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About this mod

A complete weather overhaul for Fallout New Vegas and its DLCs with complete Tale of Two Wastelands support. Designed to make the game look more realistic. Improves lighting, weather, clouds, stars, moon and the overall look and feel of the wasteland, developed using reference desert photos and extensive testing

Permissions and credits

Name:  FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting
Authors: Sal203 & Camo
Version: v5.542
Date: 21-11-2018

When measured against real life, Fallout New Vegas doesn't look very good out of the box. De-saturation and colour filters make the game look like yellow-pee or green puke if you're in DC. As someone who both likes the original Fallout games and the outdoors, I didn't like this. What I wanted was a mod to make the game and its DLCs look photographic in its realism, while not being too heavy on the processor. I've tried nearly every weather mod available on the Nexus looking for a solution, but excellent as those mods are, they did not do what I specifically wanted, so I've made my own. Using reference photographs I've created a mod which I hope brings a more realistic look to New Vegas.

RWL was made using, and is intended for use with Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition or Tale of Two Wastelands

The versions released from September 2014 onwards contain more variations of the clear weather each with their own unique cloud patterns, dusty weather, overcast and hazy variants have also been added. It also includes vastly improved cloud textures, HQ moon and star textures and a bucket load of bug fixes and other minor improvements sprinkled throughout. 

New Installation 

1. Download with manager or manually
2. Ensure the root contents of the download are in your "Data" folder
3. Ensure your desired version of RWL is enabled and loaded very last. 
4. Load optional files after the main file and overwrite when prompted
5. If installed on an existing save, you may need to wait a few days using the wait menu for changes to take effect
6. Calibrate your monitor, by default most screens are set on showroom settings with 100 brightness and incorrect colour profiles
7. Recommended you use HDR in the game settings


1. Ensure you nuke any old files from previous RWL versions
2. Proceed as above

Note about YUP: All conflicting YUP fixes have been integrated into RWL

It is imperative that this mod is loaded very last after your merged patch, even if no conflicts are showing in FNVEdit. Not following this will cause bugs.

"White out" bug: [FIXED]

Users have reported "white outs" of the screen in certain locations at certain times of day. In testing, it was found that  waiting an hour with the "wait" menu has fixed the problem in tests. The problem seems to have been caused by a conflict with the "Friend of the Night"  & "Cateye" quest scripts, and a patch has since been implemented by RoyBatterian using Yukichigai's & JaxFireharts edits that seems to have fixed the issue

"Black flashing sky " bug: [FIXED]

Users have reported a black flashing sky when exiting interiors into overcast weather or during transitions. The issue is believed to stem from the games lightning system playing even when no color or chance has been set. A fix which changes the thunder sound to default type has been implemented. No changes to the playback of the sound due to it being looping with random thunder anyway.

Ground textures in the sky or vice versa: [INSTALLATION ERROR]

Caused by missing textures, ENB transparency settings or load order. Please ensure your download was not corrupted and you have installed correctly everything correctly. Always use the latest ENB binaries. Always load FNVRWL last. Try re-downloading the mod.

Occasionally, the clouds will disappear from the sky during weather transitions: [VANILLA ENGINE ISSUE]

They will reappear after a time without any input from the player. This is an engine issue


Interior Lighting Overhaul, Megaton Lighting Overhaul, OWB Path Lights are all compatible with RWL but RWL must be loaded AFTER all these mods. DON'T USE THE DARKER NIGHTS OPTIONAL FOR OWB Path Lights!

NEVADA SKIES, Project Reality, Fellout & other weather mods are not compatible with FNVRWL. They might be partially compatible but due to the nature of mods doing the same thing, important data will be overwritten. It is completely possible to combine weather mods if you have the skill with xEdit and some time.

Mojave Nights also replaces star and moon textures. Install it after FNVRWL and overwrite if you prefer its textures.

Some users have reported issues with Mission Mojave. We highly recommend not using this mod with RWL and using a pure bug fix like YUP or TTW fixes instead. Just in case.

Motion Sickness Destroyer by tgspy

Interior Lighting Overhaul by Sarge198 and Killergrimm

The IMAGINATOR by MyGoodEye and Marcurios

Onix - a bright, realistic ENB made especially for FNV RWL by xCamoLegend

The ENB of the Apocalpyse - bleak and contrasty ENB preset made especially for FNV RWL by Shrutesh 

NMC's Texture Pack by NMC - in my opinion the best texture pack on the nexus

Sunglasses and Cateye Goggles or Working Sunglasses by Silverblaze55 and Anubisiris respectively

Use whatever you want, just credit us and send us a link to the mod you make. Some of the current cloud textures are heavily edited from www.cepolina.com, a free to use stock photo site that requires only acknowledgement for the use of its photos. If you use the cloud textures from this mod, you must credit www.cepolina.com as per their guidelines. The remaining textures are original work, so make sure to credit us, Sal203 & xCamoLegend, if you use them, but no permission is necessary. 

Sal203 & Camo - mod authors
Yukichigai & sandbox - Bugfixes
JaxFirehart - Bugfixes
KiCHo666 - old merged version
Kai Hohiro - old TTW version
www.cepolina.com - cloud texture source
RoyBatty - Help, TTW versions and bugfixing