to really annoying bugs.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed True Sight perk breaking recoil and compass markers.
* Fixed bug with Recoil formula giving negative values in some cases.
* Fixed Beyond Good And Evil perk not working at all. Now it adds/removes 250 Karma whenever player leaves the -250 to 250 karma area.
* Fixed bug with sick amount of case boxes on vendors.
* Fixed bug that added old bulk ammo boxes instead of bulk ammo.
* Fixed wrong values and amounts in surplus ammo boxes.
* Fixed stimpak withdrawal effect using turbo withdrawal instead.
* Fixed incorrect chance of retrieving tools from Wepaon Repair Kits.

* Armor Repair Kit now also requires Hammer to craft, and player has a chance to retrieve it after using the Armor Repair Kit.
* Dodge Chance is increased with weapon holstered. Keep in mind that bonus with Unarmed/Melee weapon out is still higher.
* Increased amount of starting caps by 33%. I mean actual money here, and not the one for starting gear.
* Close Quarter Combat perk now also requires 8 Agility.
* Comprehension perk ranks reduced from 3 to 2, and changed requirements to 4 INT and 20 Science.
* Educated perk Intelligence requirement increased from 5 to 6.
* Tunnel Runner (DLCs) perk speed bonus increased from 10% to 12% per rank.

* Fixed multiple bugs with weapon animations, like grip, reload and ironsights.
* Steyr AUG and FAMAS now use Millenia's models.
* FAMAS-G2 changed to FAMAS-F1 and its stats got adjusted a bit.
* Adjusted weapon sounds. Normal is less loud in overall, and silent is louder outdoors.

Reworked Weapon Sway formula a bit:
* Perception now reduces base Weapon Sway by up to 35%. Sway with low Perception is almost unchanged.
* Perception also affects Zoomed Weapon Sway of scoped weapons, making Perception even more important for snipers.
* Sway bonus from combat skills is reduced by ~30%, but Perception increases this bonus by up to 20%. Making both things equally important for shooters.
* Long weapons, in addition to increased Recoil, have increased Weapon Sway in interiors by 50-100%.
All in all, these changes make playing character with low combat skills less frustrating, and puts higher impact on relation between guns and Perception., especially for snipers.
Characters with very low Perception and combat skill won't see any difference, but at moderate values it will be much better, and finally at 10 PE and 100 Guns it will be a bit better.
Keep in mind, that the max possible accuracy is unchanged, so you still can't achieve 0 Sway, even with the True Sight perk.

Sorry about that...

Uploaded correct optional Combat plugins.

Just a quick fix.

Restored Vanilla Minigames plugin. It was deleted by an accident from v2.6.4.
Fixed bug with automatic melee/unarmed weapons breaking the Recoil script.
Fixed 4th Large Secret Stash not spawning creatures.
Fixed "Set AWNCheat to 0" teleporting player.

I guess that no one is surprised that every single patch I make is delayed as hell, but, well... better late than never, right? I kinda had a problem with secret stashes  (but thanks to VWgolfR1 I fixed it) and weapon animations, and it consumed a lot of my time, and then I didn't have time to spare on modding at all, thus the delay.
Also, this patch will work fine on top of v2.6.3, except for the stashes. So if you already started playing and you don't really care about stashes, you don't have to start new save.
I removed DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER option, because many people who installed my mod using NMM usually had problems, so from now on you will always have to install it manually. Really, copying and pasting Data folder isn't that hard. It's for your own good.

IMPORTANT! If you are updating from v2.6.3, you have to delete "_male" file located in Data\meshes\characters, and then fully re-install AWN (v2.0.0, v2.4.0, v2.6.4). Sorry for the problems, but it's the only way to get rid of broken weapon animations.

And finally, this is probably the final big update of the mod (aside from some small patches). If I have strength or time to release one more, I don't know, so I would rather not give your hopes high or anything. As you all know, I put enormous amount of time in this mod, and it might be a good idea to finally say goodbye to it and focus on actual game development, but I'll still try to fix reported bugs.

EDIT: I decided to actually release one more patch (v2.6.5), and it will be definitely the last one. But as always, don't ask me when.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed really horrid bug that prevented many perks and features from working. Thank you GECK for giving me 0 errors and behaving as if nothing happened.
Fixed weapon animations (read more in the Changes section).
Fixed Secret Stashes not being openable (again big thanks to VWgolfR1 for fixing it).
Combat Plugins now work correctly all the time.
Cheat Boxes now correctly appear in the alternate start room.
Since addiction condition script was kinda retarded, I removed it. Now player can ask doctors to cure his addiction even if he isn't addicted (as it was with Doctor Usanagi for example).
Fixed some odd pricing on doctors and few bugs related to their services.
Jack (Great Khans) now correctly sells his stuff to players with neutral reputation.
Greatly reduced discount from Julie Farkas.
Fixed bug with Fiend and BoS Scribe alternate starts not giving starting reputation.
Ruger MK II pistol deleted. It was supposed to be removed since v2.6.0.
That magical VATS perk each player has is now hidden.
Bullet Time trait correctly requires level 1.
Fixed requirements for Sudden Attack perk in its description and it correctly requires level 12 now.
2nd rank of Plasma Spaz perk works correctly.
Metal Helmet has correct condition.
Fixed bug that sometimes caused dropping Weapon Repair Kit instead of Armor Repair Kit.
Nails no longer pin limbs on crit. This feature is kinda bugged, that's why I removed it from rivets and nails.
Removed wrong info from dummy effects about rivets pinning limbs.
AER14 has dummy effect which states that it's a Laser-Plasma weapon. Also it's scope magnitude got fixed.
Removed dummy effects from few overlooked weapons.
Fixed info of Survival skill.
Fixed dummy effects of case boxes stating incorrect amounts of cases.
Fixed Gas Mask dummy effect on Radiation Suits.
Fixed icon of Tackler perk.

Removed Weapon Animation Replacers by joefoxx082 for 3rd person, and added 1st Person Weapon Animation Overhaul by Hitman47101. It should remove some annoyance, like 0% accuracy in VATS with energy weapons, or handguns stucking in ironsights mode after shooting.
Increased/updated loot in some Secret Stashes and swapped some of their models (small backpack won't hold a giant rifle now).
Reduced spread of energy rifles by 30-50% and their attack speed by 10-25%.
Silencer reduces damage by 10% and projectile velocity by 20% now. It affects all Guns and Energy Weapons, including silenced by default weapons.
Bonus for having Scope now affects Explosives as well.
All weapons are louder (especially silenced), but except melee and unarmed weapons.
Items with Water Breathing gives bonus +5 Poison Resistance, with Gas Mask +5 Radiation Resistance and with Flash Protection works like hat (+1 PE while in the sunlight). These bonuses are invisible in dummy effects to avoid chaos.
Recon and Chinese Stealth Armor no longer have Better Sneak dummy effect, but now states that they increase Sneak Value by 3.
Changed surplus boxes into Consumeables.
Removed VATS Chance To Hit from the Weapon Stat Viewer, since it never worked anyway.
Added Recoil, Projectiles, VATS Shots and Sound Level to the Weapon Stat Viewer.
Some small fixes to the Weapon Stat Viewer in overall. Critical Damage (usually with automatic weapons) still shows its bonus in billions from time to time; it's unfixable.
Fiend class now starts with Accepted reputation with Great Khans.
Shortened some effect names in the dummy effects.
Added explanation of some abbreviations to the AWN Guide.
Reduced value of Armor Repair Kit from 120 to 80 caps, and it can be crafted now.
Increases value of wrench from 5 to 10 caps.
Reduced Action Point Cost of Mercy (U) from 60 to 50.
Pain-Makers in Honest Hearts got toned down a bit.

