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Expand your clan by allowing you to recruit villagers and townsfolk as companions, Adopt children from the streets (of towns and villages), recruit freed bandit prisoners as a companions by speaking to the Ransom Broker in the tavern and ask your companions to become your sworn sibling as part of your clan.

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[ Latest changes and fixes ]
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[ What this mod does ]

Mav's Expand Your Clan, is a mod that gives you several different ways you expand your clan, through companions and family members.

  • Recruit Villagers and Townsfolk:
    Walk up to any villager or townsfolk and you'll be able to ask them to join your party as a companion with a small chance of failure, if you have the space, it costs nothing but they have very low stats and only have peasant equipment. You'll also be able to see how old they are and back out if you don't want a companion who is that age.
  • Adopt Children and teenagers from Settlements:
    Walk up to any teenager or child and you'll be able to ask them to join your clan as your adopted child, everything from that point onwards should be exactly the same as if they were your biological child. 
  • Recruit Freed Bandit Prisoners as Companions:
    Head to the tavern and speak to the Ransom Broker, you'll now be able to pay him 200 denars and recruit randomly generated special companions with unique names and with mostly "mean" Traits, they'll be equipped with bandit-like equipment based on the recruited companion's respective regions (Vlandia - Mountain Bandit, Battania - Forest Bandit, Sturgia - Sea Raider, Empire - Looter, Aserai - Desert Bandit, Khuzait - Steppe Bandit) They're low level and don't have many stats, BUT they're cheaper than regular companions AND it allows you greater flexibility without having to reset anyone's stats and perks. Doing a bandit playthrough? Want to roleplay a Kingpin? This'll make it easier
  • Ask your Companions to become your Sworn Sibling:
  • Speak to any of your companions either in a town or via the party screen, you'll now be able to ask them to become your sworn brother or sister, officially making them part of your clan and allowing you to marry them off etc. - Something I really feel like is missing from the main game, you're allowed to make your companion a lord in your kingdom but not allowed to swear them for life to yours? Strange. Well now you can
  • Seduce and Marry Your Companions:
    Now you can talk to your companions and raise your relationship level with them, and when you're liked enough by them you can ask them to marry you! Simply talk to them and ask them if they'd like to one of a few activities with you, you may do this once per in-game day with each companion, both of you will get some level-based skill experience depending on the kind of activity you took part in+ More features coming soon! Just want a best bud? You can also now improve your relation with same-sex companions too!
  • Train up your companions:
    You can now train up your companions once a day, if either your character or another companion has a greater skill level than them. Once per day.
  • Concubines:
    You can now hire concubines from tavern maids around Calradia, they'll have the culture of the settlement you're buying them from, you can give them gifts, dedicate tournament wins to them, romance them and even have children with them.
  • Recruit your troops as Companions:
    If your troops kill enough men during a battle the next time you visit a settlement one of your companions (or a villager if you haven't got any companions yet) will speak to you and tell you about the prowess of the troop in question, you'll then have the option to recruit them as a companion! They will have the exact same stats as the troop does.
  • Give gifts to your spouse and speak to them about having a baby:
    Now you can have a bit more control over when you/or your spouse gets pregnant, they may refuse if you're not in their good books, and there is a small chance of failure even if they agree. You can also give your spouse gifts to increase your relation with them.
  • Recruit Rebel Lords (if they've lost the settlement):
    Ever wandered why the men dedicated to defending their culture so intensely they rebelled against the lord end up after they inevitably lose the settlement they rebelled in? Well now you can continue their stories by inducting these fine fellows into your clan (if you're the same culture as them).
  • A little Extra treat for Campaign Game players:
    Just play the campaign from the beginning and a tiny little fun extra feature has been added.

As of 1.0.5 there is also the House Herald (who will look like the culture you belong to), He spawns at your clan's home settlement (which you'll be told the location of each time you load, start a new game etc.), He will be at the tavern (hold alt to see his marker) or at the lords hall if you are a lord and own the settlement. He can perform the following tasks:
  • Change clan home - Choose another settlement to be your clan's home, either one you own or if you don't own any, one that shares a culture with you.
  • Find a companion - Finds a random vanilla wanderer and adds them to your party
  • Increase fief loyalty - Increases the loyalty of your clan's settlements by a random amount
  • Marry off a family member - Finds a marriage match for a random unmarried family member
  • Clan relations - Increases your relation with a random clan by a random amount
  • Recruit Prisoner Lord - Attempts to recruit a lord who is currently a prisoner at your clan home
  • Defend villages - Adds troops to your clan's village militias 
  • Recruit Enforcers to defend your clan's home settlement
  • Raise a peasant mob to fill your party if your home settlement has enough loyalty
  • Call home - Calls all your parties to the clan home settlement
  • Assassinate enemy - Attempts to assassinate an enemy lord (they must have -30 or less relation to you to be considered an enemy)
  • Badmouth enemy - Damages an enemy's influence (they must have -30 or less relation to you to be considered an enemy)
  • Bankrupt enemy - Steals money from an enemy (they must have -30 or less relation to you to be considered an enemy)
  • Incite rebellion - Reduces the loyalty of an enemy clan's settlements.

I've now also added a fallback menu item available in the "backstreets" section of town menus for moving the clan home, in case of situations where the herald and/or concubines get lost (usually because of mod conflicts)

To view recent updates on the mod and what was added the last time I updated, click here

[Configurable options]
The Mod (starting with version has configurable settings via an xml file. 

[Translation support]
As of I've added translation support, so people can make translations for this mod more easily.

[ Dependencies ]
Should work without any additional dependencies, but will require Bannerlord Full Release Version 1.2.8
I've also made a build using v1.1.6 so that should work for earlier versions of Bannerlord too, no Need for Harmony or anything else.

[ Confirmed Compatible Mods ]
[ Currently Incompatible Mods ]

  • Fourberie - Possibly fixed, Troop promotion is disabled in missions that might interfere with fourberie
  • Noble nobles (crashes on startup when run together)
  • Realm of thrones (crashes on adopting a child)

[ Credits ]
For Keeping my brain on task:
Monster Energy
The Idea of adopting kids:
RoGreat and his Adoption mod[/list]

[ If you'd like to contact me directly ]
Hit me up on Discord my user is MorbidMav

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