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Adds New Vegas Bounties weapons added weapons to the cowboy perks list of weapons.

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As of version 1.2 of New Vegas Bounties this mod is not required as the weapons are added by the mod itself. I will leave this here just in case people are using an old version and do not wish to upgrade, but otherwise you do not need this mod. Nothing bad will happen if you do use it, it just won't actually do anything useful.

I am currently doing a 'cowboy' style playthrough of New Vegas Bounties, and I realised lots of the loot was revolver and level action rifle type weapons, and they really should classify for the cowboy perk.

Cowboy Perk Complete - New Vegas Bounties.esp
1. The Ferguson Rifle
2. The Emasculator
3. The Equalizer
4. Shanes Bane
5. Kurts Shotgun
6. The Archon
7. Sweet Revenge

Requires : New Vegas Bounties.

Download the file you need, and use FOMM to turn it into a FOMOD package and activate it.

Or if you don't like FOMM, just extract the .esp from the downloaded rar file and put it in the data folder and make sure it is selected in your load order.

Load order is pretty unimportant for this mod. Put the file where you like as long as it is after the new Vegas Bounties mod.