Black Market feature will appear in v2.6.5.

Since I was able to cover rest of the planned changes and bug fixes for v2.6 with the v2.6.3 update, this mod is no longer considered to be in the beta state.
With so many changes starting a new game is highly recommended.

AWN now requires JIP NVSE http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58277/?
Also, update your NVSE to v5 or newer http://nvse.silverlock.org/

* Reworked Forgiving and Deadlier Combat plugins. They no longer affect damage of all weapons in game, but affect all damage dealt and taken by the player. This way light armors aren't useless and creatures also are deadlier.
* Deadlier Combat increases damage dealt and taken by 50%, while Forgiving Combat reduces them by 30%.
* Added Realistic Combat plugin. It's basically same as Deadlier Combat, but increases damage by 100% instead.
* If player tries loading these plugins together, he will get endless message box asking him to choose only one and disable the rest.
* I wrote a script which safely removes data of optional combat plugins when player decides to disable/delete them from his load order, so you are safe to experiment with them whenever you like.
* Lockpick bonus for being in interior or during the night is applied only with Vanilla Minigames plugin now.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed many minor bugs, it would be too much of a spam to list them all here.
* fixed few more bugs thanks to Drithius for finding them out while making his patches for other mods, but these ones I'll list:
* Not tagged survival skill no longer gives player a bonus chance of finding resources.
* Fixed some inconsistencies with secret stashes and their holotapes.
* Fixed new travelling merchants not selling items correctly.
* Auto-Doc in OWB correctly cures all addictions.
* Fixed repair lists of tribal armors and scorched sierra power armor. Also, Armor of the 87th Tribe can't be repaired using other armors.
* Fixed few unique armors/helmets having wrong durability value set.
* Fixed problems with textures on silencers/scopes, especially with retexture mods.
* Fixed not working correctly Tackle script.

* Weapon Animation Replacers http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/38527/? by joefoxx082 were added to the AWN. They wouldn't 100% work if added by player himself, I had to change some of the game settings for them to work correctly. In v2.6.4 I'll add some more of them.
* Added cheat function. Player can now spawn chests with almost all weapons and armors in Alternate Start Room and Goodsprings. All you have to do is to open a console and write: set awncheat to 1. Setting it to 0 will disable the cheat chests. This also adds some of the removed and quest items, and it doesn't add any DLC items. Enjoy, filthy cheaters.
* Chance (and sometimes amount) of obtaining resources based on survival skill (and repair ansc science skills, too) increases with the skill. It's no longer 100% chance once you reach the required skill requirement, but now player has a small chance even with a low skill and he still gets a bonus on certain skill threshold (with 45 Survival you have bonus to all resource types), making survival actually useful when invested in it.
* Survival skill now increases compass range and markings number, making it especially powerful when combined with high Perception. Player with low Perception and Survival skill will have even weaker Compass than before, but with 10 Perception and 100 Survival skill it's 33% stronger than before.
* Perception has a minor impact on weapon's Accuracy now, but increases weapon's Effective Fire Range, meaning that player with low Perception won't be able to hit anything at longer distances.
* Recoil formula got reworked, making it more complex and working with specified weapons rather than using global formula for all weapons.
* There are now 2 scripts that take care of recoil to make it a bit more responsive.
* Since we had some problems with wrong tiers and few rebalances took place, I had to update loot on enemies.
* Armors degreade 25% slower.
* Increased energy consumption of night vision.
* Added info about alternate start window popping-up 2 times.
* Player can craft only 1 random drug at Doc Mitchel's chemistry set. I totally forgot that this thing exists.

Weapons & Ammo:
* Quality check on every weeapon, ammo type and projectile. Please bear in mind, that I didn't check weapon sounds and animations, these will be done in v2.6.4, as I plan to update their sounds and fix broken animations.
* There was some small weapon rebalance along the way, since I didn't like few things.
* Incorrect weapon tiers, weapon mods and fummy effects finally fixed.
* Unique weapons can be modded as originally intented.
* Agility now also affects attack speed of all throwing weapons (including grenades and mines), and Agility above 5 further increases attack speed of ALL non-automatic weapons, especially one-handed. Yes, including guns etc.
* Pistols and Revolvers used by player now gain +10% attack speed for no particular reason.
* Removed bullet tracers from all guns, making combat less like Star Wars and more realistic.
* Silenced weapons now increase critical chance, critical damage and sneak damage, while scoped weapons increase max possible accuracy and chance to hit in VATS. Yes, attaching silencer or scope to the weapon also adds this bonus.
* Explosive ammo DT penetration is equal to that of AP ammo.
* Updated ammo prices at vending machines in Dead Money DLC.

* Fixed few small bugs.
* Added Powered Soldier perk. It's for minigunners in power armors.
* Added Bullet Time! trait. It's for people favoring Bullet Time over VATS.
* Added Tackler perk. It increases tackle chance and tackle power.
* Stone Wall perk now also reduces chance of being tackled instead when player fails to tackle opponent, but also requires 6 Endurance to take.
* Reworked Machine Eater and Robotics Expert perks.
* Junk Rounds (DLC plugin) is a survival-oriented perk now. It allows you to craft ammo using Survival skill instead.

* Adjusted and reworked crating recipes for all ammo. 
* Bullets require more lead, but less powder to craft, making Scrap Metal more demanding stuff.
* Special ammo finally can be crafted (except for surplus and depleted uranium).
* You can now craft ammo for explosives
* All explosive-related recipes require Science skill now.
* You can now discharge ECP, SEC, MFC into fission batteries.
* Adjusted costs and amounts of powder jars, case boses and similar items.
* Scrap metal and scrap electronics are more commonly found on vendors and in bigger amounts.
* Halved weight of scrap metal and scrap electronics.

