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The idea behind this 'mod' is simply to make installing the Weapons Animation Replacers a simpler and more informative process.

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This is a scripted FOMOD installer for the Weapon Animation Replacers mod by joefoxx082. You will still need to download the files from that mods page!

update v1.2
NMM friendly version.

The Weapon Animation Replacer mod is a superb mod with a huge number of options. In fact it has so many options it can often seem a little daunting to install especially if you wish to try out all the different options. That is where this FOMOD comes in. Simply use FOMM to build this premade FOMOD, and you have an automated installer with images showing what each option gives.

Once you Activate the FOMOD, you can select which options you want installed on top of the core animations. Each time you change an option a preview of that option will appear in the installers preview window.

There is a User Manual in the file tab. PLEASE download it and read it carefully. A video tutorial is also available.

You will need to download the following files from joefoxx082 page:

1. The Commando - Rifle Animation Pack
2. The Professional - Pistol Animation Pack

Then download the FOMOD file from this page, and the User Manual from this page. Read the User Manual carefully and follow its instructions.

*NOTE: The CORE animations in the WAR mod are used by many other mods like Project nevada, WMX etc. If you see joefoxx082 in the credits, his animations are there. As such they are completely compatible with those mods. Obviously if you select the optional poses, that will be different. They should still work just fine, but double check them yourself.

*IMPORTANT: The FOMOD on this page does not come packed with the animations it needs to install. You MUST download the ones specified above and follow the instructions in the User Manual! Did I mention that you should read the User Manual?

ALL credit goes to joefoxx082 for creating ALL the animations installed by this mod. All I did was make an installer script.