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Beautiful balanced bloom, HQ ambient occlusion, working night vision and a vast suite of optional features. Configured for the latest FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting.

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Name: Onix ENB
Author: Camo
Version: v2.02
Date: 12/5/2017

- HQ ambient occlusion
- Balanced bloom
- Natural HDR adaption
- Fully working & realistic night, thermal and EMI vision modes
- Complex SweetFX configuration
- Optional DOF, cinematic lens flare, dirt lens and letterbox effects
- Four DOF options including: cinematic, subtle, performance and dynamo style
- Four night brightness options including: bright, dark balance, midnight and nightmare
- Realistic interior settings for ILO (Optional)
- Performance and ultra versions

FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting

New Vegas Anti Crash
Stutter Remover
SmoothLight Pip-Boy light enhancer
FlashLight NVSE
Interior Lighting Overhaul 
FNV 4GB Patcher by RoyBatty

- Install the latest version of FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting

- Ensure no files from previous ENBs remain. DELETE EVERYTHING with SweetFX, dxgi, d3d9, enb, enbseries, effect, injector, preset or .fx in the file name or extension

- Download the latest ENB from ....INSERT LINK extract d3d9.dll and enbseries.exe to the Fallout New Vegas directory 

- Extract the contents of the download to your New Vegas directory. (FalloutNV.exe location) NOT DATA

- Open the game launcher or edit manually.
   * Enable HDR
   * Disable Antialiasing/Multisampling
   * Disable Anisotropic Filtering
   * Disable Transparency AA
   * Disable Water Displacement
   * Disable Water Multisampling

- Manually edit FalloutPrefs.ini with the following changes. (Don't use the launcher or it will reset these changes)
   * iWaterMultisamples=0
   * iMultiSample=0
   * bTransparencyMultisampling=0

- Open up enblocal.ini and follow the included instructions to configure ENB boost for your machine.

- Disable the steam overlay for New Vegas, it causes visual glitches whenever it appears. (Right click New Vegas in Steam / Properties / General)

- Use New Vegas Anti Crash, Stutter Remover and the 4gb launcher for maximum performance & stability.

- See the 'Onix - Options,Effects,Lite Preset & Misc' folder located in the zip file for info on enabling/disabling effects, letterbox, alt DOFs, night brightness options, blur remover.esp and the performance version. Among other stuff.

See the change log at the top of the mod page for a full list of changes since release.


Improved outdoor, interior and night lighting                  
Improved SSAO configuration & also reduced the dots along the ground at certain angles
Improved overall sky configuration for all times of day                        
Improved color correction, gamma, brightness, saturation, contrast etc
Improved SweetFX configuration: DPX, SMAA, vibrance, curves & sharpening
Improved sun & moon settings for the new sun and moon textures in RWL
Improved adaption, lens, sunrays
Reduced bloom for the new RWL version
Reduced bokeh strength slightly
Reduced bokeh brightness so road paint isn't blinding at times
Enhanced ENB Night vision fixes updated to v2.5
Night, Thermal and EMI vision modes all now configured realistically for Project Nevada
Changed FixTransparencyBugs to false. After a lot of testing this option is INFINITELY BETTER DISABLED
Added 'bright, 'midnight'' and 'nightmare' night brightness options along side the default 'dark balance'
Added optional sun lens flare
Added optional dirt lens flare from indoor light sources & sun at twilight
Added performance DOF for performance version
Added performance version
Added blur remover ESP
Added a lot of useful text files with INI tweaks, performance tweaks etc instead of cluttering the description
Added more useful information to enblocal configuration
Added letterboxing
Added Realistic Wasteland Lighting ENB version which fixes many compatibility problems
Other stuff...

Updated FNVRWL ENB ESP partially fixing the "whiteout" bug

Updated FNVRWL ENB ESP fully fixing the "whiteout" bug. Hopefully.

Removed outdated packaged FNVRWL

Windows 10 fix

Camo - Onix ENB preset
Courier and Kyo - ENB shaders
Matso & Kyo - Bokeh DOF
Kyo - Lens dirt & flare effects
Bulotaur and CeejayDK by Kputt - SweetFX suite 
scegielski - Enhanced ENB Night Vision: providing Night vision, thermal and EMI vision modes
Matso, Kyo, gp65cj04, prod80 and Boris - Other misc and/or legacy code
Boris - ENB Series