Dodge Chance:
* Fixed a bug with NPCs having way too much dodge chance than intended.
* Aiming and crouching also reduces dodge chance now.
* Stealth Boy increases dodge chance by x1.10 and adds another +10%. So player with 20% dodge chance would have 32%.
* Reworked Art Of Dodging perk and splat it into 2 ranks.
* Reworked formula for NPCs (but Companions still use player's formula, so don't worry):
- To make scripts much lighter, I removed restoring limb damage from dodged attacks. NPC's dodge chance now only restores their normal health, not limb health.
- Greatly reduced enemies' chance to dodge. Typical NPC has around 20-25% dodge chance and gains +10-20% more for using melee/unarmed weapons. Please bear in mind that NPCs almost never will use their full dodge potential.
- All penalties to dodge chance on NPCs are much more hardcore than on the player. Not moving or knocked out NPCs lose most of their dodge chance, and penalties for heavier armor or crouching are also more severe.
- NPCs can't dodge VATS attacks, making VATS more useful tool. Also while they are out of combat, making surprise attacks more meaningful.

* Reworked tackle formula. It's less random and more based on various stats, also equipped armor matters for both tackler and tackled person.
* Tackle costs 20 AP and has 2 sec cooldown.
* Strength greatly increases tackle chance and tackle power. Important for opponent when being tackled.
* Endurance increases tackle chance by 50% as much as Strength. It is very important for opponent when being tackled.
* Agility increases tackle chance by 25% as much as Strength. It is not important for opponent.
* Also, the heaver the armor, the higher the chance and more powerful the tackle. Equip power armor and see them fly when you charge at them.

Ok, took me a bit longer than I thought (as always), but it's out at last. This one is quite small compared to other updates, but it mostly fixes game breaking stuff, so I wanted to release it rather soon.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed not correctly working main AWN script, leading to many broken features. Sorry about that. Also, I increased its speed 10 times, so report any performance issues and/or sudden crashes.
* Fixed Kemp and Linda not selling implants.
* Fixed Whiskey Rose perk not working at all.

* Quality check on perks. Added 2 new perks (Quick Trigger and Ambush), fixed few bugs, reworked few existing perks and splat some of them into more ranks.
* Added Stealth implant.
* Increased damage of EMP grenades and mines, and added info about it to their names.

* Reworked formula for chance to hit in VATS with different weapon types. Different weapon types got different flat bonuses to VATS and they scale with Perception differently as well. For example, machine guns get better flat bonus to VATS, but don't scale that well as assault rifles, while sniper rifles will always have a solid chance to hit in VATS and Perception will have huge impact on them.
* Doubled projectile velocity in VATS. It should greatly increase a chance of hitting moving characters, since projectiles in AWN are slower and vary from each other in velocity. Pistol and shotgun projectiles are really slow compared to rifles, making them almost impossible to hit from long distances.
* Bullets that miss the targeted body part have a small chance to hit other part instead. Also, chance to hit in VATS with automatic weapons is measured for each bullet individually, meaning that a long burst even with a low chance to hit actually have high odds of hitting at least one bullet.
* Fixed bug with guns (mostly pistols) missing in VATS.


Bug Fixes:
All DLC content finally updated.
Fixed weapon mods on all unarmed and melee weapons.
Fixed some typos in the stats of unarmed and melee weapons.
Fixed some gloves being silent.
Fixed automatic unarmed and melee weapons breaking way too fast.
Fixed VATS bug making player to land all of his hits, even with 1% chance to hit.
Reduced Gauss weapons' damage by around 15-20%. It was an error in the formula I used, I didn't pay attention.
Machine Guns use long bursts now.
Some tweaks to grenades in VATS.
Fixed Repair Kits not repairing items at all.
Armor Repair Kits have same chance of being found as Weapon Repair Kits.
Crafting Alien Power Cells requires Workbench instead of Reloading Bench now.
Fixed Semi-Automatic Shotgun and Mauser C96 reload animations.
Removed rest of the .22 LR ammo from the game.
Fixed bug with Lily having 50 Health more.
Some minor bug fixes.

Player now can check his resistances and current dodge chance by pressing the T key in Pip-Boy. Please notice, that upon changing armor your dodge chance won't update until you close and open the Pip-Boy again.
Added Weapon Mastery challenge which makes player better and better in the weapon type he is using.
Aerotech Office Park Repopulated.
Implants spread exclusively among 4 major factions/places: FoA (Usanagi), BoS (Linda), NCR (Kemp) and OWB (The Sink).
Added few new implants - Berserk, Critical Damage, Dodge, Leader and Sneak.
Reduced effectiveness of Recoil Implant from 20% to 15%.
NPCs use Dodge Chance now, but not the creatures. It's especially effective on lightly armored NPCs.
Dodging an attack no longer damages your armor.
Adjusted few perks to make them more attractive.
Gatlings moved into the Minigun "genre" to avoid confusion.
Reduced pistols' spread.
Increased damage of all grenades and mines by around 25-50%.
14mm Gun is now 14mm SMG.
Increased Crit Dmg multipliers on knives from 1.5 to 2.
Boosted Shishkebab, Cattle Prod, Crowbar and Wrench.
Perception now affects grenade indication range.
Mines count as throwing weapons now.
Optimized AI of Travelling Merchants' Guards.
Optimized Random Character Creation script, it should respond faster and bug less often now.
Added Double Tap perk. It increases attack speed of pistols and revolvers.
Reduced Jacobstown Marcus AGI by 1, but increased his INT.

DT/DR Changes:
Removed DR/DT modifiers from 25mm, 40mm, Missiles and Rockets, and increased their damage by around 10-25%.
Player no longer gets DT for drinking alcohol, but DR bonus is doubled.
Chems that increased DT got nerfed.
Companions with bonus DT/DR adjusted.
Cyber Body perks give less DR and DT now.
Kamikaze trait DT penalty reduced from 3 to 2.
Piercing Strike perk DT penetration reduced from 8/15 to 6/11.
Penetration perk DT penetration reduced from 3/6 to 2/4, but also reduced required level from 10 to 8.
Walking Inferno perk DT penetration reduced from 4/7 to 3/6.[/left]

Finally here it is, the most shameful and bugged version of AWN (even the first release wasn't that bugged I believe). What is exactly bugged? Hell if I know. GECK screwed me big time while I worked on this update. I managed to fix the crashes, but I'm 100% sure that there are some bugged and unfinished features, so everyone getting this update will be a beta tester.
Sorry for problems. I'm mad as hell myself. I promise to fix all the reported problems in the upcoming days/weeks, and all future patches will be fully compatible with v2.6.0, so report literally everything, even if you are not sure if it's a bug or not. Cheers.

Anyway, I am (and you should be too) very grateful to Penicylinek for helping me out with boring and dirty work which is putting many of item values from Excel into the GECK. Thanks bro, you are the best!
And special thanks to VWgolfR1 for helping me out mostly with textures, although he really shouldn't be doing it, because now he is screwed at uni big time xD Thanks bro, love ya!

P.S. Thanks for over 10 000 unique downloads and still playing, although FO4 already came out!

