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After 4 years someone has finally fixed this issue and actually uploaded the fixed version.
So Millenia's L96 has an issue that both the bolt and the magazine aren't moved when reloading/firing. I've made 2 main files that can each fix the issue.

Permissions and credits
So the L96 with issues is the one from Weapons of The New Millenia.
Basically the L96 mesh is made to use Anti-Material Rifle animatons but in the GECK it is using the slots for the Hunting Rifle.

So you can either get the esp version which makes it use the Anti-Material Rifle. (Like this one and you don't even have to download mine: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50805 )
Or you can use the non-esp replacer that makes the mesh use the proper animations.

Credits to Millenia for making the weapon.
Credits to Asurah for helping me pinpoint the issue and of course making his amazing new Reanimation Pack