Bug Fixes:
Disabled ironsight animation for PPSh-41 SMG.
Recharging nightvision goggles with MFC now grants 180 secs of power supply, not 30 as with ECP.
Fixed bug which sometimes set player's Melee Sneak Damage to 0.
Fixed bug which prevented player from catching Long Fuse Dynamites.
Fixed bug with ED-E's Enhanced Sensors perk not always working.
Added NCR Guard Dogs to NCR Faction. It should fix few strange behaviors of the dogs.

Overall Changes:
This update requires New Game start, it will quite a lot of bugs if you use it on the existing save.
Added Forgiving Combat plugin. It reduces damage of all weapons by 25%, making fights longer. For people who hate realism and prefer RPG over FPS.
Added an option to roll all stats, tags, traits and even a class for your character.
Weapon Stat Display hotkey changed from E to Q. Because of E it was too messy, and Q isn't used by anything.
Weapon Stat Display no longer shows Condition Value, but Condition with amount of shots before it breaks.
Weapon Stat Display no longer shows V.A.T.S. Chance To Hit, but V.A.T.S. Range. It tells you how far is the accurate distance in VATS and how low impact Perception has on it.
Added Armor Repair Kits and all Repair Kits have diminishing effect on better gear.
Added Advanced Lockpicks and Advanced Electronic Lockpicks.
Added books and magazines to Inventory Sorter feature.
Player's Compass Range is increased by 5-10%, but is dulled greatly at night and in interiors.
Lone Wanderer class now has a -1 Companion Limit penalty.
Crafting repair kits requires more Scrap Metal and Spare Electronics.
Player has a chance of restoring hammer and wrench after using a Repair Kit (based on Repair skill).
Turpentine is much easier to find on Vendors.
Dodge Chance formula changed from (0 + Luck + (Agility * 3)) to (10 + Luck + (Agility * 2)), making light armors more useful to characters not specializing in high Agility and Dodge Chance.
During Bullet Time weapon swaying is halved now.

Armor Rework:
All armors got their stats rebalanced from scratch.
Increased max possible DR from 75% to 90%.
Characters no longer get damaged if their armor's DT fully blocks the attack (that shield icon when damaged).
Armors lose condition at much slower rate.
More DR and and less DT on armors, but better elemental resistances (creatures are doing mostly fine). So resistances on the armor will have greater meaning, while weaker weapons will have a higher chance of hurting enemies.
Clothes now give +1 Agility.
All armors and helmets have their resistances, bonuses and penalties in their effects now, instead of their names.
Craftable Gecko and Deathclaw armors got retextures (thanks VWgolfR1) and they can now be encountered on NPCs as well.

Weapon Rework:
All weapons got their stats rebalanced from scratch.
Weapons now have 5 Tiers which depend on their base value.
Alien weaponry is back (it was removed in v2.0.0). Say hello to pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, machine gun and minigun.
Unarmed, melee and all unique weapons can be modded now.
Guns follows crosshair now. Inspired by Grasscid's mod.
Weapons lose their condition faster in overall, especially energy weapons.
Reduced base weapon sway by 40% and combat skills reduce it by up to 87% (was 88% before), while weapon sway with 100 combat skill is 33% lower now.
Greatly reduced accuracy on weapons which aren't meant to be accurate, but actually are (automatics, pistols) and vice versa.
Increased attack speed of automatic weapons by 20-40% to give them more realistic feel.
Shotguns damage and spread greatly increased and they shoot 12 projectiles instead of 9 now.
Increased velocity of plasma projectiles by around 20%.
Unarmed and one-handed melee weapons give small bonus to dodge chcance (x1.10).

.22 LR ammo removed and weapons rechambered to 9mm instead.
Bean Bag ammo for shotguns, Special for 5mm/9mm and Ultra Charge for ECP removed.
Bullets are more expensive by 1 Tier, but their crafting cost is unchanged. Also Explosives' value is unchanged.
All ammo types, including base ammo, got their stats reworked to be more interesting and unique.
Added Hand Load, Surplus, Full Metal Jacket and Depleted Uranium ammo types to many different ammo.
Added Explosive (for pistols and SMGs) and Vigiliant Recycler (Hand Loader version for Energy Weapons) ammo.
NPCs should have a bit more ammo in most cases.
Readjusted ammo in surplus and bulk boxes and greatly increased amount of ammo boxes on vendors' stock.

Perks & Traits:
Some minor tweaks to few perks, mostly regarding DR, DR and resistances.
Added Overkill trait - Makes ARs, Carbines and SMGs to use long bursts in VATS, but increases their AP cost by 100% and reduces chance to hit by 20%.
Added Deep Breath perk - Further reduces weapon swaying during Bullet Time.
Added Missile Boy perk - Increases reload speed and damage of missile launchers, rocket swarmers and fat mans.
Added Alien Scientist perk - Boosts Alien weaponry and allows player to craft Alien Power Cells using ECP, SEC and MFC.
Added 2 ranks of Scout perk - Increaes compass range and compass markings number.
Added Jack The Ripper perk - Inceases Damage, Crit Chance and Crit Damage with all kinds of knives.
Added Unlimited Dodging perk - Increases Dodge Chance cap from 90% to 95%. REQ 8 AG and 8 LK.
Reworked Wild Regeneration perk, it gives Healing Rate instead now.
Built to Destroy trait gear decay rate increased from 18% to 20%.
Logan's Loophole limb damage reduced from 30% to 27% (book reference).

Increased NPCs' base health by 20-40.
Enemies will use ranged weapons from bigger distance and will more likely use melee in close range.
Reduced NPCs' overall accuracy.
Increased NPCs max possible distance to react by 11% and it is further altered by game difficulty settings.
Few tweaks to AI regarding searching and detecting.

I repopulated some areas on the go while I was doing Secret Stashes.
Traveling merchants' bodygaurd number increased.
Brotherhood of Steel Bunker repopulated.
Emergency Service Railyard is a base of new raider group (meant for high levels).
Added Gojira.

Ok, guys, patch is released at last. I know that I couldn't keep all of the promises, but some of you might know how May/June works for uni students, so I really lacked time to finish everything I wanted, but as you can see update is still pretty big, so I hope that you gonna forgive me for delays and for not adding all of the promised features. I'm going to Belgium and then to UK 17th June, so I wouldn't be able to make everything that I wanted + I won't be able to mod until the first week of July. Enough of rant, enjoy!

Added Optional Plugins folder and put 2 optional plugins there. Because people tend to copy and enable all of the plugins without even knowing what they actually do. It's for your own good, guys.
Added EVE compatibility patch made by Penicylinek. Thanks a lot, mate :)
Added Neotropics Weapon Stats Display feature, though I altered it a bit. Player now can view stats of the equipped weapon in the Pip-Boy by pressing the "E" key.
Fixed random crashing at the Final Terminal.
Player has to choose on the beginning if he wants Hardcore Mode and/or Wild Wasteland perk.
Player's starvation, dehydration and sleep deprivation are reset after leaving character creation room, so player starts with a fresh Primary Needs counter. Players updating their saves will have their Primary Needs reset as well.
Added info about chems being addictable.

Repopulated Areas:
Mojave Outpost.
188 Trading Post.

All Companions start with 1 trait and 1 perk. I know this feature was supposed to be a bit bigger, but I didn't want to further delay v2.5.1 patch for few weeks just because of this feature.
Increased ED-E's Agility by 2, but reduced its Strength by 2.
Increased Rex's Endurance by 1, but reduced its Luck by 1.

SPECIAL & Skills:
Fixed bonus crit chance from Luck not affecting throwing melee weapons.
Companion slots for Charisma changed from 1 every 2 points of CH, to one bonus slot at 3, 6, 8 and 10 CH. So player with 10 CH can have "only" 4 Companions instead of 5. Since Companions are really helpful, especially on beginning, and I wanted to make Charisma even more meaningful, player has to invest more points if he wants Companion or two, while Charisma oriented players can still have their small army.
Charisma now affects prices (95-105%).
Caps to spend on the starting gear formula changed from (3000 + Charisma * 100) to (2500 + Charisma * 150).
Increased starting caps from stats by 50%.
Additional Companion slot from 100 Speech skill no longer reduces total Companion amount by 1, but gives additional slot as similar perks and effects.
Repair skill affects how fast your gear degrades, up to 10% reduction at 100 Skill.
Survival skill gives player bonus Poison and Radiation Resistance, up to 10% at 100 Skill, and up to 20% bonus Healing Rate and Rad Absorption. Companions with tagged Survival gets max bonuses instantly.
Switched effects of Tagged Repair and Repair: 75 perks.
Repair: 75 perk reworked, it now increases chance of recovering cases, hulls and drained ammunition by 30%.
Survival: 50 perk moved to Survival: 25 perk and reduced bonus from 30% to 25%.
Survival: 50 perk increases Healing Rate and Rad Absorption by 20% now.
Survival: 100 perk's effects rebalanced.
Poisons' effectiveness reduced by around 25%, but Survival skill now affects their effectiveness, up to 100% more.

Weapons & Armors:
Fixed typo in FAMAS-G2's name and it no longer floats infinitely when dropped, but, sadly, uses G36C model instead when dropped. It was the only fix I could come up with.
Reduced activation radius and time of mines. Player will have disarming them a bit easier, but enemies will less likely step on them and they will explode much faster.
Planting mines is even more silent now.
Increased value of Chinese Stealth Suit from 2000 to 10000 caps, but also increased its condition, DR and DT.
Greatly boosted Rivet Gun.

Melee & Unarmed:
Reworked throwing melee weapons. They are cheaper and easier to get, but no longer obtainable from bodies, if they successfully hit the target.
Increased VATS range with unarmed/melee weapons by 12.5%.
Melee and Unarmed weapons' reach affects reach and range of VATS now, it varies between 60%-130%.
Tripled distance between player and the target in VATS while using melee/unarmed weapons.

Perks & Traits:
Fixed Enlightenment perk not working correctly.
Reworked a bit Armored Sneaking perk and added Endurance requirement to it.
Robotics Expert perk has 2 ranks and got a bit reworked.
Added Careful Scavenger perk which gives player 100% chance of getting throwing melee weapon back, if it hits the target.
Added 2 ranks of Long Hands perk which further doubles/triples distance between player and the target with melee/unarmed weapons.
Added 2 ranks of Cutthroat perk which increases Sneak Damage by 50%/100% with knives.
Reworked Toxic Blood trait a bit. It now affects Healing Rate and Rad Absorption as well.
Boosted 2nd rank of Machine Eater perk from 35%/35% to 40%/40%.
Greatly reduced effectiveness of Low Profile trait. It had too big impact when compared to similar perks.
Fixed Lawbringer, Contract Killer and Hematophage's descriptions a bit.

Some sneak overhaul yet again.
Perks affecting sneaking show their effectiveness as Sneak Value, to give players some idea how good perks are. For example, bonus from the Lurker perk is higer than from the Thief perk, but it affects Melee/Unarmed weapons only.
Increased Sneak effectiveness from the Skill by 12.5%. This should help Companions especially.
Greatly reduced "base" sounds made by player's actions, like swinging the weapon, pulling the trigger (yes, this actually makes sound), opening the doors and so on.
Unarmed and Melee Weapons make less sounds by default now, and Silent Violence perk further reduces them.
Reworked NPCs' detection in Caution/Combat state a bit. Greatly reduced their alertness in Caution state, but increased a bit in Combat, but in overall it's a nerf to their detection.
Reduced armor's weight impact on sneaking in Medium and especially Light armors, but increased it in Power armors. Also increased player's base weight a bit.
Reduced base sneak value by 12.5%.

Inventory Sorter:
Added inventory sorter to the Pip-Boy's Aid section. For Weapon and Armor ones you will have to wait for the v2.6.0 patch.
Chem - Various chems and drugs not affected by the Medicine or Survival Skill.
Med - Usually healing chems and items affected by the Medicine Skill.
Survi - Usually healing items and plants affected by the Survival Skill.
Food - Edible items like food or water, affected by the Survival Skill.
Alco - Alcoholic baverage. Neither affected by the Medicine or Survival Skill.
Poison - Poisons for melee and unarmed weapons, affected by the Survival Skill.
Book - All skill magazines and books.
Implant - Body implants.
Holo - Secret stash holodisks. Yep, this feature is still disabled.
Misc - Other usable items, like repair kits or powder jars.
Quest - Quest items.

Daniel's (HH) healing and pricing fixed.
Fixed Instant Super Stimpak's (OWB) debuff not working correctly.
Fixed few cloning recipes (OWB) requiring Sneak/Survival instead of the Science skill.
White Leg Pain Makers (HH) will no longer have Missile Launchers and will rarely have Grenade Launchers.
Karma reward for giving Healing Powders to Daniel (HH) increased from 5 to 10.
Ghost Sight (DM), Datura Hide (HH) and Rushing Water (LR) chems count as Chem in terms of game mechanics.
Increased Rushing Water's value from 100 to 125.

* Updated crippled effects and conditions. You can read about it in Pip-Boy's After War Nevada Guide.
* Fixed really, really awful bug with bonus loot giving player ~100% chance for it.
* Removed 2nd Grim Reaper's Sprint from the perk list.
* Fixed Aki-Lucky perk not giving critical chance.
* Fixed Morphine not disabling all of the penalties from crippled limbs.
* Heartseeker perk now affects unarmed weapons as well.
* Gauss Prodigy perk critical chance reduced from 8%/15% to 5%/9%.
* Fixed respeccing (resetting perks) in Old World Blues DLC. I hope so, at least.
* Fixed quest in Old World Blues DLC not updating itself when player gathered all parts of the Body Implant Module.

Ok guys, I know it has been a while and you didn't expect to wait that long for the next update (neither did I), but at least it is a "bit" bigger this time, and I hope you gonna like it :)
Also, I had small problems with OWB DLC, but I'll release a small update this weekend fixing few things.

Main Plugin:

Bug Fixes:
Legion Mongrels in Nipton Town Hall should attack player now.
Fixed bug with some Lakelurks not using their sonic shriek.
Gas grenade in the Birds of a Feather quest doesn't kill everyone anymore.
Added 1 more Ghoul with a dog tag to the Camp Searchlight quest "We will all go together".
Fixed issues with some NPCs not shooting during scripted events (Orris, Jean-Baptiste and Captain Parker).
Fixed Grilled Mantis Leg recipe.
Fixed M2 Browning Machine Gun's missing sounds.
Fixed Grenade Launcher reload animation.
Fixed Pancor Jackhammer's and Winchester 1887 Shotgun's reload animation with installed ammo mod.
Fixed vanilla bug with 20 Gauge ammo missing a message icon.

Fixed vanilla sneak crit bug, and reworked sneak crits, so they are called Sneak Damage now and affect total damage dealt by sneak crit, not just crit damage.
Because of the sneak crits rework, all perks related to it got rebalanced. Tell me if I skipped any.
Changed a bit how karma and NPCs' alignments work. Player no longer gets karma for killing evil NPCs and aligments were splat into 2 types only - Evil and non-Evil. Player loses 25 Karma for non-Evil NPCs.
Updated Regulator and Hitman classes.
Some tweaks to ratios of NPCs having implants and weapon mods upon death. They will also have a chance of having some junk and secret stash holodisks (though holodisks are disabled for now).
All Deathclaws' health and damage increased by 10-15%, and XP by 10-20%.
Added info to the human/ghoul flesh about it being a Strange Meat.
Healing Rate and Rad Absorption reworked. They are something like the "stat" now. More info in Pip-Boy's After War Nevada Guide.
Damage increase from Unarmed and Melee Weapons skills reduced from 50% to 25%.
Unarmed skill gives up to 20% Dodge Chance (halved for Melee Weapons).
Melee Weapons skill no longer gives Dodge Chance, but gives up to 20% Damage Resistance instead (halved for Unarmed).
Few small tweaks to loot.
Increased NPCs' damage with unarmed and melee weapons. Especially with two-handed melee weapons and gloves.
Player gets a bit more damage from strength while using power fists and two-handed melee weapons.
Player gets a bit more attack speed from Agility while using unarmed and one-handed melee weapons.
Updated Pip-Boy's After War Nevada Guide a bit.
Base Critical Chance increased from 0% to 5% (including all characters).
Player's Critical Damage reduced from 176-230% to 130-175%. All others have constant 200% and Companions have 160-250%.
Renamed Power Fist to Power Glove to avoid confusion (I'm deeply sorry Fallout fans, it hurt my Fallout pride as well). Did the same for similar weapons.
Base Radiation Resistance increased from -3% to 0% (including all characters).
Base Poison Resistance per Endurance point reduced from 5% to 3%, but base Poison Resistance increased from -5% to 0% (including all characters).
Base Poison and Radiation Resistance per Endurance point on Companions increased from 3% to 5%.
Reduced Animal Poison duration by around 20%.
All types of poisons and radiations deal halved damage against all characters except player.
Renamed some poisons to give player better understanding of what can be cured by an antidote.
Feral Ghouls and Glowing Ones damage reduced by around 20-30%, but they use Savage Radiation effect instead of a normal Radiation effect (more info in After War Nevada Guide in player's Pip-Boy).
Halved Bloatfly initial damage and attack speed, but changed Savage Radiation effect to Poisonous Radiation.
Radroaches and Rodents use Savage Radiation effect instead of a Radiation.
Creature radiation can damage all NPCs and creatures now, but still not the player, since player gets irradiated, while all other characters get damaged by it instead. Only Companions could be damaged by it before.
Nerfed weapon rewards from the Bleed Me Dry quest.
All case, powder and primer boxes changed to consumeable items. I hope it gonna fix occuring randomly primer bug.
Restored weight to primers and cases. Yeah, I'm a sadist and I can't wait to see you crying.
Increased range at which NPCs tend to use their throwing weapons.
Added "Rifle" to the Repeaters' names, to make it clear that these weapons count as Rifles when it comes to perks and other bonuses.
Reduced amount of Lakelurks in the cave by around 20%.
Added Legendary Lakelurk to the game.
Repopulated Horowitz Farmstead and Prospector's Den a bit. With every update I'll try to repopulate at least 1 or 2 areas. It's better way than trying to repopulate everything in one patch.
EMP Grenades' damage reduced from 80 to 60, but now they paralyze targets for 6 secs.

Perks & Traits:
Added Cheater trait.
Added Looter and Smooth Moves perks (2 ranks).
Added Healing Rate and Rad Absorption perks (2 ranks).
Restored Fear The Reaper trait and Ninja perk.
Replaced Ninja Class' Shadow Step perk with Ninja perk.
Skilled trait reworked a bit, but it still works pretty much the same.
Fixed True Sight perk not preventing player from losing Perception.
Fixed bug with perks increasing projectile velocity not working correctly (Plasma Spaz and Barrel Greaser).
Few mastery perks rebalanced.
Grim Reaper's Sprint perk is now a level 12 perk, requires 7 Agility and has 2 ranks. Players who already took it will get 2nd rank of the perk automatically.
Lethality perk is now a level 14 perk, requires 8 Luck and has 2 ranks. Players who already took it will get 2nd rank of the perk automatically.
Added 2 new mastery perks - Ultimate Nimbleness (Agility) and Aki-Lucky (Luck).
Added Endless Criticals perk. Requires 18th level and 9 Luck, has 2 ranks.
Autism trait got its text squeezed and penalties reduced a bit.
Dodger perk dodge chance bonus on the first rank increased from 5% to 6%, but on the 2nd rank reduced from 7% to 6%. It's still 12% with both ranks taken.
Reduced Heartseeker's Critical Damage from 50%/90%/120% to 45%/85%/120%.
Reduced Heavy Handed trait damage from 15% to 10%.
Fixed info of The Professional perk.

Stats & Skills:
Player requires Explosives Skill in order to disarm armed explosives. Player can also try catching dynamites and molotov cocktails, if his Agility is high enough.
Removed names of the stats from the stat description in order to give more space for the info about stats.
Luck stat is the main factor in the bonus loot feature, so players with 1 Luck won't get any bonus loot at all, except for the junk, while with 10 Luck they have relatively high chance of getting something from every bigger encounter. Player requires 5 Luck to have at least 1% chance for all kinds of loot, while 6 Luck has the most profitable per point ratio.
Luck gives bonus Critical Chance to unarmed and melee Weapons.
Agility also affects jump height and weapon swap speed.
Base Action Points increased from 50 to 80.
Action Points per Agility reduced from 5 to 4.
Reduced Action Point Regeneration by 40%, but now Agility increases it by 5% per point.
Reduced base Dodge Chance from 10% to 0%, but increased Dodge Chace per Agility point from 2% to 3%.
Base Health increased by 20.
Reduced Health per level per Endurance point from 0.5 to 0.35.
Reduced Agility's impact on sprinting and increased base sprint speed, so players with low Agility will sprint faster, while with high Agility slower.
Reduced Endurance's impact on sprinting, so players with low Endurance will be able to sprint much longer, while with high Endurance won't see much of a difference.

Player no longer has to quick save in order for Companions' scripts to start, but I still left the option with starting them with quick saving, just in case. Companions added via DLCs and mods still require a quicksave after recruiting them.
Companions have Dodge Chance now, based on their Agility, Luck and equipped armor.
Greatly reduced Companions' accuracy on Hard and Very Hard.
Companions no longer have level cap and they can infinitely level up together with the player.
Arcade, Boone, Cass and Veronica no longer have 2nd ranks of their perks, but the first ones only.
Removed info about reduced stimpak effectiveness from Marcus, Lily and Rex, and about Cheyenne Companion from Sunny.
Marcus, Lily and Rex have halved chem duration now.
ED-E's weapons boosted, but they use ammo now. Normal ED-E uses ECP, armored uses SEC, and armed uses MFC. Lonesome Road ED-E uses SEC.
Companions now use appropriate chems while in combat (Psycho when at 75% health, Jet whenever combat starts etc.), so be careful with giving them any. Companions from DLCs and mods are currently unaffected by this feature. Also, non-humanoid creatures (ED-E, Rex) can't use any chems themselve.
Companions' bonuses for using their favorite weapons reworked. They now usually have primary and secondary favorite weapon, and bonuses aren't dull and all about increased damage anymore. DLC Companions are currently unaffected by this feature.
Raul's Regular Maintenance reduced from 25% to 20%, and Full Maintenance from 35% to 30%.
Companions no longer get bonus 25% Poison and 15% Radiation Resistance for being in the party.

Secret Stashes (WIP):
This feature is disabled and will be enabled in the future (most likely v2.6.0.).

Main DLC Plugin:
Players using DLCs should have info about difficulty settings displayed correctly during character creation.
Tesla Cannon and its unique variant correctly deals bonus EMP damage to Lobotomites and Cyberdogs.
Green Geckos nerfed.
Removed weapons from spliced Lobotomites in X-8.
Increased Nightstalkers' (OWB) damage from 55 to 65.
Removed spawning enemies from all of the DLCs.
Fixed Big Brained perk (OWB) not working with the Tag! perk, and vice versa.
Fixed Gabriel's Bark causing the game to crash.
Arc Welder has "(T3)" in its name now.

Known Issues and Bugs

Some weapons and armors use standard vanilla models and textures, because graphic artist who agreed to help me resigned when everything was more or less done, so I decided to leave these items with vanilla models and textures. If anyone willed to help me with that, I would be more than grateful, since I lack any graphic skills to do it myself.

Using "Continue" instead of Load Game can make your game loading endlessly. It is a known issue with big mods and heavily modded games.

Grenades in V.A.T.S. show chance to hit, but they always have 100%. It's a Fallout New Vegas bug on which I spent hours trying to fix it, but it seems like it is impossible.


Sorry, but this mod is incompatible with most of the big mods out there, especially with mods
which alters items, perks, creatures etc. Texture, weather and UI mods (and sometimes quest mods too) are fine though, they will work.


You can contact me here, on Nexus, via PM or in comments. I try to visit Nexus every day.

Manual installation

Just extract with winrar and copy Data folder into your Fallout New Vegas folder. Copy ONLY meshes and textures from Weapons of the New Millenia. Make sure that After War Nevada.esp plugin is ticked in NMM, FOMM or whatever launcher you are using. The lower the plugin in the list is, the more stable and conflictless it will be.

Manual Uninstallation

Just untick/delete After War Nevada.esp plugin.

Tools Used:

Mod Dependencies

You require NVSE and meshes and textures from Weapons of the New Millenia to play this mod.

Recommended Mods

These mods aren't really required, but recommended for better game experience and immersion:

The Weapon Mod Menu by Pelinor - to give you guys info about matching weapon mods. Really useful.

Experience Level Adjust Mod by me - to slower leveling, because AWN changes and increases XP awarded for killing creatures, so
player levels up even faster than in vanilla. Recommended at least 20% slower plugin. DON'T use optional plugins, because they are already included in the AWN.

Enhanced Blood Textures for NV v2_22c by dDefinder - because everybody loves blood and gore, right?

Digital Nightmare - Music Mod by NeptuneUK - for people who love horror atmosphere and want to make their playthrough an even more hardcore experience. New music just fits perfectly with the AWN's difficulty.

Nevada Skies - Weather Effects by Yossarian - my favorite weather mod, can't play without it. Yossarian really did there a great job.

ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland by MyGoodEye - great addition to darker nights brought by Nevada Skies.

Special Thanks

First of all, I wanted to thank my friends, Frederik and Dennis, for supporting me and for
being great grammar nazis (even in this description, lol), they found many typos and told me what they thought of my ideas.

Second of all, I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to Fallout Wikia, it
was also a great help and made my work much easier.

And last, but not least important, everyone who spammed me in PMs or in the comment section with ideas, suggestions and bug reports. Without you improving this mod would be impossible.


And here goes an endless credit list, because without these people I wouldn't be able to
finish mod.

Also, if I skipped anyone, then PLEASE, let me know, I would be more than grateful, since I don't
want anyone to be left uncredited for his contribution to this mod.

Now, let the endless credit list begin!

Main Theme Music by Shaun Taylor McManus

Sprint Mod by Lork

DK_BulletTime by Dunderklumpen

Marcus Companion by drg6526

Sunny Smiles Companion by gurk_meja

Perk Icons from More Perks by Kyung-Bum Lee

Weapon Reload Animations from AKs and AR15s Weapons Pack by Heffy

Military Backpacks - New Vegas Edition Blackwolf SedPL by MrFisse

Neotropics Weapon Stats Display by Neotropic


Plasma Caster Fix

Ironsights Fix for weapons:

Combat Shotgun


Flamer Pistol

P95 Plasma Rifle


Type 93

SG 552


Tesla Metal Armor & Helmet

Flamer Pistol

Glock 86

Pulse Pistol & Rifle

M72 Gauss Rifle

H&K L30 Gatling Laser

MEC Gauss Minigun

Plasma Grenade

EMP Grenade & Mine





Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Double Pump Shotgun


M1918 BAR


SG 552



CZ53 Personal Minigun

CZ57 Avenger Minigun

Perforator Minigun


Mossberg 590

Bladed Knuckles

M1 Garand by Jaysus

Military Plasma Weapons by ice625

SVD Dragunov by Zealotlee

MidWest Power Armor Professional Edition _with visor for PN by Hereticus, DaiShi and AnOneTwo

PINK HANDS FIXED by camjen101

Vertical Recoilmod by AzeraSilver

Alexscorpions Nightvision Goggles by AlexScorpion

Tribal T-45d Power Armor by LORD DARIUS13

Classic Advanced Power Armor by Latexschlampe

Rage Wingstick by G33k3dGam3r and Tribalizer

Papa Khan armor by Sansuni

Credits below were written by Linerunner, who took over War1982's CFW mod, and since my mod
started from War1982's CFW, I'm pasting most of the credits:


Author of Classic Fallout Weapons BETA.


The following weapons are from the original mod:

CAWS (retex by LordAngelDanger), Pancor Jackhammer, G11, Bozar, LSW, Molotov Cocktail, P90c,
Wakizashi, Vindicator, Pipe Rifle. The custom animations in CFW are his work as well.

Joe Foxx

The Wattz 1000 and 2000 were created by him and have appeared in every version of CFW since
the beginning.


Author of WME and part of the Fook Team, he has provided enhanced textures, animated glows
and improvements to the Wattz 1000 and 2000.


His many classic weapon mods were heavily drawn on for their quality work. The following
weapons are his own creations:

M72 Gauss Rifle, PPK12 Hauss Pistol, MEC Gauss Minigun, Flamer Pistol, H&K L30 Gatling Laser,
Pulse Grenade, Plasma Grenade


Creator of the awesome Energy Visuals Enhanced for FO3.


And Essential Visual Enhancements for NV:


His work includes:

YK42b Pulse Rifle, YK32 Pulse Pistol and the P94 Plasma Rifle.


I'm sure you know him for his many retextures on NV's vanilla weapons, but his work went into
many other weapons as well. Full credit lists for the weapons he textured and gave permission
to use:


Model: Twinke Masta

Texture: Millenia aka Arenovalis and War1982

Animation: Valve (DaEllum67), Lain and War1982

Compile: Valve (DaEllum67), Vagrant and Lain

Edits & Iron Sights: Linerunner


City-Killer are retextures by Mormacil.


Another contributor to CFW in the retexture department. His work so far includes the H&K


Author of 19th and 20th Century Weapons.


Individual weapons with full credit lists from 20th:

-M2 BMG-

Author Unknown.

**Model Edited heavily by Einherjrar, Verified free release**

FO3Compile/Format: Einherjrar

Texture: Einherjrar


GO team - model

Gi777 - convert and rig

Fallout3 Compile: Einherjrar

Minor Adjustments: Einherjrar

Iron Sights: Linerunner

-H&K P90-


Short_Fuse - Base p90

Soul Slayer - Integrated Aimpoint Receiver

Will - Silencer


Thanez - P90

Enin - Magazine Edits

Stoke - Bullets

Cyper - Spring

FxDarkloki - Normals/Phong/Ref/Trans

Minor Edits: Einherjrar

FO3 Compile: Einherjrar

Edits & Iron Sights: Linerunner

Single asset/source credits:

Classic Laser Pistol FX by Lexx (retex by jonnyeah)


Classic Laser Rifle FX by Lexx (retex by jonnyeah)


-For the City-Killer (retex by Mormacil):

Classic Combat Shotgun v2.2 by Lexx


-For the MSG (tactics) variant sniper rifle:

MSG90 Sniper Rifle by Chambermade


Classic sniper rifle DKS-501 v1.1 by Gifted


-For the Pulse rifle and pistol:

EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced by Wei Jie Sen and Cipscis


FT Weapons - Casull Revolver by Stray


Classic 10mm Pistol by Listenerr (retex by Steel Hardburger)


Better Classic Mauser by Listenerr


Classic Wakizashi Blade by Listenerr


-For many of the weapon sounds:

Realistic Gunshot Sounds by Honnou


-For the FAL and the EOTECH scope used on the HPFA:

FN FAL by Pete, Millenia, Vashts1985, Frederych1992, Lt Albrecht, Squasm


FT Weapons - Beretta 470 Silverhawk by Stray


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why mod has been removed from the Nexus and it has been reuploaded as v2.0.0?

Mod had problems with assets mainly from Imperator3, who got banned in the end. So I had to replace 30 of his weapons and then another 10 from 20th Century Weapons. Because of that I wasted Hot Files, when my mod stayed on front page for 2 weeks, but nobody could play it. Together with many new models and textures, new tweaks and bug fixes came, so I decided to give it v2.0.0 and bring old changelogs as well.

2. I have red exclamation marks, what is going on?

You either installed mod wrongly or you didn't get meshes and textures from the Weapons of the New Millenia mod.

3. My game freezes and crashes, any fixes?

I assure you that this mod is as stable as vanilla when it comes to freezes and crashes, so if you are experiencing them, then it's most likely a compatibility issue with other mods that you are using or FNV simply hates you. Try getting NVAC.

4. Do I need a strong PC to use this mod?

No. Due to many changes and a lot of stuff added, you might lose few FPS at most, but if you could run FNV smoothly, you still should be able to do it.

5. Can I use it with DLCs?

Yes. This mod supports all of the DLCs.

6. Will Project Nevada and Fook be compatible with AWN? What about AWOP, EVE and others?

All of the mods mentioned above are currently incompatible with AWN. For FOOK I won't make any patch, same for Project Nevada, but in this case I'll more likely add something similar to their stuff from Core Module. FOR AWOP and EVE I'm planning a patch in the future. There will be patch for Companion mods like Willow, but you know, so many things to do, so little time to spare.

7. What makes AWN different from other overhaul mods? Why shouldn't I go with PN/FOOK instead? What's so special about this mod?

I really hate comparing my mods to other mods, because it sounds as if I was exalting myself or something. Also, I never played PN nor FOOK for Fallout New Vegas. But if I was to say about differences between PN and AWN, then PN tries to make fully customizable mod that is user-friendly and compatible with as many mods as possible, while I'm trying to make one big, balanced, hardcore and unsplittable system, which is so big that it alone can turn your gameplay upside down, giving you fresh and unique experience. So you can't turn off/cut anything from it, because everything will fall apart. Also, PN can afford some nice special effects, what I can't. FOOK is more similar to AWN, but we have different approaches on game balance. In other words, if you want to use hundreds of mods, decide which assets are for you and you prefer cool features over balance, then you should stick to PN/FOOK combo, but if you are looking for something fresh, challenging, perfectly balanced and you are a fan of the old classic games, then AWN is for you. Whether it's AWN, PN or FOOK, we all have our unique features which other mods don't, so it's not about being better, but about being different.

8. How long are you going to support your mod?

Until Fallout 4 comes out, so in November.

[center]Legal and Licensing

Sorry, but you are NOT allowed to redistribute or reupload any part of this mod, if
you want permission to use any weapon models in your mod, then you should contact authors
accountable for making them.

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